Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back-to-School program

Every year, Subang Jaya Buddhists Association (SJBA) organises their Educare program for the needy children of Subang Jaya. Last year I was invited to participate in this program and I find this program worthy of support - more than 500 children from schools all over the Subang Jaya constituency received aid from SJBA. I allocated RM8000 from the state allocation to support this program.

Children of all races benefitted from this program

Children received school bags and school shoes

Volunteers from SJBA assisting the students with their new school shoes

The Selangor state government also provided 700 school bags for the needy students in the Subang Jaya constituency. With the assistance from resident groups, we gave out school bags to deserving children of SJK (T) Tun Sambanthan, SS13 and SS19 flats, Good Year Court 2, Bandar Sunway and Pangsapuri Angsana in USJ 1.

My office also provided uniforms for 200 students from the Tamil school in USJ

Students from SJK (T) Tun Sambanthan posing with their new school bags


All For The Road said...

YB Hannah, you have done a very good piece of charity work to these young school-children. It's highly commendable.

Keep it up. All the best!

kftang said...

YB, you are indeed a people's wakil rakyat, fully devoting your time to serve your constituents to the best of your ability!

Keep it up! God bless!

Yeahwho said...

Dear Hannah,

I always admire the way you handle issues and participate in community gathering.You are indeed the real wakil rakyat which others need to learn.Your sincerity and devotion to all Rakyat irrespective of race and religion really touch me.


Abu Dhabi, UAE.

solidleong said...

I am touch for your sincere devotion for the rakyat and am sure that the almighty will look after you and family. Thank you, hannah for your contribution.

solidleong said...

BTW Hannah, my daughter is staying in USJ 14 and i would like her to register herself as a voter. Could you help her out?

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah, how I wish to be one of the residents of your constituent to help out the good work