Saturday, May 22, 2010

Updates on Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)

Dear purchasers of Lagoon Perdana,

For Blocks 1, 3 and 8
  • Developer has not completed repair works.
  • There are also outstanding assessment and infrastructure fee owing by Developer to MPSJ.
  • TNB meters at every unit has not been installed to the satisfaction of TNB. (I have gone on site with TNB and the Developer last week to resolve this and a further meeting will be held this Monday 24 May 2010 to find an amicable solution)
For Block 7
  • Developer has not finalised their plans for repayment to purchasers of this Block.
I am in touch with Jabatan Perumahan Negara and we are focusing our efforts to obtain CF for Blocks 1, 3 and 8 first. Any other actions by purchasers against the Developer will be looked into by Jabatan Perumahan Negara after delivery of vacant possession.

Updates on Lagoon Perdana (uncompleted units)



Sukacita saya ingin merujuk kepada e-mail Tuan/Puan yang ditujukan untuk Y.B. Menteri Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan sebelum ini. Untuk makluman Tuan/Puan, mesyuarat terkini bersama wakil syarikat Talam Corporation Berhad (TCB) telah diadakan di Jabatan Perumahan Negara pada 19/5/2010. Tujuan mesyuarat tersebut diadakan adalah untuk membincangkan projek-projek bermasalah yang dimajukan oleh syarikat ini termasuk projek Lagoon Perdana Blok 1, 3, 7 dan 8.

Berdasarkan maklumbalas yang diberikan oleh wakil TCB, kerja-kerja pembinaan untuk Blok 1,3 dan 8 telah siap. Akan tetapi terdapat wakil TCB memaklumkan terdapat dua isu utama yang masih belum diselesaikan untuk projek ini sebelum Sijil Kelayakan Menduduki boleh diperolehi. Dua isu utama yang dimaksudkan adalah seperti berikut:-

1. Isu kedudukan pemasangan meter bacaan bekalan elektrik

Wakil TCB memaklumkan pihaknya sedang berurusan dengan syarikat Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) bagi menyelesaikan isu kedudukan pemasangan meter untuk setiap unit bagi projek ini. Berdasarkan maklumbalas daripada TCB juga satu perbincangan lanjut akan diadakan antara Adun Subang Jaya, pihak TNB dan TCB berkenaan masalah ini.

2. Isu bayaran wang sumbangan kepada pihak MPSJ

Wakil TCB memaklumkan pihaknya sedang berurusan dengan pihak Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (MPSJ) bagi menyelesaikan isu bayaran wang sumbangan yang masih belum dijelaskan kepada MPSJ. Rayuan sedang dibuat oleh TCB supaya pihak MPSJ dapat mempertimbangkan pengecualian ke atas syarat tersebut. Wakil MPSJ yang turut hadir juga memaklumkan keputusan rayuan tersebut hanya boleh ditentukan pada mesyuarat antara ahli majlis kelak.

Sebagaimana Tuan/Puan sedia maklum, kemajuan kerja untuk blok 7 masih belum bergerak. Melalui maklumbalas TCB, pihaknya akan mengadakan perjumpaan bersama semua pembeli untuk blok 7 ini bagi memaklumkan status blok ini dan pelan tindakan yang hendak ditawarkan kepada pembeli.

Melalui beberapa siri mesyuarat yang telah diadakan di JPN, pemaju memaklumkan punca utama kelewatan menyiapkan rumah untuk projek ini adalah disebabkan masalah kewangan.

Sebagai langkah pencegahan, JPN telah mengambil langkah supaya syarikat pemaju ini disenaraihitamkan bagi sebarang permohonan untuk mendapatkan lesen pemajuan perumahan yang baru ataupun sebarang pembaharuan ke atas permit iklan dan jualan. Ini untuk mengelakkan lebih ramai rakyat membeli rumah ini ataupun menghadapi masalah kegagalan mendapatkan rumah yang dibeli ke atas projek-projek yang dilaksanakan pemaju ini.

JPN memandang serius terhadap kelewatan penyiapan dan seterusnya penyerahan rumah ini kepada pembeli oleh pihak pemaju.

Usaha-usaha JPN ini adalah tertumpu kepada satu tujuan utama iaitu untuk memastikan projek perumahan ini dapat disiapkan oleh pemaju dan diserahkan kepada pembeli rumah tanpa melibatkan implikasi perundangan yang lebih kompleks.

JPN sentiasa mengambil segala tindakan dan usaha selaras dengan Akta Pemajuan Perumahan (Kawalan dan Pelesenan) 1966 demi menjaga kepentingan pembeli rumah. JPN juga akan terus memantau projek ini sehingga disiapkan dalam tempoh yang dijanjikan oleh pemaju ini. Pihak kami juga memohon maaf di atas kelewatan menyediakan maklumbalas pertanyaan Tuan/Puan berhubung projek ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.

~ melalui email ~
Bahagian Pemantauan Perumahan Swasta
Jabatan Perumahan Negara
Tel : 03-20874602

Thursday, May 6, 2010

DAP Selangor-USJ East dinner

Pictures do speak louder than words. Here are photographs captured at the DAP Selangor-USJ East dinner :
Young fans of Gobind Singh

Gobind Singh delivering a fiery speech

Tunku Aziz and Ean Yong Hian Wah were guest speakers too

Young fans of Teresa Kok

Crowd of more than 1000 supporters

Lim Kit Siang, the main speaker of the night

Thank you to all who supported our DAP dinner

Ong Yew Thai (pro-tem chairman of DAP USJ East), Loka (emcee) and all the guest speakers

With young supporters

With all the new DAP members & volunteers in USJ 1

Thanksgiving dinner together with Tony Pua & Teng Chang Khim

Lions-EASB Scholarship Project

The Lions Club of Kuala Lumpur North and Subang Jaya, together with state assemblyman of Subang Jaya Hannah Yeoh, recently announced the Lions-EASB Scholarship Project that they wish to share with the future leaders of our country.

