Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Status of Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)

Below is the status update I received from the developer of Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units):

Blocks 1 & 8
As per the meeting at MPSJ chaired by councillor Mr Ken Chia, we have already passed a copy of the form (to lease the PPU building to TNB) together with a copy of the letter of undertaking to TNB Subang. However there is still no feedback for the approval of the transformers and cabling for the three substations. Works to repair the existing PPU building has commenced.

Block 3

The building works should be finishing by end August and ready for inspection by various authorities by mid September 2009. We have already obtained the approval from Jabatan Kilang dan Keselamatan Perkerja (JKKP) for the lifts and we are arranging Bomba inspection before end August 2009.

Block 7
We are chasing our consultant planner to resubmit for MPSJ Planning approval hopefully by this week. Once the Planning approval is obtained, we will submit our amended building plans for approval. In the mean time we will get ready the various tenders to complete the balance works.

This project is under the supervision of Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan ("KPKT"). I will continue to push for regular updates from the developer.


Chong Soon Lee said...

What will be the final plan for Block 7? Build only up to level 9?

michael said...

Thanks for the update.

Besides working out the final plan for Block 7, have we also had a solution for those owners that will not eventually get their apartment , ie Block 7, level 9 and above ?

Dalip said...

Hi hannah,

It's almost end of the year now. Any latest update on our Lagoon Perdana Uncompleted Apartment especially Block 1?


Despaired Block 7 purchaser said...

Dear Hannah,

Thank you for your prolonged effort in following up with all uncompleted & unbuilt units for Lagoon Perdana.

Block 7 purchasers urge you to fight for us with regard to those unbuilt units from Level 9 & above - (Forget about compensation for the emotional pain we had gone through) We would have to get compensated monetarily of FULL refund for our First 10%downpayment, Subsequent disbursements from Banks to the developer, legal & stamping fees that incurred.

We hope we do not have to wait till handover of all other Blocks before we pursue for the Block 7 unbuilt units refund/settlement. We hope that this could also be pursued now, once and for all.

From despaired Block 7 purchaser

Anonymous said...

macam mana status terkini blok 7, kami dah menyewa hampir 8 tahun...punyelah membazir masa dan duit dok tunggu nak dok rumah sendiri...
Saya dah try call ofis talam hr tu..depa ckp bulan 12 pas tu bulan 12 call depa ckp bulan 2...habih bulan 2 saya call lagi tapi terus senyap...tak dak bunyi ringing lagi ...hape nak jadi..
tolong le..

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

I am a buyer of Block 3.

I tried to call talam for several time this month but to no avail.

Hear that Block 3 is completed but there is still no news. appreciate if you could help us out of this problem since we are paying to the bank more and more every month but we cant se to what we are paying.