Monday, December 21, 2009

1st Pakatan Rakyat Convention

Video of my speech at the 1st Pakatan Rakyat Convention, held last Saturday Dec 19th at the MBSA Auditorium, Shah Alam, courtesy of MediaRakyat.


James Tan said...

YB Hannah, your speech in the convention was awesome...
Keep up the good work and we know, we can count on you..

Hawkeye said...

Well Done Hanna,
Your speech at the convention was timely and appropriate. Me and my fellow bloggers were there and i must say that we were impressed. You will have all our support and we feel that it is time for you to progress to National politics.
The rakyat needs your representation to speak up and speak out on what is right and just.

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah,

Keep up the good work. Please remind your peers to work harder for the local council election, no excuse please.

Daniel said...

I am completely impressed and stunned by your speech. It is straight to the point, keep up the good work.
You were born to be a politician. Look at the reaction of the DAP heavyweights behind you, you really caught their attention.

Patrick said...

Puan Hannah,
Well spoken.GREAT !
"Go where your heart leads you to ".
The roses out there says "THANK YOU".

A voter said...

Thank you YB

Your speech is just like yr blog, straight to the point, and hits at the right place.

Bravo !!

Shanker said...

YB Hannah

First of all, a truly good speech given by yourself. Spoken like a statesperson indeed. I am glad that you are supportive of re-instating local council elections, which is sorely needed. The present system of UMNO/BN corruption & hegemony is primarily built in through their appointees as local councillors. We must do away with that manner of appointing local office bearers. I hope to see fruition of the day when local elections become part of our electoral system. God bless, and blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...


I guess it would be better if you post your speech rather than for us to watch the youtube presentation that is so slow and very irritating to follow