Monday, April 19, 2010

Completion of 3 access roads in USJ 1

These 3 roads were approved for construction during the administration of the former state government. However, right after the general elections in 2008, works on two of these roads were stalled. We immediately called in the landowner and contractors involved to tackle all outstanding issues and works on the abandoned roads soon resumed. Recently, we launched all 3 completed roads.
Road 1 : Launching of road connecting USJ 1 and USJ 8 (Persiaran Subang Indah ke Jalan TS 6/10A) together with MPSJ councillors Rajiv Rishyakaran (JKP Zone 3), Roslan Shahir (JKP Zone 4), YDP MPSJ Dato' Adnan and committee members of JKP Zone 4. The costs for construction of this road is RM157,000. This project involved the acquisition of a piece of private land by the Developer.

Residents of USJ 1 also turned up to celebrate the launching of this road

I also conducted a site visit together with YDP MPSJ Dato' Adnan, MPSJ councillor Roslan Shahir and MPSJ Engineer at the pedestrian traffic lights in front of SJK(C) Chee Wen. Parents have requested for the construction of a pedestrian bridge here. However, MPSJ has said that the width of the road is too narrow for a pedestrian bridge. An appeal is currently pending by some parents of the school.

Photo taken from article in The Star dated 20 March 2010

Road 2 : Opening of the slip road at Persiaran Subang
(just behind Summit USJ 1)

Road 3 : With YAB Menteri Besar Tan Sri Dato' Seri Khalid Ibrahim, YB Loh Gwo Burne (MP for Kelana Jaya), YDP MPSJ Dato' Adnan and MPSJ councillors launching the opening of the slip road from Kesas into Persiaran Subang Mewah.

Read the article in NST here.

At the press conference with YAB Menteri Besar and Dato' Dr Hassan Ali after the launch.


Meng said...

Hi Hannah,

If an overhead bridge cannot be built, then get the parents to volunteer as traffic wardens before and after school.

Anonymous said...

The completion works done show the continuity of development in the event of change in government. We are moving in the right direction as the matured society.

Those are projects proposed by corrupted Umno BN government.

Local residents are still awaiting DAP breakthrough in linking Pusat Bandar Puchong and USJ 1. Many are hoping YB make a push for it.

Kelvin Foo
Subang Jaya, SS 18

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the opening of the roads. It has been long coming. Hopefully it helps and lessens the need for vehicular traffic to overburden the flyover.

In any case, the long term message and solution should be that we shold be moving towards being less vehicle dependent.

Well done again YB


Anonymous said...

Tq YB for you time in my Kampong Sekolah Hulu Selangor last nite.
Keep the spirit alive. May GOD bless you and good health.

Ah Min said...

Well Done, YB Hannah,
Same wishes for a connection road from pusat bandar puchong to USJ 1, it is just a small river across, and everyone can save the daily RM3.2 toll from LDP

Please look into the possibility, as i survey both Puchong site and USJ site already have ready road just waiting for a brigde to connect the roads.

Alan said...

Guys and Girls in Subang Jaya, especially those who voted BN in the last election, please OPEN your eyes BIG-BIG now to see how Hannah Yeoh & her colleagues have tried to solved one problem after another in Subang Jaya and USJ, since she has become the ADUN in these areas!

Personally, Hannah Yeoh has been trying to put all the messy puzzles together to form a beautiful graphic. If you have been following what Hannah Yeoh has been doing, you do not need me to explain further.

However, she cannot just do all the jobs alone, without our continuous supports!

"Supports" do not just mean mentally support like "Hannah, I support you".

We should not always just know how to make complaints and do nothing, then expecting Hannah Yeoh and her colleagues (and even MPSJ) to do all the things!

Volunteer yourself to help out, especially when there is event (near your area) organized by Hannah Yeoh. That is the REAL support! Whenever you notice something goes wrong in our community, for example, falling trees, broken roads or leaking pipes, please be initiative in contacting respective local councils and follow up until such problems are solved.

We all can do all these jobs without always asking Hannah to follow up for us. Once local councils do not solve the problems due to certain reasons, and when it seems that it is already out of our control, we then only inform/update Hannah.

Let Hannah Yeoh utilize her time more on the most important and most urgents issues. Time is limited. She is human being, and she needs to take a rest too. If we could help out like what I mention above, you can imagine how mature & considerate our residents will be and how good this community will become in the future.

Let set the BEST example (in Malaysia) of how rakyat, ADUN, local councils, NGOs, and other organizations can all work together in forming a better community for the next generations.

God Bless You All.

USJ 8's Resident.

lee said...

Thanks Hannah for your kind attention of USJ 1. but i do remember the earlier proposal of the slip road to persiaran subang mewah is supposed to be 2 way approved but why it is only coming in ?? our main hope is to go out ..

Really appreciate if Hannah can give some attention on the road condition around USJ 1 area.

Take an experience driving from Kewajipan into Summit, passing Giant, Mydin and all the way to Regalia Business centre, passing Chee Wen School, the new mosque and to Jati 2, jati 1 apartment and make a U turn.

These road is like "patch and patch" further to that recent contractor just make a hole alongside and patch uneven surface.. this is NO CARE attitude. PLS HELP

Alan said...

