Saturday, December 12, 2009

10 reasons why Barisan Nasional should be voted out

(1) PKFZ scandal
(2) UMNO and their racist policies
(3) death of Teoh Beng Hock
(4) unfair trial of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
(5) stealing of the Perak state govt
(6) MCA and their silly power struggle
(7) massive abuse of taxpayers' funds in all their 'satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional' white elephant projects
(8) loss of public confidence in judiciary, police, MACC & Election Commission
(9) the numerous deaths in detention
(10) ISA
and the list goes on...


James Tan said...

Fully agree... The list goes on and we're sick of BN gomen...
No matter how, BN must be kickout and PR have to be very united and work very hard to achieve and gain people's trust...
I will not lost my faith and support for PR on some minor scratches...
Keep up the good work dear Hannah and all PR elected Aduns/MP's.

wong said...

you have 10 reasons to vote bn ..i have one reason no to vote pakatan ...hassan ali...! we all grow up somehow...a small crocroach like him is scary and frightening...! easy task for pakatan to handle , right? then we talk big case!!

MJ said...

10 only ah?!?
I got almost 40 reasons here for you!
and with their links too!

Anonymous said...

Yes YB!!! kick them out. Will support you all the way!!!

Baby said...

1 thing i really no eye see is mca own people fighting with own people... where's unity among them? is so shameful

Anonymous said...

Some of those items in the list are not BN specific. Changing the central govt won't change the mentality of govt officers, so how are we the rakyat supposed to have more confidence in the police, judiciary and MACC for example?

Voting BN out can be done within a few years. Changing the mentality of the people will take a generation. I'm all for a better Malaysia, with or without BN but I'm not so hopeful.

Jee Sheng said...

I think you should keep this thoughts to yourself and focus on what you can do at your level now... rather than bad-mouthing the other party.... PKR isn't so great itself.

you can damn right start with fixing the damn jam by Sri Kuala Lumpur ss15... hogging the road by double and triple parking does not only disturb traffic but also spoils the road that the municipal pays to maintain. Adding to that, the roads in SS15 needs to be touched up....the pothole are scary and stupid sand and bricks isn't the proper solution.

So instead of spending your precious political time ranting about BN and their flaws... you should very well reflect on yourself first.

Goh Wei Liang said...

10 reasons why Pakatan Rakyat should not be voted

1. 50% bumiputra land policy in Kedah introduced by Pakatan Govt

2. If UMNO is racist, what about PAS and PKR ? Remember acting GM Low Siew Moi's case ?

3. Power crazy cousins Ngeh Koo Ham-Nga Kor Ming that caused Fong Po Kuan to almost quit, Leong Mee Meng in tears and Hee Yit Foong quit in disgust (all 3 ladies are from DAP and are elected representatives)

4. PAS shouts Islamic state, DAP shouts secular. In the end, everyone remain silent hinting that "win the Govt first, we talk later" which also means that "sweep everything under the carpet".

5. Aminah Tape shrugged off as though it is nothing when it involves a Political Secretary and EXCO from DAP as well as PKR leaders.

6. Cronyisme of Nik Aziz with Son In Law and PAS affairs kept silent by DAP and PKR

7. Whistleblowers like A Thiruvenggadam dropped from list of councillors when he talked about Alam Flora contracts linked to Pakatan Rakyat

8. Poor management by DAP Penang Govt (the 1000 Electrical Engineers case) when our Universities and private colleges produce plenty every year. Decision made without discussions with Federal Govt and engineers association.

9. Wee Choo Keong's accusation of underworld EXCO member in Selangor was let slipped

10.Suspicious PKR National Funds

The list goes on. Just two years in power and so many stories or problems.

Having said all these, yes, I agree that Hannah Yeoh should stay on as a people's representative. This I agree and I support.

But I am not too sure about your national leaders and your Party's strange bedfellows though who came together in a marriage of convenience.

A voter said...

Jee Sheng

Firstly, SS15 jam was not started by YB Hannah Yeoh, in fact I can see she's here to clear shit left by the previous management. It was something not well planned from the beginning.

Don't shoot the wrong person over petty thing started by another party. Especially not to a trustworthy & efficient person who's trying so hard to right the wrong, and it'll be unfair to expect her to perform miracle over a short period of time, when the other party was given more than 50 years !

In life, don't ever take trustworthy & efficient people for granted, you should be grateful & give all yr support when you meet one !

davis said...

PR is in power in Selangor and three other states for less than two years. How much do you expect to achieve in this short period? For some of PR leaders, it is their first experience. Give them time to learn how to govern. We the voters should advise them if they are not doing their job well.

Joseph Yeow said...

Jee Sheng,

The potholes in SS15 road has been fixed, see it for yourself...

Err said...

Please look at jalan-jalan in subang Jaya and many 'lubang-lubang'lah.

kira wong said...

