Saturday, April 17, 2010

Town Hall for residents of USJ 9 & USJ 11

Recently we held our regular town hall session for residents of USJ 9 and USJ 11. Even though it was a weekday evening, we had a good crowd of residents who turned up to dialogue with us.

Giving an update on issues affecting residents of USJ 9 and USJ 11

The crowd listening attentively to the issues highlighted that evening

MPSJ councillor Rajiv Rishyakaran explaining about MPSJ and its role to the residents

Residents had the opportunity to ask questions and give suggestions

A resident highlighting an issue in Taipan, USJ

Tony Pua (MP for PJ Utara spoke on water restructuring issue in Selangor), me, Rajiv and Gwo Burne (MP for Kelana Jaya) took turns to address the residents. 300 bags were also given out to those present in conjunction with the 'No Plastic Day' campaign in Selangor. Regular meeting with residents is so important to hear their views on issues affecting them and also for them to be given an opportunity to be up close with their elected reps.


Anonymous said...

1. To me all the changes are for the worst. First the turning right side to Taipan from USJ11 is close. I have to constantly used the gated side which I hate, to have the short cut to Taipan to save petrol.

2. The parking meter at USJ Taipan changed to 1 hrs for the sake of some short thinking people. I parked my car at Ampang Yong Tau Foo and went to the bank and for other chores. It took me 1.5 hrs. And I have to constantly going back to feed the parking meter. Why do the unnecessary?????

3. The gated and guarded. There are exits, why is it closed even during day time. Dont you think that is really lebih, lebih, lebih just for the sake of immigrant labourers who need a job??????

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe the Taipan parking system is good. Probably increase from 1 hour to 2 hours.

on the gated and guarded, i think we are feeding the immigration labourers and cause inconveninet of others. another 10 more years, we will full of foreign workers, and when we have social problem.. don;t blame anyone.. ourselves.

Hannah keep up your good work..

From. Stephen Chow..

Anonymous said...

1)To really save petrol you should cycle

2)Knowing that u have multi chores to run. How the multi-storeys car park fail to solve your problem here?

3)barking at wrong tree here, u should go to usj11 GnG commitee for your complaint.

Bert Chen said...

1) Or just walk

2) Why not MPSJ comes and visits you, sits with you, gets some freaking idea out from you to see normally how you run your errants and comes out with a parking system to suit you ? Of course, to get your approval before the implementation.

3) Exactly. If want to bark, go to the right people. Classic example of those that do not contribute, do not see things from different perspective, do not assess pros and cons but just know how to bark.
May be 80% of the residents are all foolish people that do not share your opinions and agreed to the GnG blindly and stupidly ? Think bro.

And don't act like a coward. Put your name.

Noradizah said...

Hi I used to stay in usj 9 and 11 and moved away because of the bad traffic. But now am thinking of moving back because we have a property there, can anyone tell me is the traffic still really bad? and i hear alot of break ins nowadays, is it safe?