To "Lee" above...

If you notice that the roads there got certain problems, the first thing which you should do is to contact MPSJ to see who will be the party responsible on such matter. Try to follow up the matter yourself first, instead of asking Hannah Yeoh to check for such a problem.

If Hannah Yeoh or her colleague provides one phone number to you, asking you to try to call the respective department and make a report first, would you take initiative to do that, or after you receive that phone number, you still expect Hannah Yeoh to do everything for you (because you voted her)?

The matter which you mention above will just happen from time to time. If you and more other residents always just know how to voice out but never try to contact MPSJ or respective organizations first, how much time do you think Hannah Yeoh and her colleagues could allocate in solving such problems?

I mean... Hannah Yeoh will sure take care of the "happenings" and listen to "voices" in her constituency; however, we as a resident here MUST always try to work together, acting like a colleague (left hand or right hand)of Hannah Yeoh, helping her in solving problems.

If you think that those contractor make a hole alongside and patch uneven surface are equal to what you call "NO CARE" attitude, then by asking Hannah Yeoh to look into such a matter and after that you just sit there and wait for the answer, do you think your attitude is considered as "I CARE"?

If you REALLY care about the condition of the road (because it may harm public), please do not wait anymore and PLEASE ring MPSJ now or personally take photos and then go to MPSJ to make reports.

I can guarantee you that MPSJ will investigate the matter and solve the problems accordingly! I know because I do it that way, and I personally will not report such a matter to Hannah Yeoh, unless the matter is already out of my control. Then I will only update her or her colleagues, asking them to help follow up.

Be initiative, all Subang and USJ residents. We should not always just voice out to our Wakil Rakyat and then we wait and see if he/she will solve the problems. We ourselves can follow up on such a matter!

Ring up MPSJ now, Lee.

USJ 8's Resident.

lee said...

Dear ALAN,

To be fair, I have done both MPSJ online complaint and inform this matter to Hannah simultaneously.

Further to that i have also filed a complaint once, yes the MPSJ did take action, to call me back do some road patches and then some week later someone else seems start to "korek" some hole and do underground job again.

Taking photo? If you would have read my comment , i personally think that cant take photo as it involved the whole stretch of road from Giant, Mydin, up to Chee Wen , Petronas and the apartments of Jati, Meranti. "Its whole stretch"

Thanks and cheers.

Alan said...

(Part 1)

Dear Lee,

I actually wanted to shortern what I type, because Blogspot platform cannot let us submit too long reply at one shot. However, there are many things which I want to share with you and encourage you do it. So, I divide my long message in certain parts and
submit them in different time.

I am glad that you did take certain actions first. However,
when you told me that taking photos is tough or seems not so possible because that covers quite long distance of the road, I will not agree with that.

I did notice that the examples you mentioned covering many sections
of that road. Regardless if that is "Whole Stretch" or just one
small part of the road, if we are able to include certain "supporting details"
when making report, that will help speed up the investigation process
and then problem can be solved accordingly.

Share some stories with you.

I once spent about 4 months making sure that one serious broken road
(between Good Year Court 3 and Syed Bistro restaurant in USJ 8) was fixed. That horrible broken road was about 8 feets width (almost half of the road)
and at least 8-10 feets deep. Within these 4 months, I contacted many parties, MPSJ, JKR, Indah Water, previous adun, press, etc.

I also took and showed photos + short video clips to the previous Datuk Bandar and invited one reporter to that site to make a report, take photos and publish
that news on newspaper.

After many rounds of time-consuming calling and checking jobs, MPSJ finally confirmed that Indah Water was the party responsible in fixing that particular road because the underground pipe broke.

After the road was fixed, just about 2 weeks later, that road suddenly "collapsed"! After that, I got to start contacting many parties again to get it fixed. That is why the whole process took about 4-long-months.

At that time, frankly speaking, I almost wanted to give up, because of such a long months time spent on that matter all by myself.

Sharing this story with you does not mean that I want to tell you how great I am. I just want to show you certain experiences that I had gone through, and I want to highlight to you that if you really want to do it, you can really make it. In fact, after seeing that road was finally fixed, I did not feel that I was so great, but I just felt that it was lucky enough that I finally could get certain parties to get it fixed before any accident happened.

Also, sharing this with you is because I want you and many other residents to realize that solving just a road problem can sometimes take us such a long time. Imagine some other complicated cases which our Adun and her colleagues have
to face (which will even take them longer time). Try to imagine that if we ourselve were the Adun, having 5-6 assistants, each of them has to handle different community cases, if no resident gives helping hands or become volunteers, it will be difficult
for us to allocate our time in solving extra and on-going issues for the community.

Therefore, each helping hand from residents will make a BIG difference, as that helps out not only our Adun and her colleagues, but aslo the community as a whole! It will also cultivate the spirit of sharing, caring, loving, responsibility and considerate.

(Continue to Part 2)

Alan said...

(Part 2)

So, taking photos of those sites is not something so tough to do, no matter how long the stretch of the road is, but time spent on following up on such case is not easy and can be quite frustrating, especially to us who is doing that all by our own.

