Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lim Kit Siang is coming to Subang Jaya!

For more details about the dinner, please contact Ong at 014 643 7622 and 014-643 7633.


mengkungchng said...

Hi Hannah,

Kindly post this event on Youtube as I'm residing overseas.LKS, a truly Malaysian son. This is a man of integrity who has suffered much but yet contributed immensely to the nation of Malaysia.

Compare his contributions to those of the frogs'. No comparison.

God bless Sdr. Lim Kit Siang

North Perakian said...

Since this is going to be the first Dinner organised by the DAP in the Subang Jaya area, let's make it a roaring sucess.

The dinner is significance in that it is organised amidst the 2nd anniversary of Pakatan Raykat's rule of Selangor and the current problems plaguing the PKR.

It shows that despite the teething problems in the PR coalition, Malaysians are still joining the coalition.

I think the venue is not that big ( is it the former badminton hall?). Is it possible to beam the speeches to the outside of the Summit car park? It will be choice if this live broadcast can be done.

Edmund Lau said...

Hi Hannah,

I was very privileged to attend the DAP dinner at Summit last night with my wife and dad. We were all very inspired by what you have been doing for the Subang community. Thank God for all your efforts. We are all praying for you and supporting you.

Keep up the grade work. You are a Grade A+ ADUN! :)

God bless,

~ Edmund