Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lack of interest by BN reps

The State Legislative Assembly of Selangor is currently in session. Elected representatives are debating on the state budget for 2010. I can't help but show you the comparison below:
Pakatan Rakyat ADUNs - almost all in attendance, at all times during the sitting

Barisan Nasional ADUNs - 7 out 20 in attendance, sometimes only 1 ADUN is present. How do they function as effective opposition if they are not interested and diligent? [the BN-friendly ADUN from Port Klang is hardly seen at the assembly, hop or not - makes no difference]


Darick said...

PR's ADUN is busy in Dewan to korek korek ur mind for problem solving Rakyat matters BUT
BN's ADUN is busy outside Dewan korek korek macam Lingam !

Anonymous said...

maybe planning to take over by january 2011 as warn by RPK

Anonymous said...


u have a sister working in the pharma industry? bugger, same face like u!!!