If it is because of the road is "Whole Stretch" that sounds so difficult for you to go there and take photos, then let say after you make report to MPSJ and
inform Hannah Yeoh/her colleagues, if they quote what you say and tell you the same thing, how do you feel?! They cannot say similar excuse like what you mention, because if they say that statement out like the way you mention, public or residents around will sure say that they are irresponsible or they are not doing their job. However, when you, an individual resident here, claim that it is tough to take photos of those bad condition roads because it covers
long stretch of roads, you will have no one pointing finger at you, telling you that you should not say that. That is why you can just say that out without having any second thought whether you can actually do that kind of job,
and why you really need the Adun to follow up for you, since it is actually still under your control (if you really still want to try to follow up the case by yourself).

When MPSJ or Hannah or Hannah's colleagues visit that "whole stretch" of road, do you think because the stretch of road is long, so they just go there without taking any photos? Someone or certain parties just got to take those photos, but why must that "someone" or "certain parties" got to be Adun or MPSJ or Adun's colleagues, but not us, the residents here?!

We, residents here, can do that job, as long as we want to
accomplish it. If every party gives a reason ("...Whole Stretch, tough to take photos...") like this, then who will go and take photos of the bad condition road? If we hold this type of belief, how do we expect that our future generation will behave when they face such a problem next time? They will, high possibility, follow what they learn from their seniors.

When you take photos of those bad condition roads, let say the whole stretch is about 1-2 km or even longer distance, you can just try to pick the 5 (or whatever numbers you like) most horrible/critical examples and take the photos of them. Once you make the report to MPSJ again, showing those few critical photo examples is good enough, because you will sure further describe to them that
which parts of the road got bad conditions again (like what you did in the first round reporting). Now, you report again, with some photos. So, that will really help in many ways.

Several years ago, I drove pass the long stretch of road between Good Year Court 1 and USJ 2. I noticed that certain trees actually got white ants there and those trees could collapse at anytime (because they were badly damaged by white ants). I went
back home and took my camera out, driving to that stretch of road again and taking photos of just 1 tree.

Then, I personally showed the photos to someone in MPSJ's landscaping department, telling her that there was not only 1 tree having such a bad condition, but few of them. Should be a week later, those trees which were badly damaged by white ants were
all cut down by MPSJ's contractor.

(Continue to Part 3)

Alan said...

(Part 3)

So, you do not need to go all the way from Point A to Point Z to take photos, if you do not want to, or if you think the distance is quite far for you to do so. Just take one or few photos as examples to show MPSJ. Then, just inform them about which stretch of roads that you notice which got such bad condition again.

If taking photos really seem tough for you to do, then you can
consider just take a short video clip by using either your camera or handphone, so that you do not
need to stop at many and different locations.

When we need to take short video clip, we better ask someone to drive the car, and we sit right beside and take certain short video clips along the way. I used to do that also, and that got another story.

After reading what I type, if you still think that taking photos of those bad condition road is quite tough for you to do, then I will volunteer myself in helping out.

However, I will still encourage you try to follow up the case again by taking some photos and showing them to MPSJ. Once you see the stretch of roads is fixed again, then you will realize that taking photo and showing them to MPSJ are not something so tough to do. Distance of the road is not a big deal, the most frustrated thing (to me), again, is the time spent in following up the case. At last, it is the matter whether we want to do it. The more reasons we give, the longer the time that the roads will not be fixed fast enough.

At this point of time, the situation is still within your control. It is only a matter
whether you want to spend extra time and effort in taking photos of those roads and showing them to MPSJ. If you are able to follow up such case again until it is solved, you could really help out our Adun and her colleagues a lot, and they will sure appreciate that very much.

By looking at Hannah's blog, we notice that she has total of 6 assistants. If let say each of them has to handle just one case about broken or damaged road
every day, if without getting extra helping hands from residents or volunteers, they really have difficulty in allocating time in solving many other issues.

So, as a resident here, we should just try our best in doing
whatever we can. Again, my personal opinion is that only when the matter is really out of our control or we believe that
we really cannot handle that anymore, we then only seek assistance from them.

Going to the sites and taking photos are really not something so difficult to do. After trying to convince you to make a move, and if you really still believe that
this is not something which can do, then just let me know, and I will really go and do it. We share the same goal, wanting to have a better, peaceful and safer environment in our community. So, it does not matter that I got to go over to your area in taking photos and showing them to MPSJ.
I would really help you on that, if you think that you cannot make it.

That's all.

Good day.


Anonymous said...

recently one can enter usj 1 from the kesas highway via the newly opened slip road, syabas to our YB and also to mpsj. however roadusers coming from the direction of giant supermart and mydin hypermart , as you reach the end of the road and as you approach the regalia business centre, do you notice on the left side of the road are many trees and tall shrubs and they literally BLOCK your view and you cannot see vehicles coming in using the slip road from the kesas highway !!! until the vehicles are very close by !!! to me YB this is very dangerous especially for people who are not familiar with the road system in usj 1 area.
My humble suggestion, YB is that mpsj just REMOVE all those trees so that road users can 'see' better as they approach that T junction
thank you YB