Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Persiaran Tujuan

Last year after pushing MPSJ to do a traffic study on Persiaran Tujuan and after the implementation of IKRAM's professional suggestions, traffic on Persiaran Tujuan improved in the morning.

However, ever since school started in January 2010, many residents have complained about the heavy traffic along Persiaran Tujuan again. MPSJ councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran is currently monitoring the situation together with MPSJ Engineering. IKRAM has again gone on site together with councillor Rajiv and MPSJ Engineering and this time, the team noted an increase in vehicles and change in traffic pattern. This is possible when you have new batch of students in every school in town and increase in households in nearby townships.

Please read Rajiv's posting on his blog entitled Traffic on Tujuan for Morning Rush Hour for more details.

MPSJ councillors together with SJ Alert have also gone on a site tour with the traffic policemen from IPD Subang Jaya to examine all the junctions and places which are in need of assistance from the traffic police.

As for Persiaran Kewajipan, MPSJ councillors have also met with JKR and MP for Kelana Jaya Loh Gwo Burne to discuss on all the outstanding issues relating to Subang Kelana Link.

I have also spoken to Nik Nazmi, the State Assemblyman for Seri Setia about the congestion at the Motorola interchange. This congestion has also caused a backlog all along NPE, Persiaran Tujuan and all the way into USJ.

I will continue to coordinate with all parties involved to see how we can improve the situation this year.


Jee Sheng said...

Sri Kuala Lumpur Private school? is the municipal getting money from that school so that all the uncivilized rich parents/drivers can just park along the road to wait for their kids? The 3.30 jam is sickening, not to mention that it chokes up the Kewajipan roundabout. After a long period of time, the road begin to spoil... POTHOLES! So, is MBSJ doing anything about the SRI KL idiots who DOUBLE....TRIPLE PARK till it blocks the mainstream traffic? Instead, MBSJ is just so busy tow-ing and summoning people who don't pay parking. Double & triple parking should be reduced to close to ZERO %. If the Selangor government can start off with No Plastic Day on Saturday, I don't see how difficult is it to implement the same for this uncivilized act.

solidleong said...

Yes indeed its a nightmare to caught in the jam practically every working day. Please do something fast to alleviate our sufferings.

Yoong John Yen said...

Thanks you so much Hannah for a good job done so far, especially in your efforts to work with the system.