Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gobind: who complained to MACC?

The MACC should tell us who the complainants are in respect of the investigations against the Selangor Pakatan Assemblymen. It is certainly strange that all of a sudden the MACC is investigating not one or two but 12 Pakatan Assemblymen in one go. Was there a general blanket report which was made which covers all Pakatan leaders only? How else would the MACC explain the position? The MACC exists to combat corruption. It is a public body and it must be accountable to the public. There have been numerous reports made against certain BN leaders but we don’t see any enthusiasm on part of the MACC to bring these people to book. The MACC must not and cannot abuse its power. It cannot launch blanket investigations against groups of people. As I understand it, as is the case in other criminal investigations, a report must be lodged before investigations may commence. But reports are almost always directed at certain factual patterns implicating certain individuals they cannot be general reports ‘just so that MACC officials may knock on anyone’s door to check’. The DAP will through its National Legal Bureau write to the MACC for a copy of the report lodged. We will investigate the bona fides of this ‘investigation’. If there is any wrong revealed, we will not hesitate to sue to put things right.
16 July 2009


Half Truth said...

Good sign. MACC is helping PR leaders to increase the leadership credibility and value as a most trusted leader. It is also a very good wholesome publicity given by MACC to PR. An opportunity for PR leaders to be continually certified and passed by MACC as most trusted lawmakers with integrity and honour. With this honour, it helps the stakeholders i.e. rakyat, NGOs, foreign investors and world leaders, as to which lawmakers in Malaysia to trust more - PR leaders or BN leaders.

All these 15 months, MACC had done good jobs to certify lawmakers with integrity for MB Selangor, DCM Penang, etc., but none is charged in court, correct me if I am outdated. Lately, I do hope YB Hanna Yeoh, YB Teresa Kok, YB Ean Yong, YB Lau Weng San, YB Eli etc get this award too, soon. Congratulations in advance and call for a big party to celebrate it. Add one star to your political career for being the most trusted politician given by MACC.

MACC is helping PR leaders to be on their toes. Rakyat already knows the type of lawmakers from the previous government and we want trusted lawmakers for the coming GE13. In conclusion, rthe akyat is happy that PR leaders are clean at these moments. A big thanks to MACC.

meng said...

This is selective prosecution made famous during the Mahathir era. Loks like we're returning to the dark days.

Gofruzzld help us all...

u9 said...

...someone died related to this investigation! Disgusting selective prosecution. :(

traveleo said...

I'm speechless at the sudden death of Teoh Beng Hock.

All this in the vicinity of the MACC office.

I'm not insinuating anything but objectivity is really bent on this one.

Anonymous said...

Please take care of yourself!
After what had happen to Teoh Beng Hock, I'm now very worried that DAP MPs & ADUNs might be the next victims!

May God Bless You, ALWAYS!

Whatmeworry said...

The DAP should find out who the culprit is ... and sue him for making false reports.

Because of these investigations, a young life was lost today. Really sad.

A group of voters said...

Of course we suspect Najib's team is behind all this & we will certainly put the blame on him unless he steps in to do the right things right. A bright young guy is dead due to MACC's investigation, while many obviously corrupted UMNO politicians are spared. It's either you live with this tainted MACC or you sacrifice MACC to save yr political future. The ball is at yr feet. Mr PM.

keith said...

thanks for YB Gobind's note. I hope DAP will investigate and get to the roots of the macc matter, leading to the unfortunate death of a bright young man.

keith khoo

Jeffrey Khoo said...

My deepest condolences to Teoh's family.

A young life has been taken away. Lest we forget, justice must be served and the only way for this sorry state to be sorted out eventually is for ALL Malaysians to do the necessary when they get a chance to write that "X' again.


We will not and must not forget this tragic day.

Teoh, may your soul rest in peace.

J Khoo

novice101 said...

Gobind, with Teoh's death it is even more imperative that you get into the bottom of this question ... who made the complaints.

yapsir said...

Who “murdered”BH Teo?
Is it “Mr.MACC” ?
I Just hope”Mr.Justice”would not go missing again?
and I hope”Mr.Investigate”has not gone off for holidays ?
May BH Teo can really rest in peace,
May the PDRM could give an answer that giving BH Teo resting in PEACE.
May the family of BH Teo could have real peace in the heart.
May the anak bangsa Malaysia united to-gether and press for the peace for fairness,tansparency,justice and truthful investigation.
We wont give up till justice is done.
Rest in PEACE anak bangsa Malaysia-BH TEO.
Have peace the family of BH TEO.

the anak bangsa Malaysia-yapsir(Henry Yap)

pycazu said...

Totally outrage... I was shocked and felt quite hopeless some moment yesterday, this is too much of a Malaysian could cope with... of our beloved country. Politicking act come to a level that none of Malaysian could tolerance with anymore!

I was passing by your office yesterday, at least to send my regard or just showing our dissatisfaction of this issue. But your SC seem not open yesterday, and after reading the news all went to MACC building there.

When we could come out of such meaningless politicking...

Gan said...

This is persecution and not prosecution !

P.S. MACC should investigate themselves first for abuse of office and authority !

toolan said...

Let's get straight to the point........sue the shit out of them and if the government is involved, bring the house down!

Anonymous said...

I remembered when MACC started, there was comparison between our MACC and HK ICAC. We even get good recommendation fr HK counterparts.

Now, how is MACC and gov going to redeem herself for public trustworthyness??

Anonymous said...

MACC is renamed as Malaysia ACTIVE Corruption Commission better fit to their active nuisance caused to all Malaysians, furious on fell of our respected Hero Mr Teoh Boon Hock, Political Secretary is in no way liable for corruption, even if it is alleged NO Malaysian is accepting the fell was suicidal, no reason at all? The authority kept playing "wayang kulit" no change and never will change

Anonymous said...

What is such a hurry for MACC to investigate on the current Selangor Government's operations? when K's Istana is not heeded, MACC kept saying will investigate, never K was called to MACC?

Anonymous said...

On the Istana K matter, why not the current Selangor government work out the cost of the existing unoccupied Official Exco's residents in Shah Alam per Sq.Ft, then work out the Istana K, if Mr K insist his wayang kulit alibi, that his resident is only 3.5 million whatever, this clearly proved that during his administration Tax Payers' moneys has been explosively abused and corrupted by him, no need any other investigation, he just need to justify his own alibi, save further Tax Payers' moneys
from Corruption buster

Anonymous said...

each and every wayang kulit played by the BN government has only one simple similarity, will not change! already unfit to change,
The only chance of change My Malaysian friends whatever race you are prepare for the next election make the total change, wipe them out then we will see REAL CHANGE, despite the 5 states (now 4) Government are PK but the current government machinery majority of them is still infested with disease of BN, some openly behave like BN must be cleansed like the 308 tsunami
MACC is a complete reverse version of ICAC HK.
MACC is working with total political agenda of BN,
no class to be named independent