Thursday, January 14, 2010

Marriage Conference 2010

Family matters. My philosophy in life is: God first, family second and everything else is secondary. I think our society breaks down when family units and marriages are destroyed. It is so important for us to learn how to restore this. We must safeguard our marriages. My office is partnering with FamilyLife to bring this valuable teaching to our neighbourhood. Click here to read more about the Marriage Conference 2010.

This year, just like 2008 and 2009, we will continue to organise programs to strengthen families and build people up, resulting in a stronger community.

Here are the details:

Admission is FREE, so please register you and your spouse quickly as we have limited seats. Make it a priority to set aside just a day to enhance your marriage. It will be worth it!

Register online HERE.


Chan Yan Hoong said...


I agree with you 100%. Family unit forms the fabric of our society. Once that collapse, then the society collapse. I am believe the seminar will be a blessing.

God bless.

kftang said...

A lot of TLCs in a happy and lasting marriage!

To all couples, have a good and loving seminar!

Anonymous said...

I'm only 17 this year... can i go for the talk?

Pejabat ADUN Subang Jaya said...

To Anonymous 10:28pm,

Yes you can attend it if you want.

Anonymous said...

heyz erm.. im a student who wants to join this.. but i can't find a way to register, there an error when i went into the homepage that is given,so im wondering is it already full?