Monday, April 5, 2010

More parks lighted up in 2009

At a recent press conference in USJ 14 together with MPSJ Engineering Director Ir Ismail and MPSJ councillor for Zone 3 Rajiv Rishyakaran, we announced that a total of 8 parks have been lighted up by MPSJ in year 2009 for DUN Subang Jaya. A total of 27 parks were lighted up in year 2008. Click here to read about it.

The 8 parks lighted up are located at:

(1) Jalan SS12/3A

(2) Jalan SS 12/3B

(3) Jalan SS12/3C

(4) Jalan SS18/1

(5) Jalan SS 19/5B

(6) Jalan SS19/7A

(7) Jalan USJ 2/4E

(8) Jalan USJ 14

Park in USJ 14 lighted up at night - this park serves thousands of residents of Good Year Court apartments

Children and parents can now enjoy using the park in USJ 14 even in the evening

With these parks lighted up, residents can feel safer using the parks in the evening. I hope the Home Ministry will step up its effort to reduce crime in urban places like DUN Subang Jaya.


Anonymous said...

Good job. The simplest things and needs are often overlooked. Im sure your constituency would like to express and say their thanks to you.



Alan said...

Indeed, we must support Hannah Yeoh and other Pakatan Rakyat's representatives all the time!

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajiv and Hannah,

Keep up the good work, we know it is not easy to convince the government servant to carry out this work although it is a very simple task. We have informed MPSJ the faulty light fittings at our 11/3K padang on the 23th.March 2010. MPSJ was kind enough to inform us in writing that it will be made good by the 03rd.April 2010, but as of todate, the light fitting is still faulty and worst, MPSJ is accusing the resident for sabotaging the light fitting which our Resident Chairman has refuted with witness account. The MPSJ was asked to report to the police for the accusation.

Anonymous said...

Good job in getting those parks lighted up.... but.... SS15/4's park remains dark where it should be bright. MPSJ screwed it up when they erected the lights as its bright where no one hardly uses that particular spot. The part of the park where children play and the elderly conduct their exercises remains sadly pitch black at night.