Friday, September 11, 2009

New recreational facility for SS13, Subang Jaya

The residents of SS13 flats have every reason to celebrate! There is now a new futsal court built by MPSJ for the children and adults living there. The SS13 flats are being surrounded by highways and flyovers - Kesas, NPE and now the Subang Kelana Link. It is important that the children there have proper recreational facilities. The upgraded recreational facilities for residents in SS13 flats are:-
(a) new futsal court
(b) restoration of Millennium Park with new trees and turf
(c) free usage of football field in Kompleks 3K, SS13 once a week exclusively for residents of SS13
(d) new children's playground (planned for next year)

MPSJ councillor, Mdm Theresa Ratnam and committee members of JKP Zone 1 presented groceries contributed by MPSJ for 20 deserving families in SS13 in conjunction with Ramadan

Multi-racial participation at the buka puasa event

Chairman of the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association, Mr Chim was also present to spend time with the surau committee members

My office prepared small packets of dates (buah kurma) as a simple gesture for all who attended the buka puasa event

These children will now have a futsal court at their home ground!


Baby said...

you are 1 kind hearted person..

Farouk said...

This is great! Well done!

Nick Phillips said...

Way to go Hannah :D

KIMHO8 said...

Well done, Hannah. We are so proud of you.

Nothing can unite us together the anak Malaysia but love do. Thanks for all the love that you given.

Keep it up. We know you can make it.

Darick said...

wat do say?

Anonymous said...

you are really 1-Malaysia than our Prime Ministry 1-Malaysia.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Keep up the good work of helping the unfortunate, YB Hannah. It will surely win the hearts of not just the Subang Jaya constituents, but the whole country perhaps. (I just can't wait to turn into legal age for voting and do my part) All the best!

looes74 said...

Heard that Teresa has initiate the setup of Malay DAP branch led by Malay chairman. Hope that it would be happen too at Subang Jaya under your watch too
Just to let you know DAP predecessor, PAP got many prominent malay leaders. Samad Ismail was one of the founder. Though he left the party, He approach LKY in setting up the party
Likewise, DAP should step up the effort too. It would be great that yours would florish to make DAP a truly multiracial party

Jimmy Chua said...

Keep it and Well Done YB. Almost everyday you are doing something great for your Kawasan.

a voter said...

If only 1/2 of the BN reps are like you, I have a dream..... :) YB, Well done !

Anonymous said...

I have a dream ! I wish that in time to come, our rakyat will have more people like you to make Malaysia a better place to live !

I wish we have more BN goons to be like you !

Anonymous said...

This is the true colour of Malaysia, we are clourless in Subang. Thanks to our YB, you have done Malaysian proud.

Ramesh said...

Instead of fine-tuning malaysia's development , the loser federal govt is focusing more and abusing tax money to bully PKR government... i admire your perseverance ..pls keep up the good work. god bless you and malaysia.

Justsome1 said...

Dear YB,

The Millennium Park is at one of the worst spot for a park; right at a busy roundabout/flyover/elevated highway.

Air pollution at that intersection is quite likely at an UNhealthy level.

I hope MPSJ will erect a high COVERED fence at the sides of the park that faces the road. It would be dangerous for kids to play there if there are inadequate fencing. Imagine kids running out to the road to retrieve their balls or toys.