Friday, July 17, 2009

MACC & your political masters, you have blood on your hands!

The UMNO Minister in the Prime Minister's Department said do not blame MACC. He is right. Maybe we should be blaming the MACC's masters, UMNO-Barisan Nasional for the death of Teoh Beng Hock. If MACC cannot guarantee the safe return of anyone that they haul in for questioning, then they have no business detaining anyone for questioning.

Me, my family, my team, Pakatan Rakyat leaders & supporters and righteous Malaysians are overwhelmed by immense grief and sorrow. Our prayers are with Teoh's family and his fiancee, who was due to be registered in marriage today.

Woe to the hands that shed innocent blood and the heart that devises wicked schemes!


Anonymous said...

MACC, police, court,... All are BN people. What to do? What can be done? From now on, who dare to work for Pakatan, even as a small position!

Anonymous said...

Please lah, YB, be more mature in commenting this issue. You do not have any knowledge about the matter.

Anonymous said...

Please lah Hannah.... you can do better comment then this!

abi said...

Malaysians want answers! This is the tipping point..

Ben Phang said...

Can we trust the Police to conduct an honest investigation? Can we trust the BN Government, the Judicial and the Attorney General to be fair and open? There are just too many doubts from previous handling of cases that leave no doubt whatsoever that we just cannot entrust them to resolve this case. Lets pray that Malaysians will vote them out next election and let the new people to rid our system of these people whom we just cannot trust. God save Malaysia.

NEO said...

All corrupted BN leaders will face the judgement days!

mengyee said...

In a bid to topple the Selangor government - another innocent person has died. Please STOP..enough is enough. Just look after the interest of the people and the nation and maybe you can have back some support.

For those whose hands plot evil from the highest ranks to the perpetrators..let it beknown that God is a righteous judge and it is He who will be sacred be very scared.

Voter said...

Please lah Anonymous 11.06pm & 11.08pm, not wrong for YB to comment like that, look at how MACC, PDRM, DPM & that big mouth, brainless Nazri RESPONDED. This is a young life, imagine if that is yr loved one, how would you feel ? Fr Altantuya to Kugan to Teoh Beng Huat, how much you want Malaysians to swallow ? How much shame these people want to bring to Malaysia ? Every wrong step they walk is destroying Malaysia, do you realise that ?

Darick said...

i guarantee d MACC culprites will get off d hook & got protect fr being charge. they'll b promoted just like Musang & Guni to d highest ranking for kautim onnwah 1998 sodomee case.
malaysia boleh under regime arm-no rules !

James Lim said...

My heartfelt condolences to the family and fiance of Mr. Teoh Beng Hock.

"You are not a God who takes pleasure in evil;with you the wicked cannot dwell.
The arrogant cannot stand in your presence; you hate all who do wrong.
You destroy those who tell lies; bloodthirsty and deceitful men the LORD ahbors.
Declare them guilty, O God! Let their intrigues be their downfall. Banish them for their many sins..." - Psalm 5:4-6;10

Anonymous said...

we need more transparency!

MACC modeled after ICAC my foot!
what goes around comes around

Anonymous said...

Hannah & team,

Please stay strong as you are also a target in this dangerous scheme by MACC. Have faith in god, and you can be assured that the entire Subang Jaya is behind you. You defeated MCA by a huge margin, so you have nothing to be afraid of except god.

Take care of yourself, your family & your team.


Carol @ Read in Red said...

Dear Anonymous 11.06pm & 11.08pm, don't tell other people to make better comments if you can't even make substantial comments of your own, and don't even have the gall to identify yourself. Hannah and the other assemblymen are merely doing their best to serve their people, and then one of them ends up mysteriously dead, if I were them, I would not only be angry but scared as it could have happened to any one of them... if you cannot be sympathetic about young man whose life was snuffed out prematurely in line of duty, you have no say here.

To Hannah, your team, and the loved ones of TBH, I pray that God gives you all strength and peace in this time and that justice will prevail. Keep on trusting in Him, and fight the good fight.

H1N1 said...

