Saturday, March 27, 2010

Town Hall for residents of USJ 9 and USJ 11

There will be a special appearance by Member of Parliament, Tony Pua who will briefly address the water issue in Selangor. Councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran will also be there to meet you on local issues in USJ 9 and USJ 11. We target to start at 9pm sharp. See you there!


liong swee said...

YB, when can u have chinese blog ??

mengkungchng said...

Wah! We have yet to catch our breath and here come another informative session to inform and empower the people.

You're awesome, YB Hannah, and don't forget to get some rest yourself.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

yes ,we want chinese blog.....please consider...yb

Alan said...

Subang & USJ residents are lucky to have a responsible Wakil Rakyat like Hannah Yeoh.

We must upport her ALL the time!

USJ 8 Resident

ong said...

Guys. If you feel lucky to have a responsible Wakil Rakyat like Hannah Yeoh, better don't make too much demand on her. Now some of you ask her to start a Chinese blog. Next someone else ask for a BM blog. Then her husband will demand an Indian blog. Running so many blogs takes plenty of time and energy. If she obliges all the requests for different language blogs, I think she will be overworked and maybe even pengsan. When that happens, you may get back Lee Hwa Beng. Do you want Lee Hwa Beng back?

Turtle said...

For those who demand chinese blog, I have a suggestion:

Why don't you volunteer your time or make it your (grand)children's homework to translate Hannah's blog? I suppose she can use a team of 5~8 people. I suggest you contact Hannah's office immdiately before the places run out :)

Alternatively, go and start an unofficial blog yourself like 西西留.

Anonymous said...

YB Wee Chee Keong have volunteer to translate his blog to BM and chinese.

Alan said...

I thought that this meeting will be held at the padang which is opposite of Good Year Court 9 (like last time).

So, I went to that padang which is opposite of Good Year Court 9, and I saw nobody.

Now, I just notice that it is at USJ 9/5K. My fault of not checking the location properly.

Will see you again next time. :-)

USJ 8 Resident

Anonymous said...

Thanking you and Rajiv for briefing us last night, keep up the good work. You have improved tremendously since elected. The Subang Jaya folks are lucky to have you as their ADUN.Do not be downed by those not so friendly residents, God will be protecting and caring for the good people. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

I am rather disappointed that the town hall meeting has turned somewhat into a political bashing on BNwith Tony Pua mockering BN as usual.

I hope Hannah will not try to turn USJ9 into another FnG. We don't need it. You all talk of BN not being transparent. How come Rajiv and MPSJ etc still have not pasted all the names and addresses of paying FnG residents in all of USJ. You all say you have the majority support (85 per cent).Show me the evidence!
We need a matured and experienced ADUN. Being hard working is not enough.

BS Lee USJ 9 resident said...

Thank you Hannah, Rajiv and Tony for an elightening evening at USJ9 park. You have my vote, support and trust. Keep up the great and tireless work. May God bless you all. Thank you again till we meet again. BS Lee ( forumer and USJ 9 resident too)

BS Lee said...

Forgot to mention and thank YB Loh Gwo Burne for being at USJ9 that evening. 12 years I've lived here and not seen the former admin in the face. My vote WASN'T WASTED!
Your hard work I trust, eventhough may be silent.