I was there listening to one of your speech. quite inspiring.

But in fact PR still lacks of strong rules and principles to govern this co-relationship; it has a lot of paradoxical policies and philosophies within each party.

I am a chinese, and i am ashamed by what MCA has done over the past few years. In fact, I am even more disappointed by my local BN party who promised a better development for my hometown? It turns up to be- nothing

If somebody can truly lead PR and quickly create a strong consensus or policy that 3 main parties can agree on and work well with, vision 2020 could be achieved by PR but not the BN.

I hope 2020 won't become a malaysian version of 2012

Just do what you can do now, I have faith in you, and please have faith in God.

God Bless! :p

keith said...

Every party has its own warts, pimples, boils and diseases. If we are serious about instituting change for the young generation, start by looking into the mirror and ask thyself 'Am I already registered to vote? And my family? My buddies?"...then and only then, you can put your X to a purpose. Else Shaddup!

Anonymous said...

jee sheng

hannah yeoh is an inspiration. her honesty, hard work and genuine desire for change are reflected in her blog.
and she is allowed to have her personal opinions on BN in her blog.

it would have been more constructive for you to come out with 10 reasons not to vote for PR like Goh Wei Liang did

it would have reflected better on you to keep your language in check

if you are annoyed with the state of the roads or whatever, then hannah's blog on the right hand side is filled with all the necessary people and departments for you to contact. you have to do your part too.

as for hannah, your blog is a joy to read. it still gives me hope for malaysia. and pls pace yourself such that you can last the distance.

all the best

Yeap Cheng Liang said...

YB Hannah, I feel I have to respond to Goh's fuzzy reasons.

Responding to Goh Wei Liang.
Another 10 reasons why Pakatan Rakyat should be voted in

1. 50% bumi land policy has been deferred due to public pressure. Do you think BN would deferred or abolished BTN, ISA or racist policy due to public pressure?

2. Do you think BN would even consider appointing Mdm Low as the acting GM?

3. Hee quits because of not given a Camry. If Ngeh brothers are power crazy, do you think Hee would occupy Jelapang for so many years?

4. PAS shouts Islamic state, Mahathir actually did it and boost about it during Gerakan AGM, and all BN politicians dare not say a word. But DAP actually quit when PAS tried to implement it in Trengganu.

5. If because of Aminah you don’t vote Pakatan, you are stupid and ignorant.

6. YB Mafuz Omar dare ask the SIL to step down. During Abdullah time, nobody dared ask Khairy to step down. In fact all BN politicians bodek Khairy like he was the next PM.

7. BN will prosecute the whistleblower. Which is worst?

8. Being truthful and transparent is the first step towards good management. Does plenty = quality?

9. Do you have a Wee Choo Keong in BN?

10. Suspicious = guilty?

u9 said...

You don't need ten reasons to vote anyone out. We only need more politicians like you to be voted in. Pray don't change. Cheer.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hannah, why is Dap doing or some of the members are doing all the unnecessary things like the stupid doormat. People can see and judge for them self what is happening in Perak and Malaysia under the present federal government. So my idea is that Dap do a good job and don't have to tell the public what 10 reasons or whatever. We want is our rep to keep up the good job and do 10 good reasonable fight for the public in parliament and the state meet. TQ.

Yeap Cheng Liang said...

As for jee sheng

If voters only thought of potholes when making a decision of who to vote, then Lee Hwa Beng would have been voted out long long time ago.

Infact, voters in the 21st century know what ADUN/MP is suppose to do. For sure they are not suppose to look at longkang and potholes. But if you want this type of ADUN, please vote for MCA by all means. Any right minded ADUN would be ashamed of voter like you.

Gan said...

u9 ... you say it correctly!

Jee Sheng & Yeap Cheng Liang is quite entitled to their opinion, and, we all know it's just their opinion.

Gan said...

Ooops ...sorry, my comment should have read as "Goh Wei Liang" instead of "Yeap Cheng Liang" ... a thousand apologies

Anonymous said...

instead of discussing why we should not choose BN, why not discuss why we should choose PR.
please measure based on what PR have done

aman said...

well i can come up with 100 reasons why we should not voted PR for next GE la YB!

aman subang

FY said...

If there is 100 reasons not to vote for PR, then there is 10,000 reasons not to vote BN.

Do you still want robbers to rule the country ? Using paid bloggers to shut others out ?

The rakyat knows best.

The 2 years that PR is in power is better than 52 years of BN.

Anonymous said...

We are well aware of the 101 reasons why BN should be kicked out, but at the very least We expect PR to live up to the expectations. I was deeply disappointed that PR has dropped its local elections agenda in its common policy platform. Thats a U turn from PKR and DAP's 2008 pledge! We don't want to subsitute BN with more of the same! I do hope that this decision will be reversed :(

ong said...