If those in MACC has a spin grown in them they would have given the Rakyat a fair investigation into Zakaria Md Deros former Port Klang state assemblyman Klang municipal councilor and no need to wait for Allah All Mighty to take his life after the big shock of 12GE resulting in dieing of heart attack.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia said...

Those heartless 'anonymous' animals/commentators who can still protect MACC and UMNO-BN will be equally judged as guilty! Rakyat who still stand by UMNO and BN also have blood stains on your hands!! Watch out for the Almighty God!

Anonymous said...

dear voter, im not a big fan of BN or PR, what im saying is that, you must conclude your statement with evidence, YB Hannah do not have the evidences or even a statistic.

i believe in our LEGAL system, take it to the court if you think you have enough evidence bro. Dont easily blaming people just because of the sentiment.

Judgement past on evidence or stats NOT sentiment.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia said...

Looks like we have a BN troll/'toyol' posting comments to protect UMNO-BN here. BN has many 'toyols'.
Don't be stupid lah anonymous 11:22pm! So you believe in the legal system? So what?! The rest of us do NOT! So buzz off! Hannah is expressing the views of a large majority of Malaysians who are sick and tired of deaths in custody! Enough is enough.

Poh Soon said...

It is sad to hear about TBH's death. Just imagine on what had to be faced by his wife to be and a child who just lost his/her father even before born.

Obviously, i strongly think that the MACC is totally irresponsible to claim that TBH's death had nothing to do with them when he had death when reside within its compound.

Furthermore, i don't think any right minded people will still stayed in a Police or MACC compound after being released.

Apart from this, if TBH is just a witness, what is then the need to called him in to be questioned between 6.00 pm and 4am? Why does a witness need to be questioned for 10 hours? Can MACC tell us what had been done within that 10 hours? How many questioned had been asked and who had involved in the questioning?

Bear in mind that MACC officer also acknowledge that he is not a suspect!

Anonymous said...

Hannah, do take care of yourself too and be strong. We love you and are proud of you and you can be sure that you and the rest of the PR leaders have the support of the rakyat.

Voter said...

Anonymous 11.22pm

"You believe in our LEGAL system"???

For goodness sake, you must have been sleeping all this while. Our LEGAL system is the last thing I want to believe, same for PDRM & MACC as the key decision makers have already become BN tools, obviously justice is lacking nowadays, may be someone can do a poll to wake you up.

If you have been following YB's posting, by now you should know that she has a very high EQ,very focus in her duty, cautious in her words and not interested in politicking. If she ever expressed her anger towards BN or their agencies through her posting, that must be something really beyond anybody's tolerance.

je said...

I hope that a vigil is enough, a vigil doesn´t solve the issue at all. We saw many vigil there n here but what happen? nothing happen.

I know pakatan need time, how much time?

myvoice said...

Look like this so called stupid anonymous 11.22pm, trully stupid. You trust the legal system but we all not, What happen to the correct, correct, correct issue? What happend to all the deaths happening around? You trully f...k..g stupid for commenting...Otak udang!

Anonymous said...


Worst actions by UMNO hitting below the belt. It is clear that our taxpayers money are used by BN to topple opposition party Government. BN has been using insitutions such as police, judges and MCCA that are paid by tax payers to topple or go against the Opposition. Look, opostion held seats are not even given the development fund

Anonymous said...

Dear Anoynymous,

You not only sound stupid - you sure fill that part. Take your warp intelligence somewhere else. You do not even have the gall to identify yourself!

What legal system are you harping on? Do you really believe our legal system is still impartial? Are you living in a dream world? Wake up - this is Malaysia under siege and has been happening for the last 50 years!

I will also pass on myself now as anoynomous but on the other side of the fence... so what do you think?

Darick said...

anonymous 1122pm,
believe in regime armo-no legal sys?
who is d CJ? he's arm-no legal advisor & he has admitted 'i've bribe d legal sys in m'sia' & yet, he still can b appointed as CJ !

who's Musang & Guni?
both got promoted to d highest ranking. for 'kautim' onnwah 1998 sodomee.

d whole country legal system has bcom d lap-dog to serve d all mighty regime arm-no to silent off rakyat/critics & to legallise all armno-no wrong doing !!!

all d suspects who were 'killed' during polis custody, what happen to d murderer? non of d polis kena charge & found guilty! & d killing is still going on......

