Monday, November 2, 2009

Town Hall for USJ 6 residents

Together with the assistance of Rukun Tetangga USJ 2 and USJ 6, we will be having a town hall session with residents of USJ 6. Details are as follows:-

Date : 7 November 2009 (Saturday)

Time : 8:30am sharp

Venue : The field facing Jalan USJ6/5 & USJ6/4B

MPSJ Councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran for USJ 6 will be there to meet the residents. See you there!
Banners for the said town hall have been displayed at USJ 6. This morning, I received a call from a resident informing me that 2 banners have been vandalised. Nevertheless, I hope residents will turn up to meet me on recent issues concerning USJ 6.


solidleong said...

It is regrettable to see the banner being vandalised. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Zulita Saad said...


Really appreciate yr work and energy given. Glad to see road at USJ 1 near Angsana Apartment had been covered yesterday. It will give a smooth journey to people.

Bryan Khoo said...

They can vandalised your banner... but they cant vandalised your heart and spirit... keep up the good work on better Malaysia... God bless ^^

Richard Loh said...

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Jolly Roger said...

Keep up the good work, Hannah.

Another sad case where meritocracy is not in the regime's vocabulary.

Hope the DAP leadership can highlight her plight for our "rakyat didahulukan" PM

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about this, those people who vandalised got nothing better to do. It makes us wanted to support PR and you more! thanks for the hard work.

Lee Wee Tak said...

vandals represent the political fraction that cannot come up with viable answers to your hard work and effective programmes

sore losers, go back to your cave and sulk, stop disgracing our country! wat would tourists think about this?

mana maruah awak? kurang ajar!