Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SELCAT public hearing on use of allocation by former BN assemblymen

I am currently at the public hearing conducted by SELCAT on the use of allocation by all former BN assemblymen. Each assemblyman has used up RM500,000 per DUN from January to February 2008 (in 2 months). This RM500,000 was supposed to be used for the entire duration of year 2008.

Officers from Petaling Land Office who approved these transactions are being questioned now. For Subang Jaya, it was revealed that our former assemblyman has submitted applications for allocation even after the March 8 elections. Some funds were used for programs outside of Subang Jaya. For some other constituencies, it was revealed that funds were disbursed to former BN assemblymen even after our Menteri Besar has taken oath for the new administration. Clearly, these funds were used as campaign funds for the elections. Taxpayers' funds were used to advance their political parties' interests for UMNO, MIC, Puteri UMNO and MCA events. Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional!

And on the other hand, we have MACC investigating us the PR assemblymen for legitimate applications for legitimate programs used for the benefit of residents.


Darick said...

Pasal $2400, soal TBH sampai mati TAPI soal $500k.... MACC tutup mata ka?

sinleong said...

see how fast MACC reacts to this...

katztales said...

You are doing a good job uncovering the actions of your predecessors. Keep going, and do what you do best. I can see improvements in SJ already; you're doing a fine job.

Nyghtsky said...

Agree with katztales! You'd done lots for SJ. Keep it up, Hannah!

Anonymous said...


I got a question.

I heard that Ronnie Liu channeled all his allocation into his aide's personal bank account. Is it true?

anak subang said...

I think MACC is tuned to gelombang BN and there is probably a natural filter to ensure the officers don't get to tune in to news like misappropriations by BN people!

That's why we need a PR federal government!

Darick said...

u should b d 'anonymous guy' who RPK mentioned in his interview on U-tube.
RPK said 'an anonymous guys has reported on a blog that a selangor exco has commited corruption...'

then immediately MACC swing into action raided his office & confiscated his files !'

now u again has written on Hannah blog abt Ronnie..... !
i want to ask u a question:
'will tomorow MACC swing into action again base on ur writing?'

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Darick,

I am sorry I m not that 'anonymous guy'. By the way, how do you know that it was a 'guy' who reported?

As for Ronnie Liu, is it a crime to ask a question? We are talking about rakyat's money , right?

Or are you implying that we cant ask questions? Then in that case, whats the difference between PR & BN?

As for your question pertaining MACC , I dont know because I am not MACC. I am just an ordinary rakyat with a question for my elected rep.

now is 2Malaysia said...

1Malaysia only exist when PR is in power so we hope all the PR's representative to keep up good work. Do not mass with the oppotunity the Rakyat has entrusted on you, all spoiled apples should be thrown away before 13GE.

Darick said...

it's not a crime to ask Hannah abt rakyat's money.
but is just that MACC is hungry for wat u've written abt 'Ronnie....' whether it's true or not.

MACC is going an all out WAR against PR 'corruption'

LGE told off MACC Penang chief in front of Penangites: 'MACC motto now is: U r guilty until u jump ship to BN regime'

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Darick,

MACC can go on a warpath against PR but as long as PR elected reps are clean what is there to worry about?

As a member of the rakyat, I have a question and if Ronnie is clean what is there to be worried about.

Dont you find it disturbing that one can use up one's 2009 allocation by May/June? Or transfering one's allocation into his aide's personal account??

We are talking about public funds here and if PR wants to be an alternative to BN, it has gotta offer us clean and capable reps.

Anonymous said...

The general public is more aware of the impropriety of tax payers' money spent by some ADUNS of the former administration following the public hearing of SELCAT. The State Government of PR coalition should enact laws, if possible to streamline the appropriations and spending of public money to ensure abuses. The public hearing of SELCAT is very educational.

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah,

An apology for a typo in the comment that I sent a few minutes ago on the Public Hearing of SELCAT.

In the text:"......., to prevent abuses....." but not"..., to ensure abuses...."

An Anonymous.

Darick said...

u r right, 'y worry if u r clean'
pls look at TBH death @ MACC.

ur statement abv only can b apply in corrupt free country HK, S'por, NZ, Austr, US &... but definitely not in this Bolehland.

look at Penang CM LGE, y he was jailed for fighting justice for a rape victim under age malay girl?
Rapist walk free & keep his TanSri ship but girl was 'jail' in rehab center & LGE jail in Kajang prison.

this is wat Rakyat worry, even u r clean but end up like TBH, LGE, ISA: Hindraf-5 & Teresa Kok &..... !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Darick,

Are you now saying that I should keep quiet? Dont you find Ronnie Liu using up his entire 2009 allocation by mid year a wee bit strange?? What about allegations about him transfering his allocation into his personal aide's account?? If true, is that normal practice when it comes to public funds?

Our country is what it is today because we kept silent on such matters!

Whether it is PR or BN reps, it dont matter. If there are wrong doings we must bring it up.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Darick,

We cannot just be 'one sided'. Its like BN is always wrong and PR no matter what is right.

If BN reps do wrong we whack and likewise for PR reps.

You cannot just whack BN but keep silent when it comes to PR.

Darick said...

ur allegation on Ronnie is merely hearsay & that's y in all comment u end end with "IF IT'S TRUE?"

wat 'If u r wrong?'

wat u've written may cause another innosense rakyat ended up like TBH @ MACC.

u must reallise & admit d fact that M'sia is a Bolehland.

RPK whisleblow PKFZ $4.6b scandal cabinet paper but d corrupted regime instructed polis to investigate how/who leak d OSA docu & not who's d corruptors in PKFZ!

u said "y worry, if u r clean"
y u r 'an anonymous?'
if u r clean, y worry to disclose u name?