Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jesus says...

Today I turn 31. Instead of celebrating it, I stand with the good people of Malaysia in prayers and in solidarity. Friends, let us display what our Lord has taught us to do "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven". "Enemies" refers to those who torched the churches. We shall not retaliate in anger. Instead, we lift up our eyes to heaven and pray for peace and blessing over this nation. By doing so, we learn to be perfect like Him.


hurricanemax said...

Am singing you a birthday song now...and may Allah bless you!

Kim said...

Happy Blessed Birthday, I, too, spent my friday night @ church prayed for our nation ....

Srideran Tamil Mogan said...

Dear Hannah,

Wishing you a wonderful and blissful birthday. Yes, I do agree with the quote you stated for better and prosperity for our country, our Malaysia.

May God bless your vision and walks for democration. Take care.

Srideran Tamil Mogan

a voter said...

Happy Birthday YB !


Love from your USJ resident

Uncle Screwtape said...

Happy Birthday YB. Have a blessed year ahead... :)

~ Edmund Lau

Felix Wang said...

“An eye for an eye” this is Law of Moses…
JESUS said “love your enemies”, pray for them, and seek God forgiveness. These are a good teaching of Christ and show others the right path, God love.

kftang said...

YB Hannah, 'Many Happy Returns Of The Day' to you.

May God bless you always!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Gan said...

Happy b'day & God bless, Hannah.

Prayers will be the best way to calm the situation. We shall not play into their hands.

A Pinch Of Salt said...

Dear YB Hannah,
Blessed birthday and God bless you abundantly. Let us continue to be prayerful and on our knees always for our beloved nation. God bless you and your team.

dy said...

Happy birthday, Hannah...

I'll second you on not retaliating..but I can't help but be disappointed..

Anonymous said...

Hello Hannah, my believe is all religion teaches the same ie to be a good human being. Its only some fanatic sees its differently. We must remember that we are all homo sapient and all our blood are red. Who have ever seen the creator?? So why all this differences???

peter leow said...

Happy Birthday,

God will bless you indeed, and enlarged your territories and lift you up to bring glories to Lord Jesus Christ.

To love by actions will speak louder.

Charge on, and give your precious presents of LOVE to all needy souls, and pray for them so that for those who lost their sanity will regain some senses, and for those whom had wronged you before, your forgiveness will release you to serve more and serve well.

May God's wisdom and Blessings ebw ith you always!

Peter Leow

Anonymous said...

Happy Brithday YB Hannah
Many Happy Returns of the Day.

mengkungchng said...

Hello YB Hannah Yeoh,

Happy Birthday and Best Wishes always.
Yes, we love even our persecutors. It is easy to hate our persecutors and if we do that we are no different from them. Therefore, as commanded by our Lord Jesus, we will love them despite their despicable acts.
Love conquers all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, YB with the most beautiful heart.

Note: Please work hard for the security of SS area, my children have been robbed here as an outstation students , not only once, more than that.
Luckily they are now graduated and left.

nellie said...

Dear Hannah,

Blessed 31st Birthday! i wish you Good Health and everything beautiful throughout life!


Ah Min said...

Dear Hannah,

Happy Birthday to you

Thank you for being a great leader for us in USJ

You are a good example to all of us.For being a good citizen and a good Christian.

God bless you.

Larry said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!

All the way my Savior leads me
Who have I to ask beside
How could I doubt His tender mercy
Who through life has been my guide

All the way my Savior leads me
Cheers each winding path I tread
Gives me grace for every trial
Feeds me with the living Bread

You lead me and keep me from falling
You carry me close to Your heart
And surely Your goodness and mercy will follow me

All the way my Savior leads me
O, the fullness of His love
O, the sureness of His promise
In the triumph of His blood
And when my spirit clothed immortal
Wings its flight to realms of day
This my song through endless ages
Jesus led me all the way
Jesus led me all the way

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday YB.
Best wishes to you.

Let us reflect on these words......

and if you would know God, be not therefore a solver of riddles.
Rather look about you and you shall see Him playing amongst your children......
( excerpt from Khalil Gibran )

Subang Jaya

Anonymous said... Come to a Common Word! The basis for this peace and understanding already exists. It is part of the very foundational principles of both faiths: love of the One God, and love of the neighbour. These principles are found over and over again in the sacred texts of Islam and Christianity. - the common ground between Islam and Christianity. (Aal ‘Imran 3:64) (Al-Mumtahinah, 60:8) (Aal-‘Imran, 3:113-115) (Mark 12:29-31) Let this common ground be the basis of all future interfaith dialogue between us, for our common ground is that on which hangs all the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 22:40). So let our differences not cause hatred and strife between us. Let us vie with each other only in righteousness and good works. Let us respect each other, be fair, just and kind to another and live in sincere peace, harmony and mutual goodwil

Cikgu Sharon said...

Happy belated birthday YB Hannah.

Thank you for all your good work.

Let's pray for peace & harmony to prevail throughout Malaysia.

lots of love,
Sharon & Hannah Yeap

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Hannah, may the One true Allah bless you and give you strength and fill you with the Spirit!

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Hannah,

Happy Birthday to you and may you have good health always!

Best Wishes,

Jeff Khoo

Chan Yan Hoong said...

Hannah, happy belated birthday. May the Lord bless you and keep you and may He lift his countenance upon you and give you grace. Take care and walk with God.

H J Angus said...

A belated Happy and Blessed Birthday, Hannah.
I used to live in PJ and glad that Selangor has ADUNs like you.
I hope and pray that you will be a Minister soon.
With people like you in politics, we can hope for Malaysia's future.