Also present at the press conference was Country/Program Director of the Hope Worldwide organization where together with the Lions Club, they are determined to give away all 300 scholarship placements and more to deserving students. With neither required paybacks nor ties to a company, this scholarship project enables successful applicants to pursue a couple of offered undergraduate programs at highly distinguished universities in UK; Queen Margaret University (QMU), University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) and East Asia Instituts of Management (EASB).

“Education is a process which ventures in transforming people’s lives, instilling in them better ethics to become responsible and caring leaders of the future. Education is something that even a few million dollars can’t buy,” stressed Mr. Sam Leong, Past District Governor of Lions Clubs International , District 308B1, enthusiastically.

Professor Dr. Andrew Chua, who is the head of the East Asia Institute of Management’s Principal, is offering a 70% scholarship paid course fee, to various degree courses in the universities mentioned above. Their very intentions being to help the less fortunate and bright Malaysian students get a degree which will ultimately change their lives. Mr. Leong expresses his sincerest appreciation Professor Dr. Andrew Chua, for making all this happen. With their joint effort, now the middle classed, bright students of Malaysia can comfortably afford a tertiary education.

According to Mr. Leong, there is indeed a very high possibility of graduates landing a job in Singapore, as EASB has a strong track record of past graduates scoring a job with companies in Singapore. He added on as well that the competitiveness in the international Singaporean culture will in turn help motivate Malaysian students to study hard as there they will be challenged to compete with only the best.

A way towards a better, more fulfilling life starts right here; education. Thus, it is in the best interest of the Hope organization and Lions Club to collaborate to reach out to as many middle, working and lower class communities out there who are in desperate need for a tertiary education.

“This is a very noble project that the Lions Club has came up with, as it is not only practical and useful but it will potentially change the lives of 300 people,” commented Y.B. Hannah Yeoh, ADUN of Subang Jaya, who organized this press conference. She also said that she hopes more people will apply for this scholarship as Lions Club is the first club so far offering this scholarship, without asking for anything in return. In addition to that, this scholarship will definitely lighten the burden of working class parents who have to work numerous jobs just to fork out a ridiculous huge amount of money just to see them qualified as a professional.

Application forms are available at Hannah Yeoh’s service centre which is located at 24A, Jalan SS14/1A, 47500 Subang Jaya. Applications can also be submitted through the centre. All qualified deserving students are encouraged and welcomed to apply for this scholarship program. For further information on the courses available, please go to the Lions Club website:, or do visit the university website: For personal contact do feel free to email: or call Lion Vincent at 0162011299 or Lion Sam Leong at 0178834132.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A letter from Brenda...

The following thoughts are penned by a young journalist who is my personal friend, Brenda on independence of the media in Malaysia and I want to share them with you :

TRUTH! What is truth? Where can we find truth? Why is truth important? Who is worthy of truth? When will the truth finally be revealed? How do we differentiate the truth from a lie? The 5 “W’s” and “H” of the journalism practice should be answered once and for all.

As a journalist, I made a vow to always report the truth, as doing otherwise would just go against my ethics in life. Three years in a journalism course, mastering the ethics and laws in reporting, has left me feeling mortified and appalled. I am aghast by the terrible source of news flow in the major newspapers in Malaysia. What happened to the journalists promise to integrity, and to always report the truth with full credibility? Are all those important values shoved aside after graduation?

It is heartening to see Malaysia sinking to the state it is in now and the most powerful people in the world are not bothered to do anything about it. In fact the most important people, who can change and enlighten the public’s mindset, are giving into corruption, control and lies. The important people who wield the tiny little pen, whose fingers can type out billions of words to reform a better Malaysia, is cowering away for selfish reasons like money, power and position.

On another note, I’m overjoyed to learn about Joshua Wong, who resigned from NTV7 right after the incident with the Prime Minister’s wife. This only goes to show that there are still professional people in the media field out there who are not afraid to stand up for their rights for freedom of speech. This is how journalists should all be. They should learn to stand for their rights and fight for freedom of speech. Doing otherwise would not only destroy their professionalism as a journalist but it also says that much about their writing skills. I believe, with a pen and a paper, journalists who are willing to uncover the truth, hold the power to twist their way into revealing the truth, regardless of the strict gate keeping.

Having said that, kudos should be given to Malaysiakini! Malaysiakini is the one and only reliable news website in Malaysia who is not afraid to enlighten the public by uncovering the truth that major newspapers fail to publish. Without news organizations like Malaysiakini, who wants to see a change in Malaysia, I believe the educated society will still be living in darkness and brainwashed by dirty politicians. When will we all see the light if not for brave, professional journalists working at Malaysiakini?

Why read major newspapers anymore when the news is biased, not credible and untruthful? Are the public really that ignorant and sinking to a level shockingly low by buying all the lies published? What have we, the public, got to gain from taking in the falsely reported news stories every day? We, I believe, are being fed with poison. A poison which blinds us from seeing what is right and what is wrong. A poison which leaves us paralyzed to think and choose right from wrong.

The truth can either make us or break us. In this particular issue, there is no doubt that the truth will only make us stronger as individuals, then as people, soon the society and eventually the country.