Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Community Day at PJS 9

This is the posting on the Community Day organised by Kawasan Rukun Tetangga PJS 9. There was a strong crowd present that night. Behind me (picture above) is the newly constructed resting area ("wakaf") initiated by JKP Zone 2 led by MPSJ councillor Ken Chia. The residents in Bandar Sunway are very pleased to have Ken Chia reappointed for the second term to continue serving them.

I also utilised my state allocation to purchase 4 bicycles equipped with head lights, tail lights and bottle holders for the residents' patrol team. Few months ago, I have also purchased safety vests and walkie talkie for them.
Others members of JKP Zone 2 were also present including representatives from PJS 7 and Sunway Tiara. Former chairman, Richard Leow and current chairman Balakrishnan A/L Arumugam of Bandar Sunway Residents' Association were also present to show their support. Mr Muniandy of Jabatan Perpaduan Negara Dan Integrasi Nasional also attended the event.

Residents here have very active committee members looking after their general welfare and interest. I hope more residents will follow the example of the close bond formed within and outside this community. Such bond is possible and very much needed in an urban residential area.

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a voter said...

Another 1Malaysia scene, do you notice smiling faces of different races ?

We don't need big talk, lengthy speech, meetings shouted out to claim credit or to attract attention, just simple sincere action with no evil motivation behind, you will attract people naturally.

Cheers, YB & Yr Team !