Monday, July 6, 2009

The hidden hand behind Telekom

The Telekom land project in USJ 6 is now at the State Appeals Board. At the last full council meeting in MPSJ in June 2009, the councillors have requested for a review of the decision made in granting the development order. We have been informed that Telekom has filed an application to intervene at the State Appeals Board. Why is Telekom insisting to fight against the residents to dispose off this land to the developer for it to be developed now, bearing in mind that their previous attempts to sub-divide the land have also been rejected before?

In 2005, MPSJ rejected Telekom's application to sub-divide the land :
Menolak permohonan Kebenaran Merancang Pecah Sempadan dengan alasan : Tapak tersebut hendaklah dikekalkan sebagai rezab kegunaan Telekom Malaysia Berhad sahaja.

In 2006, MPSJ again rejected their appeal:
Rayuan pemohon ditolak dengan alasan tapak tersebut merupakan tapak kemudahan awam (rezab telekom).

The above decisions were not revealed to us at the public hearing held last year and the application was conveniently escalated to the State Planning Committee 4 days before the councillors were appointed. The State Planning Committee approved the project without knowledge of the history above. The two decisions in 2005 and 2006 were only revealed by MPSJ after I raised this matter at the State Assembly on 12 March 2009.

Despite wide publicity on the residents' objections, I am surprised to hear that Telekom is insisting on fighting to develop their land which is reserved only for Telekom exchange. Who is behind Telekom?

Telekom's website reveals the followings:
The Federal Government owns 42.34% of their shares.

The 2 substantial shareholders are:
Khazanah Nasional Berhad, 41.78%; and
Employees Provident Fund Board, 14.36%.

And who is the man behind the leadership of Khazanah Nasional Berhad?
Answer : our very own Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Hj Abdul Razak!

Why is our Federal Government not listening to the plea of the residents? Why is our Federal Government as the owners of Telekom, allowing Telekom to file an application to intervene the appeal made by the residents? Telekom will be engaging its own lawyers to fight this out.

What has happened to our Prime Minister's motto : People first, performance now?

The owners of Telekom which is the Federal Government should do the right thing which is to instruct Telekom to terminate its sale of the land to Pujangga Budiman and drop its proposed 9 storey commercial development in USJ 6 and listen to the cry of the residents. Do not hide behind the guise of a government-linked company.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it is the identity of the buyers that you should try to find out.

Anonymous said...

There could lots of money involved here. Who knows??

KoSong Cafe said...

If TM does not need the land for its original purpose, they are obviously looking at the opportunity cost of an idle land which could otherwise be sold for substantial sums to reduce their borrowings.

TM has the clout and will not give up easily and is likely to wait for the time when MPSJ is vulnerable.

PM's slogan can be taken as 'My People first, Action Now could mean Telekom's action which had been bold and unyielding!

Anonymous said...

Why? Why? Why?

Najib answer to you Hannah is if i tell u why why why, I might as well tell you the whole PKFZ sha boom bam story also!!!

And after that I will come clean on Altantuya and also the missile deal, okay!!!

Telekom land in Subang has made me seen the error of my ways!!!!!!

genesispassion said...

dom some homework dont bark simply and pass anything everything at the prime some private investigations give proof!

Baby said...

why can't those people listen to the residents' voice? these people are looking for benefits and money only. these are so selfish

Lee Wee Tak said...

if you look at the dense, suffocating and concentration of commercial and dwelling buildings, much of which are multi-storey ones, at the expense of car parks, playgrounds, recreation parks etc; the logic is simple, such high rise building commands assessment, insurance, utilities charges etc

another great way of sucking people dry

car parks, recreation parks etc are not lucrative real estate though critical for live support to the tax payers.

3rd dimension said...

Dear Hannah Yeoh,
Please check Pujangga Budiman, is this the owner of the land now? So it is not the very top people involved but someone connected to this Pujangga Budiman, and it is always money involved.
Check out and list the directors name to everyone and the picture will come out.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia said...

To genesispassion,
You obviously do not understand the issue here. Enough proof of ownership of TM is available on their own website. What more does one need? If PM does not know what's going on in one of the government's largest companies, and even after this particular case has been highlighted in the national media, then the PM should relinquish his post as Chairman of Khazanah. Plain and simple.

Antares said...

Umno/BN knows deep down this may be their final term at the helm of the federal government. Every dirty dollar they can transfer into their own deep pockets will be transferred, regardless of what the Subang Jaya - or for that matter, Kg Buah Pala or Bukit Koman - residents say! Thanks for highlighting this, Hannah :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done Hannah! Now i wonder who is Pujangga Budiman. I am sure many would also want to know. As the true story unfolds....