Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MPSJ Councillor for Zone 3 (USJ 2 - 15)

Introducing the new MPSJ councillor for Zone 3 (USJ 2 to USJ 15):

Name : Rajiv Rishyakaran

Age : 28

Qualification : Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Contact number : 012-3111585

E-mail : rajiv@dapsj.com

Blog : http://rajiv4malaysia.blogspot.com/

Rajiv has been serving as a special assistant in my office since March 2008. He is familiar with the issues in USJ and is passionate about nation building and promoting principles of competency, accountability and transparency in policy making.


Anonymous said...

he twitters too at http://twitter.com/rajiv4malaysia

munirah hayati said...

is this a political crony appointment? :) i'm sorry dont mean to criticize or anything but it's so obvious he he. Maybe you can't cast the net wider than the people originally in your close-knit circle. but i dont mind the way he gets appointed as long as he does the job honorably & acts fair to all under his responsibility

Power to the people said...

To munirah,
I hope you are aware that local councillors (ahli majlis) are all appointment based, ever since the UMNO-BN government suspended local government elections in 1964! It is DAP's policy to re-instate local government elections so that you can vote for your councillor. Next time, it would be good if you read up a little bit on history before passing comments. That brings me to another topic - that history education in our government schools are of no use and do not tell the real history of our beloved Malaysia.

sinleong said...

Munirah has a good point. DAP campaigned during the GE to reinstate local council elections. What has been done so far? All I can see is blaming the federal govt but really... what are the actions taken to reinstate local council elections? Munirah pointed out how different is the process leading to Rajiv's appointment to the BN previously? Even the Perak PR govt managed to hold elections for Penghulu, why Selangor cannot?

Anonymous said...

You want to run for penghulu? :-)

Elections for penghulu vs elections for town councillors are two very different ball game. I hope you were at the local council elections debate which YB Hannah's office organized a couple of months back. I was there, and allow me to share this. A couple of residents who came with some of the same comments as you went back with a slightly different but better formed opinion.

You mentioned that DAP campaigned to reinstate local govt elections. That is actually a misleading statement. DAP is all for local govt elections, but I don't remember anytime during the last GE that anyone from DAP said that local govt elections is a done deal if their candidates won. Local govt elections is a national policy, not a state or even a town council policy. Your griping is only valid IF DAP or PR had won federal power and still did not reinstate local govt elections. But that's not the case isn't it?

Lee Wee Tak said...

sinleong represent those people who does not fully comprehend the laws of Malaysia and have unrealistic expectation

to have local elections, federal laws must be amended. not state laws.

if PR control federal malaysia and do not do this, then and only then the public can question.

if you want local election, vote for DAP and Pakatan. convince your fellow malaysians if you really want what you want.

armchair critics is not the necessary ingredient for change.

Lee Wee Tak said...

brilliant, Munirah.

how do you know YB Hannah did not cast a wide net?

to be appointed, one must assess the candidate's ability from close quarters before giving him or her greater trust and authority

by the way, do you know of anyone who has the dedication, committment and ability to fulfil the role so that you can recommend to Hannah?

I am sure Hannag needs good people, UMNO members seeking changes also encouraged to apply


Power to the people! said...

Wee Tak, brilliant! "UMNO members seeking change also encouraged to apply." Love that!