Thursday, January 28, 2010

SJK(C) Chee Wen and its Board of Governors

A new DAP branch in USJ 1 is being established and under the leadership of DAP Selangor, this new branch is planning a fund-raising dinner in March 2010. We were looking for a suitable venue for the dinner and the idea of having it at a hall in the only school in USJ 1, SJK(C) Chee Wen was considered. It had a suitable hall which would be able to accommodate the dinner crowd and the rental of the hall would go some way towards the school's building fund. I approached the Advisor of SJK(C) Chee Wen's Board of Governors (BOG) Dato' Lee Hwa Beng to find out if the school hall would be available for rent.

Dato' Lee was very helpful and he assured me that any party, as long as the rent is paid, should be able to use the school hall. I also spoke to the school principal and we were told to fill up the booking form. We then submitted the booking form, made a deposit payment of RM1000 and received an official receipt DS No. 00124 from the management of the school.

Several days later, we were informed by the school that its BOG has decided to block us from using the hall. I spoke to Dato' Lee and he graciously assured me that he would speak to the BOG again. I received a final call from Dato' Lee that the BOG will not change its mind and that we would still be unable to use the hall.

Parents of the school must hold the BOG to a professional standard in managing the affairs of the school, and not allow such politicking to override the best interest of the school. Many parents and well-wishers contributed to the building fund of the school irrespective of their individual political beliefs. Schools are not tools to be used to serve the shallow interests of certain politicians sitting in the BOG. I've said this before, I'll say it again now - 'Set our schools free!'


SubangJayan said...

Those old buggers sitting on the BOG of Chee Wen require mental dialysis. They are holding the positions not for the sake of whole Chinese community, but to fulfill the selfishness of themselves, just same like any Chinese component parties in Be-End! (*&!)(@*#!)(@!

All For The Road said...

The BOG had acted not professionally but rather politically on the case. If members of the BOG continue to view things in a political manner, the school and its welfare will have everything to lose in the long run!

God bless the BOG and the school!

kftang said...

The BOG of the school should give the real reasons behind the refusal for the use of the hall.

Is it politically motivated?

Is there an unseen hand behind this unimaginable stand of the BOG?

Was the decision an unanimous one?

Parents and members of the public need answers and the truth! What have you got to say now, the BOG of the school?

Anonymous said...

If the decision of which the BOG derived is based on politics. I think they are myopic in their ways. If you start with politics, then who's to say it will then go on to race. The school should remain apolitical.

To the BOG.....please get out of your caves. Its 2010 !!!!

Jeffrey Lee

Meng said...

Dato Lee Hwa beng is an old friend of Subang jaya!! What a gentleman. maybe there are some in the BOG who are a bit of a sore loser...??

Meng said...

This is an MCA school - just look at the members of the BOG....Anonymus - That is how MCA has survived all this while in Malaysia by infiltrating our chinese schools...this has been the case for generations.

KoSong Cafe said...

Here we go again. Halls can only be used by BN.

Just read the headlines in Malaysian Insider that Selangor Pakatan stage at Batu Caves has to be upstaged literally by Najib's visit! Our 1Malaysia PM showing us how to endear himself to the people.

Btw, who are these members of the Board of Governors? Are they making decisions by themselves or being dictated by unseen hands? Please list their names so that the parents know who they should not support in future.

Anonymous said...

yeah I agree with Kosong Cafe...I as a parent want to know Who are the members of the Board of Governors and how are they affiliated to MCA?


The parents of school-going children in SJK(C) Chee Wen in USJ1should voice out their opinions on the bias and mysterious decision of the BOG on its adamant refusal to rent out the school hall because it would be a DAP event.

Are political reasons behind it or all members of the BOG belong to an aligned component party of the BN which has a political agenda?

There should be no politics involved in running the affairs and welfare of the concerned school by the BOG! In such a scenario, where is the direction of the school leading to?

ong said...

I suggest that names of all members of the BOG be publish here.

Anonymous said...

I have a strong feeling that several of the BOG are MCA Kelana Jaya people...
Don't need to be an ace to figure that there are some in there who are manipulating things around.
Kudos to Dato Lee for being the gentleman here

davis said...

The PTA may have a role to play here.

meng yee said...

Cheers Dato' Lee!!! Maybe you should consider joining Pakatan and continue the work you started a decade ago!
The people of Subang still love you!

jackpot said...

Be careful of what Dato Lee says......

Anonymous said...

i believe there are at least 3 representatives from the PTA who sit on the BOG, perhaps during the AGM of the PTA which is to be held sometime soon they can answer why they want to forego the few thousand dollars of rental income ?

