Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Updates on Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)

Below is an official reply from Jabatan Perumahan Negara to one of the affected purchasers of the Lagoon Perdana project:

Merujuk kepada e-mail Puan yang ditujukan kepada Y.B. Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan pada tarikh 25/12/2009. Untuk makluman Puan, mesyuarat terkini bersama wakil Syarikat Talam Corporation Berhad (TCB) telah diadakan di Jabatan Perumahan Negara pada 19 November 2009.

Selain daripada itu, pegawai-pegawai JPN telah membuat lawatan ke tapak projek ini pada 23/12/2009. Tujuan pemantauan ini dibuat adalah untuk memastikan pemaju menyiapkan projek ini mengikut tarikh jangkaan siap yang diberikan oleh TCB kepada JPN. Hasil daripada lawatan tapak yang diadakan didapati kerja di tapak pembinaan bergerak sangat perlahan.

Pada 04/01/2010, pegawai JPN telah menghubungi wakil syarikat pemaju iaitu En. Tan Bak Hai bagi mendapatkan status terkini projek. Bagi Blok 1,3 dan 8, pembinaan adalah 100% siap. Pihak TNB telah memulakan kerja-kerja untuk menyiapkan ’power supply’ dan dijangka dapat disiapkan dalam tempoh satu(1) bulan daripada tarikh semasa dihubungi ini.

Bagi Blok 7 pula, pihak Perunding pemaju telah mengemukakan “Ground Foundation Strengthening Design” untuk pembinaan sehingga ke tingkat 9. Selain itu, pihak pemaju juga telah melantik pakar untuk mengkaji semula kos-kos yang terlibat dan akan mengambil masa dua(2) minggu. Pihak pemaju juga menyatakan bahawa kerja-kerja ditapak dijangka bermula sebulan dari tarikh semasa dihubungi.

Untuk makluman Puan, pihak JPN telah memantau projek ini scara rapi dengan mengadakan mesyuarat berkala setiap bulan bersama pemaju bagi mendapatkan makluman dan kemajuan terkini projek. Oleh itu pihak JPN akan membangkitkan isu ini pada mesyuarat bulanan bersama pemaju yang akan diadakan selewat-lewatnya pada akhir Januari 2010.

Pihak kami juga memohon maaf di atas kelewatan menyediakan maklumbalas pertanyaan Puan berhubung hal ini. Perkara ini akan disusuli dengan pemaju memandangkan tanggungjawab asas yang perlu melaksanakan penyiapan projek ini adalah daripada pihak pemaju.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Bahagian Pemantauan Perumahan Swasta

Jabatan Perumahan Negara

Tel : 03-20998374

Fax : 03-20925807

I know many purchasers are anxious and want to get their keys as soon as possible. I have requested MPSJ to also monitor this very closely alongside Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT). I will provide more updates in days to come.


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

When is the expecting of VP?

Boon Raymond said...

This is the area which I was particularly concern; uncompleted project.
And another concern is the approving of developer license; the black listed developer can always use new names, new directors(proxy), and continue their housing developer project. It will be worst when the land was alienated( a very abused land transaction and commonly source for corruption) from state land with low price, and pass to a developer for a large sum without doing anything; the developer will need to add the cost to their development cost, but can they break even when cost escalated?

There will be contract of 3 parties for SAP; land owner, developer, and purchaser. If developer is bankrupt, can we go against the land owner? As they have earned a large sum, and a financial party to the contract?(even legally remote).....

Anonymous said...

Dont think can be ready by feb..TNB has still not powered the place..hence they cannot test lifts..etc..
Anyway..thanks hannah for the update

Anonymous said...

Please tell us about newgate

Anonymous said...

I for one am not giving up,i am going to get what i deserve till my last breath..people with chan ah chyi cannot just walk away free

Goh said...

Knowning that Blk 7 will be built until 9th floor only. Can the lawyer of developer writes in officially to inform our banker to stop billing us? Where to inform and what's the contact number? Please reply. Thank you.

bobby25 said...

Its gonna be march 2010..and still no word

Purchaser of Block 7 said...

