Saturday, August 15, 2009

Protest by residents of USJ 3ABCD

The Star, Monday July 27, 2009
USJ 3 residents say no to flyover, for now

NO flyover until all conditions are met — that was the strong message sent out by the residents of USJ 3 A,B,C,D last Saturday.

More than 100 of them gathered at the entrance of the construction site of a flyover linking their area and Batu Tiga in Shah Alam to reiterate their stand.

“The developer agreed to build an access road from USJ to Kesas Highway to prevent a bottleneck at Persiaran Tujuan, but where is the slip road now?” USJ 3 A,B,C, D neighbourhood watch pro tem chairman Jason Lee asked.

The flyover across Kesas Highway is now being constructed to provide access to the USJ Heights and Subang Heights residents to enter Subang Jaya.

The residents feared that motorists from Shah Alam would use this flyover as a shortcut to head towards Subang Jaya and Puchong, making the rush hour jam in Persiaran Tujuan worse.

Thus, a slip road is necessary to alleviate traffic woes but the developer had informed the residents that it was not feasible.

“A main concern is the safety of SMK USJ 12 schoolchildren. During peak hours, you can see traffic coming to a standstill and many children are seen using the sidewalk,” Lee added.

The residents submitted a memorandum to Subang Jaya assemblyman Hannah Yeoh, who said she had written to Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim regarding the matter.

“I have asked to bring up the issue with the Selangor Economic Action Council (MTES). Alternatives to the slip road must be identified to address the traffic problem.

“Furthermore, the traffic impact assessment done in April last year only focused on the slip road and not on the volume of traffic using the flyover,” she said.
The residents of USJ 3ABCD gathered for a protest on one of the conditions imposed by the former State Government for the opening of the bridge connecting USJ 3ABCD to USJ Heights. The condition : (e) Menyediakan jalan susur keluar / masuk di flyover SS19 / USJ 3 ke KESAS is yet to be fulfilled by the developer as LLM and Kesas are not agreeable to the construction of the slip road.

The matter will soon be raised to the new Selangor State Goverment for a solution as the condition was imposed by the former Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri. The residents want to meet our Menteri Besar and I have requested for a meeting.

Watch the video by Malaysiakini here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Residents,

Having a slip road into the kesas highway will only attract more traffic into the USJ3 road, thus dangering further the environment and children schooling.

Leave the flyover / bridge as is and have height and vehicle restrictions for residents only.

Only USJ / Subang Height Residents / Guest permitted to access the bridge from their area through manned 24hrs security and make them pay for this services.

Also if USJ3 residents wishing to use this bridge to have similar conditions.

hmatter said...

Hi Hannah,
Lets see how far you get on this one.
The traffic system in Subang/ USJ is still a mess, whatever the traffic impact study may say.
Also please note the traffic at the Carefour/Subang Parade traffic lights with the opening of all the new commercial lots in that area. Traffic impact study, it must be a joke.
Let us all see how you will solve the traffic woes in Subang Jaya.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia said...

You are obviously someone with less than genuine motives. A large majority of us Subang Jayans are very pleased with the improvements in traffic in Subang Jaya. Anyone with some decent capacity of understanding will know that traffic problems cannot be solved with a 'stroke of the pen'. Only someone with sinister political or self interests would try to fault the present government or elected reps of trying to fix a long-standing problem!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anak bangsa Malaysia. With such over development approved by the previous state government in such a densely populated areas - did you, hmatter, asked yourself who created this mess in the first place?

At least now going to work from USJ onward to S Jaya in the mornings have become a little more predictable - and that my fren was a result of traffic impact study!

Using your mouth to crticize is easy - as they say - Talk is cheap! You should have used it during the previous ADUN was in charge. You might have saved us all these banters!


Anonymous said...

I would like to commend the authorities on the new traffic system in SJ/USJ. I now save a good 20 minutes a day in the mornings on travel time.

On the issue of SJ/USJ Heights flyover bridge, the bridge is in the S&P, the roads leading to it are ready, it is paid for by the developer and furthermore, residents of the area are still in the SJ constituency. Why should they be denied the access.

Perhaps one of the easiest restriction to implement for now is a height barrier. Barring access to all lorries and heavy vehicles.

May i also ask if the slip road proposal is in any written agreement?

[“A main concern is the safety of SMK USJ 12 schoolchildren. During peak hours, you can see traffic coming to a standstill and many children are seen using the sidewalk,” Lee added.]
1. Standstill = Slow = Safe
2. Sidewalk = Safe
3. Pedestrian Bridge = Safe
If there are any issues, it would be that parents should teach their children not to jaywalk and to observe safety rules

a voter said...

JK, thanks for speaking up on behalf of many, something is extremely wrong in those who can't see Hannah's effort & contribution.

Even for those who come from BN, they should appreciate a good assemblyman if they see one. This is the least respect they should have for themselves.

Even though Selangor PR is being harassed by MACC, people should have a clear mind of what's behind all this harassment & continue to support PR. If we have fear to link with PR, that's exactly what MACC wants to see. Rakyat must show MACC we have more brain, better vision, a lot of courage, conscience & principle than these so-called protectors of rakyat who have failed to live up to their name..

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

First of all, kudos to all the hard work that you have done for Subang Jaya.

Could you or anyone enlighten me on whether the local municipal MPSJ has the right to disapprove the construction of the flyover if the relevant conditions in the interests of the safety and convenience of residents are not met by the developer?

Why in the first place was the condition imposed by the former Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri when it only concerns only immediate residents of the area? And because of this, the matter now has to be brought to Selangor MB and MTES. It will only delay the matter being resolved while the developer is continuing its construction.