Thursday, May 6, 2010

DAP Selangor-USJ East dinner

Pictures do speak louder than words. Here are photographs captured at the DAP Selangor-USJ East dinner :
Young fans of Gobind Singh

Gobind Singh delivering a fiery speech

Tunku Aziz and Ean Yong Hian Wah were guest speakers too

Young fans of Teresa Kok

Crowd of more than 1000 supporters

Lim Kit Siang, the main speaker of the night

Thank you to all who supported our DAP dinner

Ong Yew Thai (pro-tem chairman of DAP USJ East), Loka (emcee) and all the guest speakers

With young supporters

With all the new DAP members & volunteers in USJ 1

Thanksgiving dinner together with Tony Pua & Teng Chang Khim


Richard Loh said...

Poll: What Is Your Opinion Of Umno's Constant Threat Of Another May 13?"

Anonymous said...

UMNO has nothing but to use May 13 issue to haunt us.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

Asalamualaikum kepada pembaca,(may peace be upon you)

tak kira ugama perjudian (bukan budaya orang cina)adalah kegiatan yang merugikan dan akan melemahkan akidah seseorang dan meruntuhkan rumahtangga dan menimbulkan masalah sosial..

saya cina dan sangat setuju dengan PAS supaya di haramkan perjudian , minum , merokok yang tidak mendatangkan faedah.

diharap PAS-PKR-DAP akan menangani kegiatan buruk ini untuk selama lamanya.

Anonymous said...

I am very bothered by the gated and guarded community in my area. My brother came to see me but forgot my address, has to call and ask me while I am in a meeting. How many of your friend or family member has your exact address while visiting you??????
Anybody would have done the same, scolding in the heart but forgot that the guard are stupid and could have just shouted at them to get lost.
We are being patient and tolerant of all the closed entrances and exits and the inconvenience caused.