Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farewell to Robert Lam

Today we bid farewell to a fellow Subang Jaya resident - the late Robert Lam. My deepest condolences to his wife, children and family members. I am thankful for the opportunity to visit him twice in the hospital. My two favourite sms-es from him will not be erased from my phone because they remind me of his confidence and positive outlook on life despite being stricken with cancer and I want to share that with you:

"Thks hannah 4 the uplifting exhortation. Yes, i know He is my refuge n strength. Robert"


"Great to hear frm u Hannah! I'm getting stronger altho feeling vomitish. Doc says my test readings show my biological age is 55 instead of my actual 63 yrs! PTL! Robert"

I used to attend English lessons at his English Language Centre in SS15 when I was a young girl. Many of us grew up watching him on TV. I am just really grateful for the privilege of hearing him read news and for the honor of meeting him personally in the last few months of his life.

We will miss your golden voice, Robert and I know you are now safe at home with the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Mr Robert Lam Ban Hoong will always be remembered as an icon of Malaysia's first private tv station TV3. His impeccable voice especially as a fantastic newscaster will be sorely missed by all.

Rest in eternal peace, Robert!

Anonymous said...

Hey hannah( are the real icon of 1malaysia.Ur a chinese but u married an indian....ur marriage reflects the true 1malaysia...Do u mind sharing ur story on this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah, this may be helpful to share... The wake for Robert Lam is at 8.30pm tomorrow (Sunday, January 24th) at First Baptist Church in PJ, just off Jalan Gasing. Map & Address @ If it's OK with you, I've placed your blog's url onto his daughter's facebook wall.

Best wishes & God bless,
Kavin Ch'ng

Anonymous said...

For all we know, Robert Lam was one of Malaysia's top newscasters, besides being a well-known and affectionate English language tutor. We all will miss him dearly.

Farewell, Robert. May your soul rest in eternal pweace!

kftang said...

Robert, you will always be remembered in our hearts though you may have gone.

May your soul rest in peace!

All For the Road said...

Robert, farewell!

May your soul rest in peace!

russell said...

Robert Lam had a lifelong impression on me. I met the man in person first before I saw him on TV. The circumstances were not favourable to say the least. It was 1982, I was 8 years old. My eldest sister, a rookie driver then, was rushing me to school on a Saturday morning.

And... we crashed into Robert's car.

Then out came this big fella with a menacing looking moustache walking over to us... and his face got imprinted into my 8-yr old psyche :-)

So, in later years as we saw him on TV, we'd always refer to him as the 'foo-sou lou' we crashed into.

I would often listen to him read news and learn his ways of pronunciations and speech.

Although we've never met, I feel like I've known him all my life.

Rest In Peace, moustachio!

Ray said...

So touched to read the kind words spoken of a humble yet influential man.

munah said...

Me too.. feeling lost when hear about that. He helps me alot in doing voice over... being my fav talent.. Praying for him..

Philip_G said...

Oh no, this nearly brought me to tears!

I grew up watching Robert Lam on TV too and have attended his classes at his tuition centre as well. I didn't know that he has passed on to be with the LORD!

I have to say that part of my interest in the English language, is because of him. He inspired me very much and I can still remember him greeting me and my parents on the day i registered for his class.

Will certainly miss him very much now. I'm sure God will reward him very much up there because of his love for Him and the work that he has done for the little ones here.

Praise God for Mr. Robert!

- Timothy Philipp

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Now only i got to know this news after seeing your blog. Was too tired up on my confinement month & very left out withg the news around us.

You are right about Mr. Robert as we all grew up in his English class & know how gentlement he was.

My deepest condolences to his wife, children and family members.

Siew Peng

Anonymous said...

Jenny, So sorry, just heard this from a friend. I first met you in Muar and you and your family were so kind to me. That was way back in 1970.

Hope all is well with you.

If you need any help teaching English at one of the centers, do call or email.

Take care.