Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Free health screening for the poor

Recently, my office together with the assistance of HC Connection (200 volunteers) and Manipal Alumni (67 doctors) organised the largest health screening program in DUN Subang Jaya and arguably the State at the carpark of Angsana flats, USJ 1. JKP Zone 4 led by MPSJ councillor Roslan Shahir and MPSJ also assisted in the logistic arrangement.
State Exco YB Dr Xavier and YB Loh Gwo Burne (MP For Kelana Jaya) joined us for the opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

The family of these two boys received aid from HC Connection

Project Fireflies also set up a registration counter for the next batch of students

Visiting the 11 booths at site

Blood donation drive - 58 packets of blood were collected from donors

Residents standing in queue waiting for health screening

A total of 746 patients (excluding children) were screened and examined by the doctors. Cataract, glaucoma and pap smear tests were also available and we also had free educational health exhibition

Dental bus

260 residents received free dental treatment

According to a doctor, some of these medical equipments are only available in private healthcare but the residents had the chance of using them. Residents of different races benefitted from this program

Medical consultation in session - 590 residents received screening for diabetes, 154 confirmed diabetic, 2 residents had to be hospitalised immediately (this health screening saved their lives!)

HC Connection conducted a door-to-door survey and the poor received essential groceries

While the adults were busy with the health screening, 334 children took part in the children's program

Volunteers attending to the children

Students who participated in Project Fireflies for the last 10 months received their trophies and certificates of completion

Children of Project Fireflies also performed for the crowd in English

The crowd

Mascot from Digi kept the children entertained

Some children also received stationeries for school

Bicycles were also given out to children (see the smile on her face!)

Corporate sponsors who participated in the health screening - Thank you so much!

The volunteers of HC Connection and doctors from Manipal Alumni (RM5700 worth of medication was given away) gave out of their own pockets for the purpose of this health screening. I also used the state allocation for the logistic arrangement. The Health Ministry under the Federal Government needs to urgently provide a public clinic for the residents of Subang Jaya. I have raised this need multiple times in the State Assembly and have written in and requested for a public clinic. All the patients examined on that day have been referred to the nearby public hospitals for follow-up. Diabetes is the most serious and common medical condition and my office will follow-up with awareness programs for the residents. Once again, I wish to put on record my deepest appreciation to the volunteers from HC Connection led by Mr Raymond M and Kenneth (coordinator) and Dr Koshy and Dr Thomas (Manipal Alumni) for their kind contribution and hard work in making this health screening a success.

Note : You will not read about this in the mainstream media as it is not sensational enough, only news of political bickering depicting Pakatan Rakyat in a negative light will survive the mainstream media!


Bobby Majimbun said...

Well done YB. Continue to impact the society with the influence that God has given you. God bless.

Manju said...

Wow. Congrats! Amazing amazing work! I had tears in my eyes while reading this article. You don't know the amount of hearts you touched, and possibly life's, you saved that day. Congrats again, I'm really impressed with the amount of work put in and the team work! :)

Zulita Saad said...


Please keep your pure spirit and the good work!!! This energy of YB that people need to make sure that we live in harmony environment..


Anonymous said...

Well done YB, after living in USJ for the past 20 years this is the 1st time that I see some many happening things by our YB. Keep up the work and looking forward to the USJ6 town hall this Saturday, another 1st for me after living here for so long...

Stephen Chow said...


nothing is better than giving the people a clean health screening. medical cost is increasing and a burden to all of people. Going to Govt Hospital and waiting for queue or making an appointment is also another issue. the subang jaya community is very appreciate and great to have such a dedicated and commitment Hannah Yeoh.

The best solution is to have a Public Clinic as what you had proposed many times to federal government. Not all subang jaya community is rich and plenty of us are just enough to keep our daily life.

I suggest at least once a year Health Screening event for all community in subang jaya. Put the event banner 1 month notice so people can notice.

Forget about mainstream media, they prefer to put MCA Ong Chong Swen line dance in media.

Great Job Hannah and appreciate to all the Doctors and volunteers who have put this successful event.

Anonymous said...

Well done, YB !!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry it will be publish in Sinar Harian newspaper and SJ Echo....

a voter said...

Wow wow wow, thank you so much YB & your team, to all the doctors, the contributors and the volunteers. This positive, selfless and productive effort from all races is the type of news we love to hear in Malaysia. Bravo to All !!!

USJ Resident said...

Well Done and congrats, YB Hannah.
You are amazing and Malaysia Politician should learn to be like you instead of just talking about 1Malaysia.
Thank you for the efforts and hard work.

Richard Loh said...

Malaysians need to play a part in running the country and not just leave the politicians to do whatever they like.

You Need To Get Involved, Know What Is Happening & Going On In Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Well done Hannah. Though I'm not from Subang, I felt really thankful for all the things you've done for your constituents. I admire your hard work and your sincerity in serving people of all races. Your constituents are really lucky to have you as their assemblyman.
Thank you again and keep up your good works.

Chan Yan Hoong said...


You have a pure heart. I will continue to pray that the good Lord will continue to give you strength and wisdom to do His will.

God Bless.

Yan Hoong

michael said...

Dear YB Hannah.

SJ folks are really fortunate to have an ADUN like you. Please come over and compete in Penang if your constituents decide to abandon you. :)

raymond tan said...

Well done, YB, well done.