Anonymous said...

I am so sad that there are still people who speak for BN even after so many bad things they have done.

Solid evidence of the all fault done by BN people is never going to be visible in this country, wake up!!! Who did it? It's understood. We are also human as them, thus don't think we are sutipd!

BN top leader, I am surprise that won't he ever feel scare of what he has done so far???

The Skatemusicianer said...

Painful incident.
I'm a young man, growing up in a relatively young country. How am I going to let my kids grow up here?

Anonymous said...

This is my personal opinion - Teoh Beng Hock was murdered by the people in MACC under the direction of their political master. The MACC could not find any crime. There was no corruption, no "misallocation of funds", no crime whatsoever. They wanted to force him to implicate his boss. He refused. He died a hero.

Lee Wee Tak said...

if the MACC did not initiate a fishing in hope exercise and wrongly subject a co-operative witness and hitherto not proven as guilty to Guantanamo style treatment criticised by the Malaysian government, a precious live would not have been lost.

The relevant waste of tax payers' money minister, the lopsided enforcement agency and the utterly unprofessional and unethical newspapers have successful emphasize that despite some cosmetic and public exercise, the Najib administration could be one of the worse yet to be endured.

Wake up you rural bums & hillbillies and vote for right for once!

Anonymous said...

Teoh died, what else can we do now? Is getting worse day by day. Only thing I now is to work hard and save as much money as possible so that my children can run away from this country and only come back when Malaysia is really change.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows all the dirty tricks BN is doing. But how to stop and overcome them.

But when our poor friend was detain aftrer 6pm, did anyone go to his rescue to seek for his release? If MACC doesn't allow it then what shall be done? Need fast action, can't afford to wait. I am sure opposition has lots of contact and law makers who can do something? As a "saudara" priority should be given to save and help him.

Opposition now has a bigger role and really has to plan out strategies to prevent and take action against BN. Holding demostration and seminar will not do much harm to BN.

If want to demonstarte, it has to be in a large scale like in Thailand.

If we can't do much or has no power at all in Msia, can we seek justice from the Commonwealth group or United Kingdom.

Really sick of Msia politics nowadays.

Anonymous said...

ADUN HANNAH has a moral duty to speak up for all right thinking Malaysians and in particular the people of Subang Jaya. She deserves our full support.

I agree that this death is senseless. What's more, if the MACC , the Police and the UMNO and BN leaders were to be put in the same shoes as the late Teo's family where they lost a loved one due to the same treatment as what MACC did to Teo, they will be furous and ouraged, don't you ?

The death is suspicious as any right thinking Malaysians will.

- Teo died in the compound of the MACC and did not leave the compound as initial CCTV recordings showed.This, the MACC is held responsible.
- If Teo ever leave the Building , then why his H/phone was not handed back to him before he left ?
- Why should Teo want to commit suicide when he was looking forward to his marriage the next day ?
- Why was Teo left unattended in a very high security area like the MACC building after he was supposedly released from the interrogators ?

These few posers were not answered and cast doubts in our simple minds.

Anonymous said...

DAP here we go crush them in the next general election. By that time, let the Pakatan to rule the country in a fairer way and no corruption as what MACC works hard on but then again, they are corrupted. Malaysia under the rule of BN is dropping their image... Hannah Yeoh, I support you fully!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Najib does not heed the call of the general public to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to clear the mess of MACC regarding Beng Hock sudden death, he would inherit a string of scandals that will affect his party's performance in PRU 13.

Anonymous said...


so, if one of your aides is guilty of corruption without your knowing, should you take responsibility and resign?

kim_d79 said...

Dear all,

Hannah will not & should not entertain questions if we believe in what the right thing she would do. Also i believe she has thousands of emails or work to do than anyone of us here. So please let her continue to do the many good work for our country...