Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I refer to the article in NST yesterday.
Please note that it was wrongly reported in the article that the Appeals Board would hold a hearing on the issues surrounding the Telekom land in USJ 6 and Taman Subang Ria. This morning the Appeals Board fixed a hearing date for the Telekom land in USJ 6, pending the review by MPSJ councillors. There is no hearing date for Taman Subang Ria. MPSJ has informed me that to date, there is no formal application made to MPSJ for development of Taman Subang Ria.

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Anonymous said...

My deep condolence to THE bereaved family of Mr TEOH BENG HOCK .This tragedy will definitely elevates political tensions due to the 2 pillars of the BN GOV.who are so slanted ,racist, dictatorial and unprofessional in their works.
When Injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes a Duty for every Malaysians.