Friday, July 10, 2009

Petaling Land Office in SS16 Subang Jaya sold!

This morning at the Selangor State Assembly, we were informed by our Chief Minister that the former state government had sold the land where the Petaling Land Office is in SS16 Subang Jaya to a corporation. The agreement to sell was decided by the State Excos back in May 2004. The new land office will be located at Sungai Buloh. We were told that some civil servants are now telling the new state government that the location in Sungai Buloh is not suitable. For the state government to keep the land office where it is now, they would have to purchase it back from the corporation. More details to come!


Ciana Carrie said...

Hello Hannah,

How could the previous administration have that idea!? The current Land Office is so convenient for everyone.

I also can't believe that the current administration have to buy back the land "from the corporation" to leave the Land Office as is.

That's just so pathetic.....

allurban said...


I recall Citizen Nades in the Sun talking about this issue back in 2006 (September, perhaps?) where he mentioned that the State Government had engineered a swop of the land in Sg. Buloh for the land in SS16.

Perhaps you should contact him and ask for a briefing.

Kind Regards

Moaz Yusuf Ahmad

traveleo said...

I wonder what other "surprises" the new administration will uncover / disclose in the coming months...

This is getting more preposterous by the day.

Anonymous said...

The previous MB, Khir Toyo is capable of Tai Chi to deflect the issue was being created by the new PR government just as the Kg Buah Pala land issue.They have the means and resources to do it anyway.

It is incredible that the land and building transaction was not transparent and yet they can get away with murder even.

One day the whole of Selangor will be sold out if the previous government was allowed to go on.

Luckily, the March 8 2008 elections kick them out.

Anonymous said...

YB. MB Khalid and his excos will be lucky that the previous state government did not sell the state building and move it to former MB kampong.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah,

I didn't know you can write Chinese. I'm not a voter in N31. But just drop by to agree with your article in Sin Chew Daily tomorrow Saturday.


bayi said...

How could the previous administration do this to the rakyat? I am dumbfounded!

House Victim said...

Following points may help to tackle some loopholes:
1. Did PJ Land Office handle Land matter of Sungai Buloh? If not, the objection to move to Sungai Buloh could be more supportive.

2. Since it is known as Petaling Land Office, the land most probably should be under the Rights of Petaling Jaya or Subang Jaya.

3. Since it is swopping, the use of land - Commercial, the value, etc.. must be very close to make it justified. Or, the EXCO should have the Rights to Revoke the swopping. Is the land in Sungai Buloh originally categorised as Commercial? Same for the one in SJ?

4. If a conversion of land been involved, say from industrial to Commrcial, then, had any conversion been made subjected to a Public Objection hearing under the Town and Country Planning Act (TCPA)?

5. When the Developer wants to developer the Land of PJ Land Office, MPSJ has to conduct also a Public Objection hearing.

7. Should the Development Order for the Sungai Buloh Land Office be subjected to Public Obejction hearing? And, has it been done accordingly?

8. Did the swopping agreement been officially Stump Duty paid and when? As such, does the Stamp Duty Office has any record?

There should be chance to stop this nonsense of swopping if onr care to search through all the files concerned!!