Since they have stated that they will only build up to level 9 for Block 7, so what's going to happen to us, who bought level 10 n above? Can Talam promise to disburse back all our monies paid, either to them or to the banks and lawyers?

Thanks YB Hannah for your updates and efforts. We really hope this issue can be resolved soon.

Block 7 purchaser (above Level 10) said...

Appreciate if we can get some feedback for the Purchasers of Block 7 Level 10 and above.

Please give some comment as we have not yet got any updates at all regarding the disbursement on our incurred costs.

Thank you very much... you will be greatly appreciated for your effort & initiative.

Anonymous said...

YB.. Any update on this? I am buyer from Block 3. I tried to call Jabatan Perumahan Negara but no use, nobody pick up the call at all. sign

Hope to hear from you real soon that when we can get to move in.

Many thanks for your effort and help. Really appreciate

suriani said...

Dear YB,

It has been more than 10 years since we signed S&P with Talam for Block 1.Please.. please help to look into our plight .


Anonymous said...

Dear YB,

By all means, JPN should honours their words and be responsible to keep the buyer up dates on the properties status.

10 years is not a short periods and we are still hoping to move in to our own house.


Anonymous said...

I'm a buyer of an apartment in Block 1. I'm just wondering whether I will get the apartment at all. Inquires to the Talam office in Pandan Indah always came with the standard response that it would be ready just as soon as TNB has completed inspection, or something like that.

Help, Hannah, help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
Please help, time flies months by months and years by years but i still not get my unit in block 1. Passed by yesterday but still no electricity supplied for the Block. Appreciated you may help to follow up again. Btw, i still serve the bank interest for past 9 years +.

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Pls help us...We don't know who to rely on. Bcoz of taalam(useless developer) we r in deep trouble paying interest to bank (RM400 X 12mth X 7yrs = 33,600) for nothing which we are not going to get back... Pls do something. thx

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
I called up Talam again today about the handing over of the Lagoon Perdana apartments. This time I received a more positive response that I hope is true. The officer who answered the phone said that the authorities concerned had come to inspect the apartments, and that only a few minor retifications needed to be carried out. Once Talam have carried out the retifications, then the key to the apartment will be handed over to the unit owner. She expected this to be sometime at the end of the month. This is the most concrete and positive reply I have received so far, and I certainly hope it is true.

Anonymous said...

I called up the Talam office in Pandan Indah today to inquire about the handing over of the key to the apartment. The officer gave me the most positive and concrete reply to date. She said that earlier this month the authorities had made the inspection of the apartment blocks, and that they had requested for minor retifications to be made. Once these are complied with, the key to the apartment will be handed over. I certainly hope that this information is true. This is to update those who are still waiting anxiously for the handing over of the apartments they bought.

Anonymous said...

Handover of the Lagoon Perdana apartment has been delayed again. TNB wanted the meters to be placed outside instead of inside the apartments. From what I gathered, it will take another two to three months to get this thing done. Will the apartments ever be delivered? I wonder whether anyone has passed away waiting for the delivery of the apartments. And I wonder whether we will be getting compensation for the delay.

wes said...

hi YB,
i m owner of block 7 15th floor, been serving bank interest many years. Pls help, what is the proper step i should do or just wait to your update? Or anyone can give me some advise. Thks...

Anonymous said...

Hi YB,

I'm also one of the 'victim' of Talam's doing........... Just to share with you that I've received a letter from Talam Corporation yesterday, informing the unit buyer of the 'Floor Drop' at the kitchen - there won't be any b'coz of the 'construction method'...??? Can or will we be compensated for that 'short fall' ??? Hemmmpphhh...???!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Lagoon Perdana apartments have finally been handed over to the buyers, after 10 long years. I still hope that I can get back the quit rent and assessment that we were asked to shoulder (in spite of our not occupying the apartments for that period of time, and having waived as much as, in my case, more than RM40,000 LAD claims) Anyway, the purpose of this mail is to say a big "Thank you" for your efforts in helping us acquire the apartments. The Pakcik, owner of one of the restaurants outside the apartments that I stopped to have a cup of coffee, spoke very highly of all the things you have done for the community. Keep up the good work. It's people like you we should be electing as our representative come every election.