Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)

This is an email from Jabatan Perumahan Negara:

Untuk makluman pihak tuan. wakil dari JPN telah membuat lawatan ke tapak projek ini pada 02/03/2010. Tujuan pemantauan ini dibuat adalah untuk memastikan pemaju menyiapkan projek ini mengikut tarikh jangkaan siap yang diberikan oleh Talam Corporation(TCB) kepada pihak JPN. Hasil daripada lawatan tapak yang diadakan didapati kerja-kerja pemasangan TNB telah disiap sepenuhnya. Pekerja di tapak sedang menyiapkan kerja-kerja kemasan terakhir bagi blok 1,3, dan 8.

Pihak JPN juga telah mengadakan mesyuarat pada 3 Mac 2010 bagi mendapatkan perkembangan mengenai projek ini. Hasil daripada mesyuarat yang diadakan Pihak TCB memaklumkan penyerahan kunci (VP) akan diberikan pada hujung bulan April 2010.

Pada 15 mac 2010, wakil daripada JPN telah menghubungi pihak TCB untuk mendapatkan maklumbalas terkini kerja-kerja ditapak. Wakil dari TCB memaklumkan, pihak TNB dan Indah Water(IWK) telah selesai menjalankan pemeriksaan untuk sokongan pengeluaran CFO. Pihak TCB juga memaklumkan, masih menunggu pemeriksaan daripada pihak MPSJ untuk sokongan CFO. Bagi Blok 7, masih tiada apa-apa kemajuan di tapak projek.

Pihak JPN akan sentiasa membuat pemantauan agar projek perumahan ini dapat disiapkan dan diserahkan kepada pembeli.

- melalui emel -
Bahagian Pemantauan Perumahan Swasta
Jabatan Perumahan Negara
Tel : 03-20874602

Quick update : MPSJ has informed me that the Developer will be completing the repair works for Blocks 1, 3 and 8 by mid May. More updates to come.


Anonymous said...

good works YB Hannah and all the teams! hopefully we can get the key by end of May. thanks.

-Block 3 Purchaser-

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! to both of you. Great team. Btw, while Edward is away, who can we rely on for informations & updates on the doomed Newgates21 project? Pls keep us informed & update on this project as we are totally in the dark of what's going on to this project.

Cindy said...

thank you very much for the update. However, would appreciate some expedition on the progress on block 7, because we are still paying the progressive interest, which the developer is not going to compensate. thanks again.

waimun said...

TQ Hannah for your great work.
Hope can get the key soon.

Wai mun

Anonymous said...

R u still waiting for Talam to deliver? When can we see results and not empty promise? We are suffering here. Can you help? We don't believe the promise that KPKT and Talam has given. we want to voice our grieve of pain for paying so much with our hard earn money and given so many lies.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

I believe you have tonnes of backlogs to be clear and you may have in-deliberately to not update us on the status of Lagoon Perdana. We have been suffering for more than 7 years and still paying Banks for nothing. Please, help us up with your prerogative in talking with developers or appropriate authorities.

Anonymous said...

Talam owes us a YEAR in LAD charges,if i am not mistaken,the units are supposed to be complete 18 months after the court order in mid 2007,now its may 2010

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah Yeo,

First and far most I would like thank you for the job well done and I hope you will continue doing what you are doing for the community and for the nation. My vote is always for you.

Recently you have given house key to the Lagoon Perdana purchases which was stalled for 10 years.
I'm staying in the new block Lagoon Perdana. I have a few issues with the current management.

1) Cleanness around are the new blocks. It is not well maintained. Reason they are telling not enough manpower.

2) Rubbish is around the block area cos of the attitude resident (not civilized) - propose to have guard around new blocks. whats the use of having a lot of guards at the guard house and not making rounds especially in the night. Foreigners (Bangla, Nepal, Indon, Africans) are staying and they are the cause of not having clean area.

3) No rubbish taken from rubbish bin area (piling up)

Propose :

i) Change management or have new management at new blocks (1, 3 & 8)

Where do I complain this management to? Is it to HBA?

Defects from Talam Corp.

4) clogged outlets after rain, maintaining proper drainage at the roof, fix the cracks on the inner and outer walls, clear the site of construction debris, plaster the walls, plug the leakages, align the staircases and clean the lavatories.

TALAM never did a job

5) Claim of the LAD. Developer has requested us to hold our claim after 18 months defects has over. I do not trust them as they have cheated us many time before. What should I do. How do I get the LAD from TALAM ASAP?

All the above just an accuse they have given and it will be temporary.

Hope to get reply from you soon.

DAP BOLEH !!!!!!!