Saturday, February 20, 2010

Forum Awam: Implikasi GST Kepada Rakyat

Selangor Anjur “Forum Awam: Implikasi GST Kepada Rakyat”
Kerajaan Negeri Selangor mengalu-alukan orang awam untuk hadir ke “Forum Awam: Implikasi GST Kepada Rakyat” pada hari Rabu depan (24 Februari), jam 8 malam hingga 11 malam di Auditorium MBSA, Shah Alam.

Program anjuran Pejabat Menteri Besar ini bertujuan untuk menganalisa implikasi cukai perkhidmatan dan barangan (GST) yang dicadangkan oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan terhadap pasaran tempatan, khususnya kehidupan rakyat secara umum.

Ahli panel terdiri daripada YAB Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor, YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng (Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang), YB Tuan Tony Pua Kiam Wee (Ahli Parlimen Petaling Jaya Utara), YB Tuan Dzulkefly bin Ahmad (Ahli Parlimen Kuala Selangor) dan En Mohd Rafizi Ramli (Ketua Eksekutif, Pejabat Penasihat).
Sekretariat Akhbar
Pejabat Dato' Menteri Besar Selangor


Eric said...

Kudos to you and your dedicated team. Great work being done so far. Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

The Government has decided that 40 basic goods and services will be exempted from the GST ( so goods from 41 until unlimited will taxed )
such as rice, sugar ( no GST tax but price increases because cut subsidy ) , salt, flour ( ya-keh ? , harga roti naik ) , eggs , meat
( increase after CNY and again each CNY and chicken
as well as the first 200 units of electricity ( and house
Rental increase because owner use goods from 41 to unlimited )
and 35 cubic metres of water utilised could be exempted from the tax ( patutlah ada kedai gila jual air kosong RM 1.00 per glass . BN minister buat apa , tidur-ke ? )
What so special / different with you currently no paying tax for this 40 basic goods compared with
40 basic goods and services will be exempted from the GST ( so goods from 41 until unlimited will taxed ) ?

Anonymous said...

“The introduction of GST is to ensure that Malaysia’s fiscal footing is on firmer ground as we embark on our quest to be a high-income economy
( but cashier still remain cashier , no pay increase forever . Accountant advice to boss if we increase RM 100 per cashier , the company cost will increase
RM 100 x 100 cashier = RM10,000 . Lagi worst punya accountant , if we deduct each cashier salary RM 20 , we will save RM 20 x RM 100 = RM RM 2,000 .
Want to be an accountant , do your family got money to pay u study in university . So dont be accountant-lah , be a cashier , lagi pun banyak accountant from BN very cruel ,
poor family advice ) within the next decade .

mengkungchng said...

Hi Hannah,

Does JDHN has the mechanism to compel traders to collect the GST and refund the GST on time?

I believe there will be a lot of leakages as many businesses aren't registered. Likewise, the number of cash transactions will be huge and the potential for leakages will be huge too.

The government shouldn't rush into the implementation of this tax collection method without doing its homework.

What is the purpose of the GST on this occasion? Just for revenue-grabbing or for a more just tax regime?