Sunday, April 25, 2010

Vote for Zaid Ibrahim!

Here are some photographs taken during my trips to Hulu Selangor for the by-election:

The irony of it all : Barisan Nasional's banner displayed at an abandoned project in Bukit Beruntung (a legacy left behind by them)

Yes, Barisan Nasional boleh! (This is what you will get if you vote for Barisan Nasional!)

At Kampung Melayu Rasa

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim introducing himself to the voters

Doing my bit...

Ceramah with PAS friends at Kampung Sentosa in Hulu Bernam

With other Pakatan Rakyat leaders in Assam Kumbang, Kuala Kubu Baru

With wanita Pakatan Rakyat

Together with Datin Suliana, wife of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim and
Lim Kit Siang


a voter said...

Dear YB

How long it will take for the voters to understand all the goodies came fr BN suddenly are not FREE gift from BN, these are orders placed by and PAID for by the tax payers, BN took the money, some put into their own pockets and do not deliver the services to voters as they should be. When the voters receive these delivery suddenly, they should question BN why it take so long for them to deliver, instead of feeling grateful!

Imagine you pay for the services, then the supplier keeps your money and refuse to deliver the services unless you beg him and be grateful to him ? What kind of mentality is that? But that's BN, how misleading !

Alan said...

LOL. That is so funny when I saw that first 2 photos above!

Zaid will WIN.

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

At the time of writing. Its the morning of Sunday...polling day.

Wish Datuk Zaid all the best. I have met the man before some years ago and I believe he has the true and genuine heart to have the people's interest at heart.

With you in spirit.


a voter said...

Although Datuk Zaid lost by EC standard, I still consider him as a winner judging from the no. of votes he gets.

Look at how TV/MSM media advertised for BN, all the dirty tricks BN did, not to mention the advantages they have on kampong folks who don't know much about the real situation, and the money they poured in, yet they only managed to get a majority of 1,725, LOL. That's very costly per vote, no ?

Unfortunately Malaysians including MCA/MIC who have been humiliated by BN, and those who supported/voted for BN, will have to pay back what they have spent, in one way or another. Stupid right? Sigh....

Anyway, congratulation to Datuk Zaid & PR team and thank you for yr effort and performance, keep it up !

Anonymous said...

It is a sad Monday, 26-04-2010, morning for Malaysian, bn has won again. It is time the PKR put their house in order, especially PR and Pas Kelantan, too many bad publicities. The general public will assume that the PKR is not ready with all the bad news coming out from their own house.