Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am ashamed of our Ministers

As a young Malaysian, I am thoroughly ashamed of our Ministers - our Deputy Prime Minister, our Education Minister and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department. Their remarks to the media in the last few days have caused me shame as a Malaysian : Cabinet to mull royal panel for Teoh's death, Teoh's death politicised to divert attention from MACC probe, Stop politicising Teoh's death, Nazri warns opposition and Minister : Don't blame MACC

Why ashamed?, some may ask. Let me tell you why. For these men to be Ministers, Malaysia must be really lacking in resources - good people with conscience, people who know the law, people who understand separation of powers and most of all, people who can think and act fairly for all. The inability to understand the issue at hand is the reason they would utter such remarks. I don't need to be a genius to point out that there's something wrong with these remarks. They lack conscience. I am also ashamed of my fellow Malaysians who have voted in these men to be our Ministers. Those who still want to remain silent and be apolitical - tell me if you would remain steadfast in your views if Beng Hock were to be your son, brother, fiancee and friend.

I am now convinced that there are no more good men left in Barisan Nasional.


birdy said...

I am having the same sentiment as you, YB. I feel shameful to have such people running the country. We have done our best to vote them out, unfortunately there are people still believing them as god. Let's hope that all Malaysian will really play the role of 1Malaysia, voting the correct ruling party come the next election.

Youngster said...

BN are full with craps... Let's come and crush them in the next general election. First victim is the Mongolian girl, now is Bee Hock. Who is next then? They can't stop Pakatan leaders gaining support from Malaysians. All they can do is to criticize them and worst come to worst, they kill the good leaders. I hope they will not repeat the same mistake for the third times.

Anonymous said...


I don't need to be related to the late Beng Hock. ANYone who has to die (killed or suicide) because of some political master, is tragic.

Barisan Nasional was a good idea, and can be good. But UMNO leaders of this generation had been greedy and caused much irrelevance to BN. Now, BN stands for Been Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

National unity can ONLY be achieved if UMNO is removed from the equation. Alas, we can only hope it will happen, because it won't.

Let's all cause the downfall of UMNO (and I mean UMNO, NOT Barisan Nasional), because they have the shit stirrer all these while. You are Chinese too, so you know what Kau See Kuan means in Cantonese.


En Arip

Anonymous said...

I have never voted for BN. I've never been able to find any reason to vote them, and as the days go by, I doubt I'll ever be able to find a reason. Nevertheless, some people feel the need to vote for them in their inherent quest for "peace" and "stability". This is indeed a tragedy. It is so eloquently expressed by the writer in http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/index.php/opinion/breaking-views/32766-tragedy-has-a-face-and-a-name-paul-si

hushpuppy said...

i dont need to read the daily papers and i have long been convinced there is no good thing in BN.

bayi said...

I concur, Hannah. Men with conscience would have left. Those who remain serve their self-interests.

It's most unfortunate.

Just My Thoughts... said...

One of your questions was why did we actually voted for these people to be Ministers? Do we have a choice? Aren't all candidates controlled by the Party? Our Democracy isn't really open freedom like what its supposed to be. We have people calling other names and yet they are still in office. So we need people in office like you to start the ripple effect and really start encouraging the Rakyat to speak up. Otherwise come next election, will be the same results again.

Anonymous said...

Hai Hannah, Who voted them? Its their money that they throw to their greedy and good for nothing kampong constituency that keep them. If they dare to stand on new ground the next election??? Its going to be very tough to get rid of all of them without more treat and innocent life. They will do anything to hang on and get rid whoever in their way disregard of races. We hope that PR can sincerely click together and don't make a fool of themselves, its very sickening to read of internal names calling and back stabbing. Can you please tell me what is happening inside PR, or is it that what we call POLITIC. Anyway keep up your good work and my advice don't trust anybody too much.

clearwater said...


That is exactly why we need more young people of conscience to enter politics and change things. To throw out the incumbent old BN-Umno types who have no shred of human decency left in them. But beware, be very careful for they are devious, powerful and will try to destroy you.

As for there being 'no more good men left in BN' surely you do not really mean it. It is sorrow and disappointment talking. There are still good people around, in and outside BN, and one day you will know so. In the meantime, take care.

traveleo said...

The mainstream media controlled by you know, are actually doing their job by propagating propaganda. This has been established since time immemorial.

Now, there is no conscience to be had if you are holding a job to feed your family, nor is there need to judge the writers / editors of these media.

The question is not how shameful or blatantly stupid are the ministers, but how shameless and stupid are the people that continue to support these media buy watching / buying daily, newspapers produced by these imbeciles, and swallowing it wholesale.

Ultimately, comes the question - who are the real imbeciles in the end?

The power of a nation is in its people, not in the cabinet.

solidleong said...

Let's wait till the next GE.

KoSong Cafe said...

Blame it on the system.

We have no choice over who should be PM and even those in Umno who have a say, are small in numbers and are likely to be own 'close members'. A symbiotic kind of relationship.