Anonymous said...

Agree with jackpot, be careful of what Lee Hwa Beng says, he may have his other motives to be so friendly and graceful.

Based on his political history, he can never be trusted !

Anonymous said...

Latest news is that they are tendering the entire badminton hall out. But sadly, not many know about it- the parents inclusive. Also last time, they rented-out a space at the hall for a sports shop to operate there. The people who got it, is the same people who runs a badminton hall a stone's throw away. Wonder why their business is thriving and Chee Wen's badminton courts is not! Good business sense applied here or something else's going on, BOG? Care to explain?

North Perakian said...

The current PTA chairperson is an MCA guy and the BOG are dominated by MCA members.

As a matter of fact, membership to the BOG in Chee Wen have been made very exclusive by none other than LHB. Under the education minstry guidelines for BOG, certain number of the BOG memebrs are elected by sponsors. However to be a sponsor of Chee Wen, one has to make a contribution of RM5K, a condition set when LHB (now advisor) was the chairman of Chee Wen. This criterion was confirmed by the HM when I asked made an enquiry last year.

Sponsors of chinese schools in Malaysia normally pay RM12 per year or RM 100-200 for life. This is the practice for Lick Hung too.

To ensure the BOG is continously dominated by certain people, esp MCA, LHB has run the BOG as if it is his own and set such terms and conditions to ensure no outsider to challenge his team.

I can vouch that the initial batch of sponsors are mainly MCA members and cohorts which not every one of them made the RM5k donation! Once LHB got his men on board, he changed the rule of the game.

So be careful of what LHB said.

To the parents of Chee Wen and residents of SJ/USJ who have contributed to the building of the school and hall, it is high time to do a signature campaign and requisite that the sponsorship rule be changed. Better still if LHB is reading this comment, he should advise (as an advisor) the BOG to amend the sponsorship rule to fall in line with the rest of the Chinese schools and to hold the AGM for the sponsors to elect new members.

North Perakian said...

The BOG of Chee Wen must resign en block!! Its members include MCA candidates who lost in the 308 tsunami, ex MPSJ councillors and existing MCA Kelana Youth & Wanita members and also potential candidates for the next General Election (GE).

In the name of BOG, these crooks have held MCA related activities using Chee Wen School Hall.

So residents of SJ/USJ,come next GE, do what is necessary.

kee said...

jackpot's comment "be careful of what Dato Lee says" reminds me of those days when Lee Hwa Beng was a very influential BN YB. Publicly he was championing Subang Jaya residents in protesting against what the residents condidered to be undesirable development projects. However there was speculation that behind the scenes he had helped to 'connect' the developer with the approving authorities.

u9 said...

Every parent who send their children to Chinese school has to deal with endless donation, sponsorship, dinner and fund raising event. It is always money & money & money with the BOG & PTA. At the end of most days, me sees,the BOG & PTA & cronies benefit from that alms, too. It may not 'cos of politics you are kept out of the hall. Maybe they do not want an honest YB with them. It could be know; not being able to enjoy all those benefits with conscience. When PR wins another state term, they will surely come begging to you with open arms and plenty of invitations. And that's life...unless Malaysians set the schools free, like you said.

liong swee said...

any body's talk that u can believe, expect LEE WAH BENG.
Even now the hall rental was not control by the BOG of school.
BOG of chee wen --MCA member.
PIBG of chee wen -- MCA member.
They wont let go to those had beaten MCA leader in election cadidate, MCA WAS SO 'KIA SHU', understand.
MCA never change thier addtitute, they thought CHINESE SCHOOL WERE BELONG TO THEM.
HERE BY I ALEX WEE personally hope when the PIBG elections says no MCA member as PIBG leader.
I was hear that THE PIBG chairman still did't pay his donate(which promise 2 yrs ago in raising fund dinner)which more than RM 300K.
Hope parent make a change!

hurricanemax said...

OM Allah! Not this adviser again! for crying out loud! His hands are always tied!

I shall NOT be donating my time (if any) or resources until the CW PTA and the BOD get their act together! Since when must schools be used as a political hotbed?

I am furious!

Anonymous said...

MCA leaders controlled Chinese school through federal government. Not surprising if DAP unable to rent school hall, LHB just pretending. State government posses certain jurisdiction over business dealing of MCA leaders. 4 Digits outlet of Magnum, Toto are mainly own by MCA leaders. State through local government should review 4D operator outlet by limiting its numbers. This should kill off some MCA leaders money sources. 4D betting is not healthy for society.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Lee Hwa Beng thought by offering the hall first, then take it back; wash his hands and put the blame on BOG (1 of the BOG members said that they have not have any meeting for more than 6 months).