From the way Jee Sheng gave his comments and the partial image of himself (I assume the photo is of himself), I guess Jee Sheng is still an immature school boy.

C said...

If you have been following the news, you will know that constitution amendment has to take place at Federal level before local elections can take place.

Simon Seow said...

Anonymous, it's not that PR want to drop the local elections, it is because the Federal Constitution that doesn't allow local election when it was changed previously. Unless that Federal Constitution is amended in the Dewan Rakyat, there's nothing the state government can do

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon,
Article 131(4)of the federal constitution allows the state government to implement local elections but the Local Government Act 1976 suspended local elections and amendments are required there. Nonetheless it should not be an excuse to a break the pledge.

"There's nothing the state government can do" is a terrible excuse. There are many things that the state government CAN do and preparing the framework for local elections is among them. If PR cannot even commit to that cause, then what are the guarantee that it will happen in future?

Charles Santiago put it quite well: "Of course, the state must continue to get [the] federal government to restore the elections, but it must also work out a mechanism to show that we are serious. Even if it works against us, so be it."

So now PR, don't tell me what you cannot do, tell me what you CAN do.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

From what Encik Hadi had said at the convention, i think the PR has to move on without Pas first. It will be a burden for PR to win another GE with Pas who has a "gostan" mind. Many Malaysian who want change will not vote for Pas present.Pas has drawn a very clear picture since the 308. Without the full support of Malaysians, it is more than uphill task to vote out the bn for what ever wrong doings listed. EVERY VOTE count as strength for PR.


Shanker said...

There one main reason why Malaysians as a whole, should give Pakatan the opportunity to rule Putrajaya is simply for the fact that UMNO/BN had over 50 years, and out of that USD100b of Rakyat's money was lost thru corruption. Our money. When our children are told they could not be given scholarships bcos JPA has run out of funds - think about the money lost. When the UMNO govn plans to introduce GST without measuring the social impact - think about the money lost. When we send a space tourist to the moon whilst some State FAs could not even pay the salaries of their players - think about the money lost. For too long Msians have been comfortable with the devil they know. It's time to give the unknown angel a try. And if they don't perform, then we - the voters - have the power to hold them accountable. Having said that, it is incumbent upon PR office bearers that they move up the learning curve faster. I have had my share of frustrations with my MP, which I believe are valid concerns. For eg, did my MP attend parliament sitting on the day of voting in the budget? Or was he part of the missing PR MPs on that day? This are pertinent questions, some of which tend to shake my faith in some of the office bearers, and for which I obtain no answers despite my inquiry. Nevertheless, I believe PR as a whole, represents a much better hope for change than UMNO/BN does at present.

PS - I don't intend to preach, but I believe we - as individuals - also need to change, in order to facilitate change in the system. We must move away from what is convenient, and adhere to the laws ourselves. Double parking/not paying parking/running a red light/disposing garbage everywhere/kau-tim mentality/racial stereotyping (eg only certain races can apply for job) - if we don't change, then no amount of change at Putrajaya is going to be ultimately effective. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

The primary job of legislators in the Parliament and in the various State Assemblies is to pass laws, and promote good governance for the good of the people.

If our elected public office holders like YB Hannah have to spend so much time making sure potholes in the roads are fixed, this means that the civil service is not functioning properly.

Phua Kai Lit

Apa Nama Itu said...

Goh Wei Liang,

Your mentor burnt RM100bil during his 22 years tenure.

I am sure you are not like him.


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

First may we wish you a HappyBirthday.

Although we have been very busy and didn't have time to look through your website, we know as a young energetic lady you are doing your level best. Kudos to you!

My family and my parents and that of my wife are die-hard DAP supporters. Now all of them have passed on but me, wife and kids continue to support DAP!

Yes, much has been said about the filth of BN.

Alas, recently the Gated and Guarded hijacking of roads have shocked, bewildered, angered not only my family and my neighbours but friends who are your supporters.

Let us face up with the criminals squarely. Do you see people cowering in fear after the London bombing? They still take the tube, buses etc.

GnG is not a solution. It has already fanned a firestorm of animosity where neighbours hate each other. It is wrong for you to say it foster harmony- far from the truth.
I suspect many of your young supporters especially veteran bloggers are verbally abusing people.
There are also talks that you plant people in the RA so as to control the constituents etc.

Hannah, if my area is caged like a zoo, all of us- me, wife and friends will for the first time in our life rejet the DAP and unfortunately that also means YOU.

Please listen to our pleas!

Jee Sheng said...

its been a year... massive change in Subang.... jeez....

fanatics fool.... Its good what Hannah is doing but it is unnecessary for her to go out blurting bout the opposition party.

she should just stick to what she do best and leave the bitching of BN to the fanatics.

its the radical ppl like you guys that Msia is like this and can never move forward.... every lil comment just make your body ache right?....