Really good people who are charismatic are likely to be felt as threatening, to PM or to those about to succeed as PM and are likely to be sidelined or even persecuted.

One way to ensure control over others in the team is preferably to have evidence of some wrongdoings, which can be used as 'remote control'.

The end result? We have warlords, sycophants, tainted and others who appear to represent certain races.

Public statements have to be made, and with the constraints of protecting this and not offending that and so on, what else can someone, even if intelligent, can say with conviction and sincerity?

myvoice said...

101% agreed! Only idiot would think that TBH would commit suicide. Malaysia Bee End Boleh!

kftang said...

Our ministers lack the grey matter and substance to understand the issues at hand. We are a third world country!

In the case of Teoh's mysterious and suspicious death, peace-loving Malaysians want the truth to be revealed and exposed. We want justice and the truth! There's nothing racial about it!

Anonymous said...

Many shared your sentiment as much as there are many zombies out there who continued to vote for these men. We just have to keep the struggle and await judgement day. If LDP in Japan, Congress in India, Kuomintang in Taiwan and many other power house can fall, so can BN. Their day of reckoning will come.

Anonymous said...

These BN goons still think and behalf as if the 308 political tsunami never happened.

On a postive note, every time these dudes open their mouths, the less votes BN will get in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Like drugs, once deeply addicted, there's no way out. They already got used to getting easy money (rakyat's money) for way too long, they will hold on to it at all cost!...Only people power will save this country now. Makkal Sakthi!

H2N2 said...

Did you all read the Malays paper? MACC is a Malay establishment build to protect Malays and that could be the reason why Zakaria and Toyo wasn't investigated.

As what they always says if you don't like you can get out. I am ashame of being a Malaysian too. If you read Dr M he too feel that Malaysia belongs to Malays only.
Sick of being Malaysian.

samson said...

Politicians from UMNO have no other god but money, so you can forget about them ever having a conscience or being guilty about anything. They are so blided by greed that they care less who they trod on. Yes, they fill their coffers and bellies with the Rakyat's hard earned money, and they laugh at the opposition's attempt at voicing their feelings.
Keep on fighting for those who cannot fight and let justice prevail. In the end, good will always triumph over evil, yes, these people are evil and they will fall one day.
Many who are in the ivory tower have succumbed to illnesses and suffered great pain in their aged life, after enjoying their so called profits! Never fear,God is great, and those who are evil and dun know yet, will get their just rewards, no matter how many trips they make to the Holy land.
Dear Hannah, keep doing what you are doing now and never falter. We will be behind you although you may never see us but our presence will be felt.

Anonymous said...


We just got to blame ourselves because for the past 50 over years we continue to vote and return BN to power.

A Pinch Of Salt said...

YB Hannah,
I am appalled and ashamed of such happenings in our country today. Decency, respect, integrity and honesty had been thoroughly replaced with deceit, lies and pure wickedness. There is definitely no good men and leaders in our government today. I pray for God's mercy upon this country of ours! Let's be united to bring a change and overturned our corrupt country and leaders. Enough is enough!

Anonymous said...

Hannah says:
"I am now convinced that there are no more good men left in Barisan Nasional."

My response:
"And you're going to tell me that all the good men are in Pakatan? LOL! Hello my dear, SOME of the Pakatan reps are no different from those from BN! I can name you a few IF you want...all I need is a positive reply from you & I'll be more than happy to reveal their names! The ball is in your court!

For your information, there ARE some good men left in BN. One of them is Razaleigh. The problem with him is that he STILL thinks that he can reform UMNO from within!(but then again, we must remember that he is a seasoned politician, so God knows what is running through his mind right now!)

That's about it for now.
May God Bless You Always!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah,

While I am sad and dismayed by what has happened and my heart goes out to the family of the late Teoh, I cannot agree with the accusation that all in UMNO or any other party for that matter, are bad.

Many battles must be fought at all levels if injustice should be brought down, at times against the system in place and at times within the system. To assume that the battle will take place in one arena, at only one level, in my humble opinion, is not accurate.

I am sure that there are those out there who are in the system that are trying hard, often times doing so alone.

While we might not know who they are or be in a position to help them, let us not make it more difficult for them by painting them all with one stroke of the brush.

I admire your work and your tireless effort tremendously and pray that with your courage will come grace.

May God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

There are a really bunch of clowns who should perform in a circus intead of being ministers. What an insult to our inteligents!

Anonymous said...

In most parts of the world, many regimes used media to protect their interests and to continue gripping on power and to rule. Dengan kata lain orang ramai tertipu dan percaya kepada media pembohong. However nowardays,time has changed gradually. Akhbar-akhbar pembohong tidak boleh lagi terus menerus berbohong dan membuat cover-ups demi cover-ups. Kita sudah ada internet, sms dan lain2. Long life to truth. Truth will prevail, falsehoods and lies will vanish and go to hell all their backers!

michael said...

Tok Guru Nik Aziz told the Muslims that those who voted UMNO would not go to heaven.

