Sunday, September 6, 2009

UMNO rubbishes 1Malaysia

TVSelangor interview with me as ADUN for Subang Jaya, MP for Kapar YB Manikavasagam and ADUN for Sri Muda YB Shuhaimi on the 'cow-head' protest

Few days ago, I was invited to an interview with TVSelangor on the 'cow-head' protest issue. A lot have been said about this disrespectful act by this group of protesters.

This 'cow-head' protest has offended so many Malaysians, not just the Hindus but also the Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and even atheists. Why? These protesters have failed to love their neighbours as they love themselves.

Some articles claim that UMNO is behind this. I believe so. I have seen many angry residents before but never to the extent of becoming so unruly. There is a political agenda behind this - to discredit and embarrass our PR leaders and to create chaos in the State. Our Home Minister went out of his way to defend them. Our Prime Minister, instead of taking fast action to preserve the spirit of 1Malaysia is going on and on and on politicking.

The chaotic town hall meeting yesterday shows that these protesters are incapable of sitting down for a discussion. They have no intention to resolve this. They do not know how to give, only demanding to take.

I am just surprised that an act such as this - caught in video and photographs taken by the press clearly revealing the faces of the protesters can still be in the process of 'investigation' by the police.

Police must act fast and stop harassing peaceful protesters holding candles. The violent protesters holding a blood-stained 'cow-head' are still out there! Malaysia is to be delivered from this racist element that is lurking in our society.


a voter said...

Our top leaders from PM right down are rather short-sighted and narrow-minded, and sorry to say, they are not smart too; cunning may be, but not smart and not much wisdom. Ordinary folks can almost predict most of their tricks even before the end of story being revealed. These so-called leaders only see the little gain within a few yards around them, and choose to go for a smaller selfish gain rather than looking at a bigger picture that will benefit all and bring them good merit.

Obviously they have been politicking this issue & many other issues, either they are not wise enough to see or choose to ignore how this little selfish gain by them has damaged the whole country, tarnish the image of their own religion, and along the way dragging their own image down to the drain with their own action. Just google for Malaysia news, and see what you will get.

Malaysia is blessed with so much natural resources & good weather. If Malaysian leaders don't value all this blessing & keep going to the wrong direction, the Highest Almighty may take back this blessing one day. That will be the day all of us have to suffer due to the ignorance & selfishness of a few people that elected by the same ignorant voters.

Anonymous said...


That is not the Malaysia that I know.

Police MUST act fast.

If there is another 5-13, the moderates of the country MUST band together and flush out this kind of thinking. Education is the long term plan.

I think, YB, that now is the time to also think about pushing programmes that advocate civility, politeness, compromise, and general love for your neighbour.
The gotong-royongs are working. We need to be a society again.

ANYONE who advocates such divisive actions........ omg.

sinleong said...

police will not take action against the cow-head protesters because thye are the running dogs of UMNO. see how some 16 peaceful demonstrators carrying candles were arrested? there is a law for umno and another law for the rest of us.

so far, no action taken against Lingam and PKFZ is being investigated slowly. but MACC and police very fast when it comes to PR politicians' alleged corruption of a few throusand ringgit.

zack said...

am not suprise at long as UMNO/BN in power this what you are going to expect from the police which are under BN instructions. So we rakyat must make the opposition stronger in order to minimise the abuse of power.