Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy mothers

This year, we celebrated mother's day together with two groups of ladies. One celebration was held with the line dancing group at USJ 11 (close to 100 ladies were there).

Mothers were treated to a simple yet delicious meal after their line dancing exercise :)

This lady looks extremely happy!

Another lady brought her mother along. This grandmother said she was happy to see me in person.

Mothers love to be appreciated!

The second celebration was held at the SS19 flats together with single mothers from SS13 flats, SS19 flats, USJ 1 and PJS 7 flats. I had a short dialogue with them and was most delighted when I asked for a show of hands how many needed a job and only 2 hands went up. Other single mothers have all found themselves a job.

Some single mothers were in tears relating to me the hardship they have to endure after their spouse left/passed away. To all the mothers around us - may God bless the works of your hands and without you, the world would be a poorer place to be!


Alex Steinert Miles said...


Don't grow weary in doing good! The least shall be the greatest. keep inspiring us with your servant-heart!

Anonymous said...

tolong buat sesuatu tentang jalan-jalan di kawasan usj. semakin hari semakin teruk. saya tak faham kenapa jalan diturap separuh-separuh. bila turap separuh-separuh, jalan sekejap ok sekejap tak. rosak spring keta saya.