Friday, August 21, 2009

Dengue in PJS 7

I was at PJS 7, Bandar Sunway yesterday with MPSJ Councillor Ken Chia and the team from health department of MPSJ led by Dr Roslan. Extensive fogging was carried out in the evening at the flats and terrace houses in PJS 7.

Earlier in the morning, MPSJ visited a total of 1061 homes in PJS 7. There were 90 abandoned homes and 629 locked homes while 342 homes were inspected.

22 breeding spots were found within the compounds of these homes. 13 breeding spots were found in public area. Fogging is only one of the ways to curb dengue. If these homes continue to allow breeding spots for aedes mosquitoes, no amount of fogging will be sufficient. I will continue to ensure that MPSJ and Alam Flora also perform their part especially when it comes to cleaning of drains.

Since last year, I have been urging all residents to do their part by spending only 10 minutes a week to check their homes and surroundings. Dengue is as dangerous as A(H1N1). Just this year alone, PJS 7 has recorded 33 positive dengue cases.

I hope all residents and resident groups in the Subang Jaya constituency will continue to be vigilant in our fight against dengue. Unlike dengue, MPSJ does not have information on A(H1N1). Our Member of Parliament YB Loh Gwo Burne is currently looking into this matter with Jabatan Kesihatan.


hmatter said...

Goodwork Hannah,
Please find AH1N1 information at your email. I did not know how to attach it here.
If anyone is not sure of all the technical things to do, the least is, GOOD PERSONAL HYGIENE. Just know that the virus is spread by droplets spreading out from the mouth of anyone infected.The entry point to the host is the mouth, and nose.A small dose of the virus can make you sick. If you body resistance is strong, you will fight the flu and you remain well. If your body resistance is weak, then you may fall sick. Basically, Use tissue paper and discard after use properly, clean hands after handling public and common things, cover your month when you yawn or sneeze or cough. Avoid crowded places as much as possible. Change your clothes after coming in from public places. Any fever of more then 2 days, seek a medical opinion. The symptoms are like any flu. The high risk groups are those with other illnesses that make your body resistance low.
Remember, the chance of infection is high, the chance of recovery is also high. The chance of death is low. DON'T PANIC.
Take care.

armouris said...

info on dengue here - Stop Dengue at its Source