Friday, April 2, 2010

Status of Lagoon Perdana (Uncompleted Units)

This morning I attended a meeting held between representatives of the Developer, MPSJ Councillor Tony Chang, YDP of MPSJ and Perunding Projek Perumahan Terbengkalai Task Force Exco Kerajaan Negeri Selangor. Below is the status update:

For Blocks 1, 3 and 8:
MPSJ has conducted two inspection at site and has notified the Developer to rectify the following works:
(i) Membetulkan 'outlet' yang tersumbat
(ii) "Roof level' mesti diselenggara dengan baik. Air bertakung di semua Blok 1 dan 8
(iii) Memperbaiki 'hair crack' di dinding dalam dan luar
(iv) Membersihkan kawasan sekeliling dengan lebih kemas dan sempurna
(v) Mem'plaster' dinding dengan kemas dan sekata
(vi) Memperbaiki kebocoran yang berlaku di tingkat 18
(vii) Pembinaan tangga yang tidak sekata
(viii) Membersihkan tandas

For issuance of CF, the Developer needs to ensure the above items have been repaired. Developer has estimated that they require another 4 weeks to repair the works. The Developer is also working out with MPSJ the payment of outstanding assessment fee and infrastructure fund.

For Block 7:
The Developer has reported the followings:

Untuk pembeli-pembeli unit apartment yang terlibat berikutan pengurangan tingkat Blok 7 dari 18 tingkat kepada 9 tingkat, beberapa cadangan berikut telah diberikan kepada pembeli:

(a) Andainya unit mereka diantara Level 10 hingga ke Level 18, adakah mereka sanggup menukar kepada unit yang lain di antara Level 1 hingga Level 9 (berdasarkan kekosongan unit);

(b) Andainya tiada lagi kekosongan unit untuk ditukar, adakah mereka bersetuju jika kami memulangkan semula wang mereka;

(c) Adakah mereka bersetuju untuk ditukarkan ke unit apartment lain di projek Taman Puncak Jalil; atau

(d) Membatalkan Perjanjian Jual Beli tersebut dan memilih untuk bayaran balik wang mereka.

Purchasers of Block 7 should contact the Developer at 03-4290 2154 to discuss the above and they will need to wait until the above is finalised by the Developer for further updates. This is dependent on the Developer's ability to finalise the financial commitment for the above options. My office, Ken Chia and Tony Chang (both MPSJ councillors) will continue to follow-up for further updates.


PW Cheong said...

Dear YB Hannah,
You have gained my total respect for being a diligent Malaysian, who have reemphasized the reason of being a politician, that is to protect the weak and vulnerable and to serve the community well without enriching oneself through illegal means. You have shown these commendable qualities with what you have done so far.

We were in the same meeting today with YDP MPSJ but for another delayed project. And yet within a short period of time, you have come up with this informative article.

Keep up the great work and all the best in your tasks. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah,
Thank you for this latest development on LP, this is real good news for us who are still waiting for our properties.
May God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah,

Thank you for your effort and I look forward to the day where the unit can be handed. It has been a really long and painful wait where much time and hard earned money have been spent just to get the property back.

I laud your effort and please keep up the good in protecting the rakyat's interest.

Thank you.
YK Leong

Peter Yip said...

Dear Hannah,

You are definitely the only politician in Malaysia whose deeds match the talk. You are a very bright beacon amidst the darkness. Right is might, and your righteousness shames all bigot leaders, self seeking politicians, corrupt officials & politicians etc... And you are so fresh and young!! Shame on the old corrupt politicians!

Anonymous said...

ya, glad to have the good news for block 1,3,8. But I as an owner of unit block 7, 15th floor, wonder when can this issue be settled...

Anonymous said...

If i am not mistaken,they have passed the approved 18 months which was given by the courts in 2007 to finish the project.Will we be given LAD for the remaining months?

UX said...

Hi Hannah~
I'm one of the purchaser of lagoon perdana apartment BLOCK 7 , i have been calling to the DEVELOPER at 03-4290 2154 but no one answer the phone... i had 5 units on floor 18 at block 7 , is there any other ways to contact them or who do i look for follow-up... Thank you

Rajkumar said...

Hi Hannah,

I'm a purchaser of LP Block 7 @ Level 6. Tried calling Developer but no answer.. Any idea whats gonna happen to Level 1 to 9 owners please?

Elan said...


What is the Block 7 status? What's Developer doing now? Developer phone not reachable.

Please assit follow up and update.

Thank You.

Block 7.

Raymondl said...

Dear all,my son is one of the purchasers at Perdana Lagoon Block 7 which was abandoned.He had opted for refund instead of taking up equivalent priced units at other sites offered by Tenaga Gagah. It has been more than a year since he signed the option paper for refund but payment is not forthcoming. This is inspite of many reminder calls including visits to developer's office.
Desperately need to get in touch with Blk 7 Buyers in similar situation. For those of you lucky enough to have receive your payment, please share with us your experience.Thank you

Anonymous said...

good news to all block 7 purchasers .Tenaga Gagah is finally paying up the loan amount which they received from our financing banks .first of course they will have to get letter of Redemption from the bank to know how much exactly they will have to pay the bank.T.G start paying from this month to June 2010 . Those who haven't follow up , do so. My son's loan A/C from the bank is finally closed . Confirm it Yesterday from the bank. As our very own payment to them , T.G. will let me know in 2 weeks time after settling the banks loan first.

Anonymous said...

Me again . surprisingly things moving on very fast .After T.G. settled my son's loan facility from the bank last week , got a call this monday (23/04/12)asking my son to go and collect that 10% we paid from our pocket + lawyers fees .The particulars we already submitted to them when we opted for refund .remember to bring the whole file along .luckily we did . as after signing ,one of the conditions was to return to them the S&P . We were given 1 cheque dated 12/04/12 , the rest of 11 cheques were post dated on 12th of every month . .the last cheque being on March 2013.
Before we reached there , we expected a crowd . we were surprised were the only one there . Those who hadn't not followed up ,can contact T.G.