Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Autism : Myth & Mystery

My office will be organising a talk on Autism : Myth & Mystery with the assistance of The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM). NASOM currently has a day care centre in the 3C building. Below are the details of the talk:

Date : This Sunday, 2 August 2009
Time : 10.00am to 12.00 noon
Venue : Kompleks 3C MPSJ, Jalan PJS 11/2, Bandar Sunway


Much has been said about autism recently. But what really is autism? – A disease, an illness or a disorder. Is it hereditary, can it be cured? Many are still unaware of this condition whilst some pass it off as a phase in the child’s life and that the child will grow out of it. Mistaken and misunderstood, child with autism are sometimes labelled stupid, mischievous or even institutionalised.

Autism is a lifelong complex neurological disorder that affects 65 million worldwide (World Autism Organisation, 2009). It blocks the ability of the child to communicate and inhibits emotional and social development. It is associated with rigid routines or repetitive behaviors such as obsessively following schedules or arranging belongings in a specific way.


· What is autism?
· Characteristics of autism.
· Early signs of abnormality.
· Can autism be cured?
· How we can help?


Rica Frances Talon, Master of Arts (Major in Psychology), Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines and Master of Education (cand.) University Malaya (Specializing in Special Education) has been working in the field of psychology and education for more than sixteen years. Her work in the sixteen years has seen her involved in various capacities covering human development, which includes assessment, counselling and therapy, education, training and development, supervision, human resource development and research.

Her main focus typically involves the development of children, adolescents and adults, including students, teachers, counsellors, administrators as well as other people with special need eg autism, ADD/ADHD, emotional-behavioural disorders and psychiatric problems, Down Syndrome, learning difficulties, brain injury and other at-risk individuals, as well as children and adolescents who are gifted.

In 2008, Rica pursued her career further and went to Europe as an academic visitor in Roehampton University, London, Charles University, Prague and Fontys OSO, Netherlands. This was part of a research scholarship funded by the European Commission. Currently, Rica is involved with The National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), providing her professional services as member of the Multi Disciplinary Team.


Anonymous said...

As a mother to an autistic child, I am so glad to know there are State Excos like you who are raising public awareness of autism. What needs to impress upon the public is NOT to view our kids as "less fortunate" as the media so often does :( It is about creating opportunities and a support system that will help them realise their full potential. On that I must add, MP Teresa Kok had supported our fund raising dinner last year:)and she has continued to do so in other ways.

Keep up the good work. Although I no longer live in USJ, I am so glad to see the good work you and your team are putting in. Yes, fight a good race and hang in there. There are people out there rooting for you and those who do what is right and good. :)

allurban said...

There was a very interesting book about autism from the perspective of a young autistic man.

The book focused on his personality - how he liked numbers and logic and mysteries, and disliked inaccuracy and emotions.

The book is called "The Curious Case of the Dog After Midnight" and it is a good read


soulfinder90 said...

Coincidentally, I was watching one of Yasmin Ahmad's ad, in relation to autism. The ad was banned by Lembaga Penapisan Filem. You'll know why when you watch it.

Check it Out:

yen-bee said...

As an occupational therapist, I'd like to suggest what more can we do for them.

1. Child psychiatric doctors, therapist, psychologist, special education teachers, social workers should work as a team. Early intervention is the good approach to achieve a better outcome.

2. Financial aids are needed for medical treatment especially for low-income family SOLUTION: promote a public health insurance system

3. Parents of autistic children normally have no idea to consult which doctor specialist at the beginning. SOLUTION: Doctor who specialize in child psychiatry.

yen-bee said...

4. Although our government establishes a special education class in some primary schools, the teachers still face problems on dealing with autistic children. Since they’re just be assigned to this job after attending some relevant lectures. That’s actually not enough and also hard for them to gain better understanding of this disorder if compare to those who have such professional background. SOLUTION: push our government to train more special education teachers.

5. A well arrangement for autistic teenagers if they are unable to go to usual secondary schools. SOLUTION: Daily care center is a good place for them to learn a particular skill. For example, baking, cleaning jobs, or some simple routine jobs in factory. The nature of jobs is mainly depending on the ability of cases, of course all professions have to assess the ability of cases in advance.

I hope these may help.

Fannie said...

Hi Hannah,

It's good to hear about/ from you through the Internet every now and then. Keep up the zeal and passion in serving the people!

p/s: 50th ocf convy coming up... happening in Melaka. good time to take stock and refresh yourself? :)


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