Friday, July 9, 2010

Appointment of councillors

The new list of MPSJ councillors has been released. However, some members of the public are unhappy with the selection. This posting is meant to clarify how the appointment took place and my views on it.

There are 5 JKP zones in DUN Subang Jaya and each councillor is assigned to a zone. For last year's term:

Zone 1 (SS12-ss19) : Theresa Ratnam Thong (NGO)

Zone 2 (Bandar Sunway) : Ken Chia (DAP)

Zone 3 (USJ 2 - USJ 15) : Rajiv Rishyakaran (DAP)

Zone 4 (USJ 1) : Roslan Shahir (PAS)

Zone 5 (Tmn Perindustrian Hi-Tech, Sime UEP) : Keshminder Singh (PKR)

For this new term:

Zone 1 (SS12-ss19) : *Name unknown yet* (NGO) [Appointment of NGO councillor is done by a committee comprising State Excos only]

Zone 2 (Bandar Sunway) : Ken Chia (DAP) [To be replaced by Edward Ling (DAP)(TBC)]

Zone 3 (USJ 2 - USJ 15) : Rajiv Rishyakaran (DAP) [No change (TBC)]

Zone 4 (USJ 1) : Roslan Shahir (PAS) [No change (TBC)]

Zone 5 (Tmn Perindustrian Hi-Tech, Sime UEP) : Keshminder Singh (PKR) [No change (TBC)]

Appointment of PAS and PKR councillors are done by their respective parties.

Some commonly asked questions and my answers below:

Have I given my feedback as ADUN Subang Jaya? : Yes

Do I support the re-appointment of Theresa Ratnam (NGO)? : Yes. In 2008, her nomination came from my office.

Does the selection of councillors need to be more transparent? : Yes

Have I raised this concern with the State Government? : Yes

Am I satisfied with the current selection system? : No. I believe it should be more transparent and a standard appointment process used on every councillor irrespective of their affiliations.

How can this be improved? : (1) Restoring Local Government Elections or (2) To be done by a select committee of the State Assembly through open interviews.


keith khoo said...

Hannah, I am truly and honestly pissed by the non-reappointment of the MOST hardworking, selfless, serve-by-walkabout Councillor Mdm Theresa. Have you, as a SJ resident, seen the number of emails thanking Mdm Theresa for her services done? I mean, since when any past councillor/s ever get such an appreciation note from a critical and cynical SJ community?
your Boss Ronnie Lui will be held responsible for sidelining a NON-YEsman in this new line up. And Pray hard that you wont be the one with the albatross around your neck. Serious. Many are upset by Ronnie's hypocrisy on Pakatan's C.A.T. in this MPSJ Councillor selection.
Tell Ronnie too, I would rather revert to the original BN than a poor wannabe. At least, BN dont deny nor attempt to be a holier than thou hypocrite...

nat said...

keep it up YB, dun worry, kami caya sama lu :)

ghkok said...

In my opinion, many people are just making assumptions. It is an ASSUMPTION that Theresa was "dropped". Perhaps she declined nomination owing to health reasons. Perhaps she would like to make way for others to serve. Perhaps the state exco feels that others need to serve. Perhaps the people of Subang Jaya wouldn't mind having new people serving just to expose more people to the inner workings of Municipal Council. Perhaps there are thousands of other GOOD reasons. I believe that most of the people of Subang Jaya would CHOOSE to believe there a good and beneficial reasons for the decisions made. AND there would certainly be VERY FEW who would choose to go back to the "BN days".

C.S. said...

yes, please allow Theresa to be nominated again. Also note, she's my "close" relative, and I STRONGLY support her all-the-way through.. even if she is not elected this time for 2010/2011. Perhaps, what I know is that everyone wants her back (as councillor) BECAUSE OF her dedication and kindness towards everyone, caring for our needs, which makes us all care and thank her for.

keith khoo said...

maybe the blur sotongs and ignoramus need to get involved, get to know the councilors, jkp, ADUN etc and then will not make ASSUMPTION.

I will buy the Original any time than a cheaper poor clone.

CYC said...

Ronnie Liu is a destroyer rather than a team builder. He is a yes man and that parachuted him to be an Sate Exco with least ground support. Try ask PJ Utara voters, how many has a good impression on him despite stand twice as a its parliamentary seat?

He being a reject in PJU accidentally voted in by Pandamaran voters due to non performance of BN and attraction DAP's logo.

Get rid of this self proclaimed street hero if DAP wish to survive and progress in future.

kee said...

keith khoo,
I am no politician, either BN or PR. However if I am a politician I will be very happy if you give your support to my political opponents. From the tone of your comments, the saying "with you as a friend, who needs enemies" applies perfectly to you.

On the matter of the "holier than thou hypocrite" thing which you also raised, and from the tone of your comments, I won't be the least surprised if this "holier than thou hypocrite" description applies to you yourself.

keith khoo said...

kee, but of course, I am. I take a stand any time. U blow or not? hahahah!

p/s Hannah, so whats the verdict on the reduction of NGO appointees? Where's the CAT here?

keith khoo said...

Hannah, who is loka? an ngo or dap?

is ronnie worming his way?

keith khoo said...

I heard your pol sec Edward is C for Zone1...if affirmative, pls send him SS17&19 best wishes and we await with bated breath...

keith khoo said...

YB Hannah,
I found my answers...and I was off the mark. My apologies.

And you can delete my rude hypocritical posts here too, no issues.


Anonymous said...

ghkok, she did not decline. She was dumped for reasons only known to those in the committee. you are the one making all those wild assumptions. We worked with her and we know her better than anyone of you.

Judging from the manner the whole appointment of councilors are done, it stinks every year. If Ronnie Liu does not come up with a better way how his councilors are appointed, eventually all of them will think that they are anointed to their posts thus making Ronnie Liu like God.