Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Probe by MACC

Article in the Sun today:

MACC interviews recipients of aid from DAP assemblymen
By Maria J.Dass

SHAH ALAM (July 13, 2009) : The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) seized files on allocations expenditure by seven Selangor state assemblymen from the Petaling District Office two weeks ago and have been questioning recipients of the money since.

Calling it a harrasment of their constituents, the seven assemblymen are planning to lodge a complain with the MACC advisory board member Tun Hamid Mohamed.Those who had their files seized are Teresa Kok (DAP-Kinrara), Elizabeth Wong (PKR-Bukit Lanjan), Edward Lee (DAP-Bukit Gasing), Hannah Yeoh (DAP-Subang Jaya), Dr Cheah Wing Yin (Damansara Utama), Ean Yong Hian Wah (DAP-Seri Kembangan) and Lau Weng San (DAP-Kampung Tunku).

Kok, who led the press conference held on the sidelines of the Selangor state assembly sitting today, said: "The MACC’s actions seem to be politically motivated because they are only targeted at Pakatan Rakyat (PR) elected representatives."

She pointed out that there had been no follow up to reports lodged early last year on some Barisan Nasional assemblymen who had spent their entire RM500,000 allocation for 2008 within the first two months of that year, adding that the MACC seems to be interest more in netting ikan bilis (small fish) compared to bigger cases such as the Port Klang Freetrade Zone.

"We are also wondering why the MACC has targeted only the Chinese assemblymen," Kok queried.

She said the imam and committee members of a mosque in her constituency to which she had donated a set of RM10,000 speakers to had been summoned and questioned by the MACC more than once.

"What is our offence? That we used our allocations to help our constituents? What is their motive?" Kok asked, saying that they did not know about the seizure of the files until the recipients of the funds called to say they were being summoned by MACC.

Wong said she had received a call from an organiser of a Deepavali Carnival in her area saying that he was called up and questioned by the MACC pertaining allocations received."I consider this as harassment and intimidation of my constituents," she said.

Yeoh meanwhile said her assistant received a call from the MACC on Friday inquiring about a RM10,000 allocation for a health clinic.

"We hold this health clinic two to three times a year for those in the lower income group in my constituency which does not have a government health clinic," she said adding that no one from MACC attended the clinic which was held at Indah Court in PJS11 although invited.

"All our expenditure is transparent and available on my blog, I have nothing to hide," she added.
Yeoh said the MACC should concentrate on those who had misused the people’s money instead of harassing and intimidating the public and checking on monies allocated for beneficial programmes for the people.

Kok added MACC should check on the Deputy Prime Minister’s offer to the people of Manek Urai to build a RM7 million bridge if they put BN in power in their area.

"Is this not a bribe?" she asked.

The government’s money is after all from the people’s taxes and the federal government has a duty to use their money for the benefit of the Manek Urai people, thus if the people there need a bridge then the government should build it and not use it as a pawn to garner votes, said Kok.

My thoughts:
Being clean is of utmost importance to me. That's the reason why I entered politics - to fight corruption. We were informed that MACC has gone to the Petaling Land Office to take away all our files on allocation. My special assistant who is in charge of the free health screening programs in Subang Jaya is given RM10,000 a year to organise two to three of such programs yearly. Please click here to view all our previous health screening programs.

When my special assistant received a call from MACC last Friday, he even invited MACC to attend our health screening project planned for Indah Court residents in PJS 11, Bandar Sunway on last Sunday (photos will be posted on my blog soon). We did not see any MACC officer on that day.

I have even blogged about usage of the annual allocation before. We have diligently ensured that the allocation is spent only for the residents/organisations in the Subang Jaya constituency. All funds used for programs organised by my office are accounted for. For those who wish to view the receipts or breakdown of these funds or if you have any query pertaining to the allocation, please make arrangement to view it at our office.

That RM10,000 was used for the residents since the Federal Government has failed to provide a public health clinic/hospital for the people of Subang Jaya. I have complied with the requirement that allocation is purely used for residents/constituents and not used for DAP events. You can ask the residents of Subang Jaya who have benefitted from such allocation.

I believe this probe by MACC is to discredit us and to instill fear in the residents. I believe BN wants the residents to turn to their BN reps for financial assistance and then they can claim that the people still want them and are still turning to them for assistance. I am here to serve and not to steal from the people. I have not used the RM10,000 to pay for my hospital bills or to build myself a mansion. I have used the RM10,000 for my residents who find it hard to afford medical check-ups.

Thank you MACC for your energy and enthusiasm in curbing corruption. I think you are looking in the wrong places.


mengyee said...

May God bless their efforts. If there is any malice or rascism involved in the way they search may God judge them accordingly. I am sure the MACC are God fearing people as well. If they read this; I ask them to do what is right as they serve the Almighty and the rakyat and not the Barisan Nasional.
God will surely judge them...

Anonymous said...


You wrote: "Thank you MACC for your energy and enthusiasm in curbing corruption. I think you are looking in the wrong places."

We all know that, and so do they.

Hannah, we come from different faiths but if you are doing good humanitarian work, let Allah punish them if they allow skin difference to hinder your good work.

MACC is UMNO macai... we all know that. They will not stop, because hey, you DIFFERENT COLOR mah!

We must make UMNO fall flat on their face. Being a fellow Muslim as them, I am ashamed that they are doing such thing. I would personally pray for their downfall. Amin.