If he is still the Aduan or MCA division Chairman, he will not even entertain in the first place. Now, he thought he can be happily watching how the residents help him to revenge. But, he gets burn!

Anonymous said...

Hey, please do some researches before commenting okay?
Dato' Lee is the one who called the school to reverse the decision to rent the hall to YB Hannah.
Please call the school and get this issue done!!
Lee Hwa Beng is trying to be gentleman and do u know what hav he done behind?

North Perakian said...

"Dato' Lee is the one who called the school to reverse the decision to rent the hall to YB Hannah."

Hello, what has the hall got to do with the school? The school hall is under the control of the BOG. The HM of the school is only the secretary of the BOG. If LHB is sincere, he should call his buddy (BOG Chairman) directly, rather than the HM.

As far as the BOG is concerned, LHB still wields the stick. In "attempting" to solve the issue, he is projecting himself as a good buddy. Don't be surpirse that come next GE, he might just be the candidate again.

Anonymous said...

Seem like the truth is floating slowly. Lee Hwa Beng, haha, you can't hide man.
Shame that you're from MCA, and thanks god that you were being toppled in MCA!!

Darick said...

Is tis wat najib 1m'sia is abt?
Talk 1 thg but do difren thg !

kee said...

Anonymous @ February 2, 2010 3:41 AM,

You wrote: "Lee Hwa Beng is trying to be gentleman and do u know what hav he done behind?"

Yes, I know. When he was still YB he publicly supported residents against undesirable development projects, but 'behind' (to use your word), he was secretly helping the same developer on the same project with the relevant authorities. Cunning fellow he was indeed. I bet he is now doing the same trick with the fund raising dinner.

Anonymous said...

Dear North Perakian,

I can guarantee u LHB is not going to be candidate in the next GE. I just hope that Madam Ong and YB Hannah can stand on the same line insteads of as opponent. USJ people is grad to hav these 2 women in the kawasan! Hope Madam Ong can be MP in Kelana Jaya and YB Hannah remains!! Cheer!!

North Perakian said...

In February 2009, SJKC Sin Min BOG invited the opposition including MB Khalid, Anwar Ibrahim & Gobind Singh Deo to officiate the opening of the new school block cum multi purpose hall.

So it has been done before. What is the big deal?

Even MCA has been using school facilities to conduct party affairs. Just look at the entries in Ong Chong Swen's website.

February 二月
2009-02-06 Friday
MCA Selangor CNY Open House SJK (C) Ampang 2

The BOG must come out in the open to say why it is declining the booking.

Don't use the excuse that opposition are not allowed to be present in the school. There isn't any direct contacts with the pupils as it is just oonly a dinner.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the North Perakian is very aligned to the OCS camp...stabbing LHB and praising OCS?
OCS supposedly has RM500K allocated by the PM's Department...wonder what she has done with it other than showing up at community events and expecting to be treated like a YB!
Perhaps North Perakian is one of her cronies trying to paint others bad while giving her kudos?
OCS for MP? Better to put a dog least if the dog proves to be useless, we can cook it and serve it at the next Chee Wen BOG dinner...

Dear North Perakian,

I can guarantee u LHB is not going to be candidate in the next GE. I just hope that Madam Ong and YB Hannah can stand on the same line insteads of as opponent. USJ people is grad to hav these 2 women in the kawasan! Hope Madam Ong can be MP in Kelana Jaya and YB Hannah remains!! Cheer!!

AhToong said...

The BOD or BOG of Chinese Primary School (SJKC) have slowly but surely been infiltrated by MCA/BN cronies and supporters.

The Deputy Education Minister control appointments of Headmasters (HM) to SJKC. The HM controls the teachers and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) through enbloc voting at the PTA AGM.

These BOD and PTA exco inturn decide who get to sit on the Board of Dong Zhong (the national BOD)

That's the reason why a person with fake PHD can be "elected" to become the Chairman of Dong Zhong.

Where is the future of Chinese education with these crooks sitting pretty at the top with hawkeye.. looking for "Kan tau"...

Parents and the general public must be aware of the happening at the grassroot level !

Power to the people! said...

Names of Chee Wen BOG published here:
It is high time parents demand the BOG to be revamped!

kee said...

According to, Lee Hwa Beng is the advisor to the BOG. If the information is correct, then it looks like he is still the same snake like during his ADUN days. It had been pointed out that during those days he would support residents who were protesting against certain undesirable projects and at the same time help the same developer on the same projects with the authorities. Now he pretends to be very helpful and assured Hannah that any party, as long as the rent is paid, should be able to use the school hall. He then advised the BOG to block DAP from using the hall. Once a snake, always a snake?

robert khong said...

