Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dialogue with residents of Taman Sunway Utama - Casabella

I attended a dialogue session with residents of Taman Sunway Utama - Casabella together with YB Loh Gwo Burne (MP for Kelana Jaya) and Ken Chia (MPSJ Councillor). It was a good session as residents were able to ask me questions on DUN Subang Jaya and highlight issues concerning MPSJ to their councillor Ken Chia.

Committee members of the adjoining neighbourhood, Sunway Tiara were also present to show their support and to know their neighbours. Congratulations to Felicia Ling & her protem members for the formation of their residents committee. Empowerment of the residents and unity are key factors for a peaceful neighbourhood.

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Alan said...

I am always so happy whenever I see residents in Subang and USJ go out and attend such Town Hall meeting or dialogue session.

Such dialogue session takes time and effort in organizing one.
This is our own community, if we ourselves do not attend such great meeting, who will?

Appreciate this kind of Town Hall meeting or dialogue session organized by our ADUN. Only a responsible and dedicated ADUN would organize such meeting for residents.

USJ 8 Resident.