Monday, June 7, 2010

Town Hall for residents of USJ 3 ABCD, 3 and 4

I believe in having regular meetings with residents. At the recent town hall organised by my office for the residents of USJ 3, USJ 4 and USJ 3 ABCD, we had a good turnout of residents who came to dialogue with us.

MPSJ councillor for USJ 2 - 15, Rajiv Rishyakaran provided updates on traffic at Persiaran Tujuan and Alam Flora related matters.

Crowd participated actively in the dialogue till 11pm.

I also presented 2 cheques to PIBG SK USJ 2 (RM2500) and PIBG SMK USJ 4 (RM2500) for the improvement of infrastructure for children with special needs. Presentation of cheques cannot be done in school because I'm not allowed to enter schools (prohibited by the Education Ministry simply because I'm not from the Barisan Nasional coalition). As such, we presented the cheques during our town hall session with the residents.

Hopefully with the financial assistance given, children with special needs can now study in a more comfortable environment.

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