Monday, September 7, 2009

Interview with Malay Mail

Below is my interview featured in Malay Mail today. Read the full article here:

Hannah Yeoh, Subang Jaya assemblyman

“Town hall meetings are a new concept Pakatan Rakyat leaders use to engage with residents and it is part of Local Agenda 21. However these protesters were not there to discuss. People who discuss will not behave like that.

“There are many ways of protesting but their way insulted another religion. Freedom of speech must come with responsibility and those who are irresponsible in expressing this must be punished by the law. Why isn’t the Home Ministry acting?

“Malaysians must learn to deal with sensitive issues and not sweep them under the carpet.”


Anonymous said...


You seem to be a sincere rep but please tell yr Dap superior beware of PKR Anwar, everyone is skeptical about him, dont let his shrewdness ruin the party.

jackpot said...


Don't speak for me. You mentioned everyone.... This is your personal problem with Anwar, not ours!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha Anon 3:44, you sound like UMNO goons/BN scumbag!!!
Well said YB, it doesn't matter who the protesters were, PAS, PKR or DAP or UMNO/BN members but it was wrong and action must be taken as simple as that.

charis14 said...

To get a clearer reflection of sentiments among the residents, arrange for a secret ballot the next time. This way, we can get to know the true feelings of the silent majority.

It will also be good to share with the residents the present status of the temple at Section 19 as well as the difficulties faced (refer

sinleong said...

there is one law for everyone of us, and no law for UMNO

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia, all laws are subjective in interpretations. That is either you are with us or against us. It is a zero sum game.