Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going green...

My office recently initiated a 'plant more trees' effort and with the co-operation of Puan Azlina (Pengarah Landskap of MPSJ) and residents of USJ 11/3 and USJ 11/4, we planted 90 trees along Jalan USJ 11/6.

Close to 50 residents, young and old gathered at 9am and they were given a short briefing on steps to plant a tree.

MPSJ officers were also present to provide equipments and guidance to the residents.

We planted 90 Bucida Molineti trees and hopefully in months and years to come, they will grow beautifully and help combat climate change.

The older ones came to plant trees for the future of the younger ones.

The younger ones also learned to plant.

Great team effort displayed that day. We completed the planting of 90 trees in less than 2 hours.

These boys from SMK USJ 12 who frequently play basketball in USJ 11/3 also joined us that morning. They were of great help!

I will continue to work with residents to plant more trees all over Subang Jaya this year. I will blog more about the reasons for such an initiative. Thank you to Pn Azlina and all residents of USJ 11/3 and USJ 11/4 for making this project a great success!


abi said...

This is brilliant work! Nothing like a green neighborhood! The awesome part is the young,the old all coming together for a common cause! ...

Congrats :)

allurban said...

Let's hope that the trees thrive.


Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

green green grass of home said...

Excellent! Hope we can have this kind of event every weekend.

Alan said...

I am always glad to see what Hannah has done for the Subang Jaya community.

Also, we have many neighbours around who really care and take initiative in making this community even better.

Good job.

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do something about the taxi drivers around subang. they are ripping us off. especially students. such as in SS15. there is no such thing as using meters anymore. I hope some changes will be made. and thank you very much for everything you have done so far to our constituent.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we plant the trees and Encik Moaz can water them daily to ensure their survival?

Baby said...

I'm glad to have you as our assemblywoman. You're different. You care for others other than yourself. You fight for us. I'm so happy reading your blog. You're a great person with a good heart.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah
Thank you for taking the effort to do the really important things ...like planting more trees. The monstrous structure winding its way on concrete pillars from the federal highway up till the Kesas junction needs to be softened with suitable trees and shrubs just as they do in Singapore.
All we need to do is to follow their methods and we too can transform this place.