I can tell you that wise old man is so correct !

Anak Bangsa Malaysia said...

To Anonymous Mohd:
Otak hang tak betul! Hannah did not say that all good men are in Pakatan. She said there are no more good men in BN. Big difference lah! I agree whole-heartedly with Hannah that there are no more good men left in BN. A good man would not tolerate such blatant disregard of human rights for the sake of "change from within". What change from within? Tendang BN keluar!

Anonymous said...

dun be discouraged hannah!
please keep doing what you are doing.
Great JOb. Hope you become a minister someday soon!

Gan said...

there never was any good man in BN !

Hannah, I hope you & the others have strength and conviction to fight on this long ardous journey before Malaysia can see the light of true democracy.

God bless and take care.

Old Fart said...

But, don't you think you are asking too much of our ministers? To start with they only became Ministers because they are and were better at being war lords than being people with any acumen. Of for that matter integrity. Some may have the qualifications...but that is about it.

If you feel ashamed its your fault really because you allowed yourself to build expectations of them. If there had been no expectations, then you wouldn't be this disappointed and ashamed would you? You'd have had pity!!

Just want to help you change your emotion....

yapsir said...

The Heart of August
After many days of reflection on the late BH Teoh’s incident. I finally come to my own words to describe what was transpire.

Just one word:-Aselgeia.

aselgeia in greek denotes "excess, licentiousness, absence of restraint, indecency, wantonness and lasciviousness.
Which indicates a love of sin so reckless and so audacious that a man has ceased to care what God or man thinks of his actions, which contain the idea of shamelessness, outrageousness.
[ It simply denotes wrong doing so open and so blatant that it has ceased to have any regard for what anyone may think or feel or say.
The characteristics of 'aselgeia.' have wanton and undisciplined action. It is the action of a man who is at the mercy of his passions and his impulses and his emotions, and in whom the voice of calm reason has been silenced by the storms of self will.
It has respect neither for the persons nor the rights of anyone else. It is violent, insolvent, abusive, audacious. Any thought and sympathy for the feelings of others has ceased to exist.
It is completely indifferent to public opinion and to public decency. A man may well begin to do a wrong thing in secret; at the beginning his one aim an desire may be to hide it from the eyes of men. He may love the wrong thing, and he may even be mastered by it, but he is still ashamed of it. But it is
perfectly possible for him to come to the stage when he does openly and blatantly that which he did secretly and in concealment. He may come to a stage of sin when he is so lost to shame that he no longer cares what others see, and what they may say, or what they may think.
The terrible thing about Lasciviousness is that it is the act of a character which has lost that which ought to be its greatest defense--its self-respect, and its sense of shame. "Flesh and Spirit," by William Barclay.]

The journey for truth, justice, transparency , fairness, freedom, righteousness has just begun. It takes our unity, perseverance and willingness to make it happen.
Let the “Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia” come together to make Malaysia a better place for our children and their children to come.

yapsir (Henry Yap)

Marc said...

There is one man I considered who has honesty & integrity, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. Now if only PKR can win him over...

Anonymous said...

God is working in our midst today...exposing the wicked and affirming the righteous in our government. In due time (God's timing) those wrong people in the right place will soon be replaced by right people into those right places. While God prepare the righteous such as you for those places, God is also in the midst of exposing those unsuitable good-for-nothing wicked politicians so that the citizens will be prepared and have a clear picture of who to vote in or back into power and whose ass to be kicked out of those places. This statements refer to both PR and BN. Keep up the good works and God Bless. We, Malaysians need more responsible people like you in our government and less of those thugs in the government! Just remember, the government is upon His shoulders. He is the One who puts them in their place via our votes. So, I hope that everyone who reads this comment here will go and vote during the next General election and please vote for responsible people like Hannah!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Malaysian and not a follower of any politics party in this country, I am agree with your opinion it seem logic,but one thing I do not understand why all yours comment seem alike with the person that you are complaint,always promoting particular and condemning particular,.Why not just go and make the efforts to ensure right things is done.Where is the value of reasonable,considerable,discussable,etc.....as a leader. Why seek for people to mocked our "Prime Minister" who ever He or she are?Was'nt that will make shamed to our country too right,it's like as a Malaysian we are not a part of each other.It just a opinion Y.B just think about it bye........

Anonymous said...

I did not realise there were so many people that hated BN this bad, and I myself do not fully understand beng Hocks case, so I can only judge when I understand the situation.

but what I can say os, I have no confidence in the goverment, if you al are thinking the entire govetment department, yes I have absolutely no confidence in them running the country, and seriously no offense to you hanah, I dun relly trust politicians, but I know you, and I know you are relly trying to make a difference and I respect that, try to understand why saying all this.

it's hard for a malaysian like me to decide if I should stil remain in this country or not, but hanah, you're one fo the few I respect so far

Anonymous said...

YB, you are right. There are talking nonsense and spin most of the time. After 308, the voters mindset had changed but these warlords still apply the same tricks. Perhaps, they are waiting for us to show them the door.