En Arip

traveleo said...

Hardly surprising but it is good that you are bringing these vital issues up.

As usual, the powers that be are trying to nit pick on nitty gritty issues whilst ignoring the huge locomotive heading towards them.

It is a matter of time till something major happens, and you know the saying - when shit happens, it comes in a big dump.

Rest assured that your constituents are rooting for you - at least I am :)

Johnny Ong said...

macc is just wasting resources in doing the wrong stuff. the way they do things are so obvious on 'u know who's' instructions

Anonymous said...

Stay strong Hannah. The rakyat are watching and are very angry too.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication.



Mike Tee said...

This may seem like a challenge but it really is a huge opportunity to prove to the public that the MACC is nothing more than a BN tool to intimidate the opposition.

But the rakyat really do know a lot better and the MACC is wasting its time investigating RM10,000 when there are so many other blatant cases around.

Ben Phang said...

Just continue your good work. MACC is nothing more than a tool of current Government and their continued actions or rather the lack of it will be their eventual downfall. The day will come when those who are intimidating others will face judgement day. If not from the people, definitely from the Almighty.

Anonymous said...

Most probably, MACC personnel are good at small figures that run only in the thousands, but find it mind boggling when the figures are in the millions or billions. Ever wonder why only small frys like taking some kopi O money of a few hundred ringgit were found guilty?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mike Tee. MACC is nothing but a BN tool. Just watch the videos on SELCAT topic on balkis @ http://multimedia.selangor.gov.my/main.php?Content=vertsections&SubVertSectionID=57&VertSectionID=3&CurLocation=53&IID=
They think we the rakyat are stupid.

wymeng said...


Dont worry about these bustards.they are just doing it on purpose.put up your strength and fight till the end.we are behind you

katztales said...

I trust you to do the right thing. You always have done in the past. You have my full support.

Collateral Damage said...

YB Hannah,

Continue to do your good work. Do not let these people like the MACC get to you. Makes me mad the way BN continue to misuse their power to intimidate.

colorless said...

MACC is only good at counting up to thousands only. They never heard of the word "millions". As long as you are honest in what you're doing, MACC will not find anything. We are only worry that MACC will plant evidence to incriminate you.

Edmund said...

Just trying to play devil's advocate here. Though it is possible for those connected to the internet here to give the opinion that the MACC's work is allegedly politically-motivated, those who are not connected may not necessarily see it that way.

Instead, such news coupled with the direct aftermath of the Marek Urai by-election results, could be a tactical means to influence public opinion regarding the PR.

More recent news regarding fissures within the PR, in Selangor no less where YB Hannah is located, will only serve to alienate those who did not vote for the PR, but rather voted against Badawi back in March.

the MACC will not find anything. But then again, maybe that's not the point.

Anonymous said...

dont be afraid if u have no snakes in the closet.

kcl said...

I am a Malaysian living abroad for many years. However, I still follow our political news over the years, and Hannah Yeoh...you have my respect. Being an opposition assembly woman in Malaysia is no easy job at all. I will still ask all my friends and families in Malaysia to stand behind you and vote blood sucking BN out come GE 13!! May the force be with you always!!!

Baby said...

why are they attacking the Chinese?

Anonymous said...

MACC is just a tool used by BN to intimidate the opposition, just like ISA, the Police etc...
Don't worry, YB, our mind are crystal clear, we make our own judgement, won't be fooled so easily.

wymeng said...

YB Hannah,

We are behind you. dont worry as you are clean stand on your feet.

serve them right in the 13th general election

Anonymous said...

Just see inaction on Toyo when all the evidence are there. MACC is playing politics. They should all resign & join barisan.
Hannah for a young politician you have my support.

Anonymous said...

Every wrong step walked by MACC is an additional step to destroy UMNO. Let Najib decides which direction he wants MACC brings him to !

Ah Min said...

I also trust you to do the right thing. You always have done in the past. You have my full support too.
(Sorry have to copy some comment from upper, just because i feel the same.:)

keith said...

Hannah, you be strong and I know your actions thus far, have been cleaner than clean. I caution you NOT to be interviewed (by anyone) without being accompanied by a troupe of lawyers...

Anonymous said...


keep up the good work you've done so far. Am proud of you.

bob loh said...

Please keep up your good work. We know who those scumbags work for. It's a real disgrace we have such leaders running the country. Now we are truly "1 Pariah Malaysia"

Anonymous said...

it is a federal crime to do better then UMNO

tony said...

Dear YB

I am mad at their unsupported actions so far but at the same time I am happy that they are digging their masters' graves so deep that can only be filled by another tsunami, come next GE.

Meantime, Hannah walk straight, walk tall, we are behind at all times.

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah,
Keep up the good work and let those "small people" continue with theirs. We can't stop them from taking instructions from their political bosses. All fair thinking Malaysians know what is going on in this lovely country of ours. Lets be patient and wait for the next big one.

Seniorzen said...

YB Hannah,
Keep up the good work and do not get upset with these 'small people' who are on orders to do what they did. We cannot control their actions. All fair minded Malaysians know what is going on in this lovely country of ours. Be patient, let them have their fun just for a little while longer.

Anonymous said...

I wish we should not talk about skin colour as that not important. important thing is we are human. what macc said 2days back that they summon more BN than PR politician is not an issue.the issue is if anyone found corrupted than they should be charged be it BN or PR and also go after all those corrupted to free this country. thank you. simon