Saturday, October 31, 2009

Regular meeting with residents

Below are just some photographs captured during my regular meet-the-people session at different areas in my constituency:
Dialogue with residents of Pangsapuri Permai in USJ 1 together with councillors Roslan Shahir and Tony Chang, COB Ms Tee, officers from MPSJ and the Joint Management Body

A lot of owners turned up for the dialogue

One of the many issues raised was on issuance of strata titles. The Developer has recently submitted the application to Land Office and the residents are now awaiting the issuance of strata titles.

At Masjid Darul Ehsan in SS15

Meeting the residents of USJ 11/2 and we had a discussion on gated & guarded. Security is of utmost importance to many residents in USJ. MPSJ councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran, USJ RA Chairman Mr Melvin Lee and SJ Alert Mr Robert Chan were also present.

With the pro-tem committee of USJ 11/2

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cheen said...

Dear YB,

Thanks for showing us your diligence, and I propose that your sharing to be learnt by all PR leaders who are current MP/ADUN.

I trust you could assist to build the power of good governance with your abilities shown, and send the supports and templates of your diligenc to satrengthen those PR leaders, and be aware that BN will now attack you guys if you all fail in your silly lack of care, and lack of urgency to strengthen those weaker MP/ADUN.
Please do remind oyur leaders to HOLD and TRAIN more of these MP/ADUN with your good shows of diligence and great services. SERVE and serve well! Thank you and you gave HOPES to Malaysians!
May God's Grace and Blessings be with you always! Amen.

Peter Leow Cheen Chai