To Anon February 3, 2010 12:03 PM

OCS be MP of Kelana Jaya? What a joke. The lady can hardly speak BM/Eng and you think she can hold her own in Parliament and debate our federal laws?

Tak boleh lah.


It's a well-known and open fact and secret that a large majority of Chinese school teachers are aligned to the MCA for obvious reasons. Their rice bowls are at stake and have personal agendas for career advancements. Who would not think of their future and dare to sacrifice their benefits and financial handouts?

By and large, the staff of such schools are a vote-bank for the MCA and BN!

Why stir up the hornets' nests, so to speak?

All For The Road said...

After all the hoo-ha on the matter, it's time and only logical for the BOG of the school to come out with a statement of clarification to clear all doubts!

Can the advisor of the BOG care to clarify and put to ease the concern of parents?

john said...

biasala BN....just displace them next elections

Trevor T said...

We know the influance the BN have on the various adminstration,state and federal level. Maybe just do it infront of the new branch, put up canopy, or get a privately owned car park area (ie factories or even Giant in USJ 1, if possible)to show how humble and determine the Party can be, even with these "obsticles" and "roadblocks". You guys will win more sympathy and votes.

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah, The BOG of SJK(C) Chee Wen is simply too politically motivated to bar DAP from renting their premises for a gathering. It will be interesting to find out if they too reject a BN friendly political party of using their premises for a function. The public will keep a scrutiny on their actions.

North Perakian said...

Anon on Feb 4, 2010 3:19AM said " Sounds like the North Perakian is very aligned to the OCS camp...stabbing LHB and praising OCS...."?

Hello, what give you the impression that I am pro OCS? What I am trying to say is that there is a double standard here in that MCA is using the school facilities to conduct party affairs (proof by an entry in OCS's web site) while it is denying other the chance to do so. To say that I am pro OCS makes me want to chunder!!!

Ah Toong on February 4, 2010 9:07 AM said" ...That's the reason why a person with fake PHD can be "elected" to become the Chairman of Dong Zhong."

This is a very serious accusations and you are insulting the intelligence of the Chinese community!!

Meng said...

I have published the names of the current 2009/2010 BOG of SRJK Chee Wen in USJ 1

Looking at the list of names it appears that only Madam Ong is still currently active in MCA politics. Are there any on the list who are still in MCA Kelana Jaya - can someone kindly tell us?

john said...

Any response from ong Chang Swan? she is ● Board of Governors SJK(C)Chee WenSubangJaya 首邦市子文华小董事会
Board Member 董事 (2000 until present)

Why she has no comment?

North Perakian said...

Meng said"...I have published the names of the current 2009/2010 BOG of SRJK Chee Wen in USJ 1

Looking at the list of names it appears that only Madam Ong is still currently active in MCA politics. Are there any on the list who are still in MCA Kelana Jaya - can someone kindly tell us?"

Well, Meng, below are the brief profiles of some of
the BOD members:
(1) Dato Lee Hwa Beng - No into need
(2) Dato'Dr. Patrick Teoh- Owner of Summit Shopping Complex
(3) Ong Bok Siong - Works for Patrick Teoh
(4) Shafiee Shariff- Family donated land for Chee Wen to build on
(5) Ong Chong Swen -MCA Kelana Jaya Division Chairperson
(6) Chong Min Hee (MCA member?)
(7) Yap Yun Fatt- MCA member & Ex MPSJ Councilor
(8) Yan Jenn Ming - Ex PIBG Treasurer
(9) Dato Hew- SP Setia boss & Chee Wen contractor
(10) Ng Yim Kong- Ex PIBG President
(11)-(13) Rep from the old boys association

Please look at whose name appear at No 1.

Of course not all BOD members are MCA guys, but who appointed them? These questions must be answered

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... how you shallow thinking people still get duped so easily with the "my hands are tied..." - Mr. Lee Hwa Beng. As far as I am concern, he was useless then and he is no different as he is still useless now. Do not trust what he says as his hands act differently from his mouth...!


Anonymous said...

My gosh. How gullible can you be? Lee hwa Beng was laughing about you behind your back. What on earth made you think a life long self serving MCA man who has made his money from supporting the business mans party is going to do ANYTHING to help your cause? Screw the people. been there and done that and will do it again.

Lee Wee Tak said...

oh, I tot BOG stood for Board of Goons...oh sorry