Saturday, July 10, 2010

Town Hall in USJ 1

Recently, we organised a town hall session in USJ 1. Many residents turned up to dialogue with me and ask questions pertaining to USJ 1.

Below is the article in NST on the issues discussed at the town hall:

SUBANG JAYA: Residents of USJ 1 are appealing to Kesas Sdn Bhd and the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) to create an exit to the Kesas Highway.

At a town hall meeting with residents, Subang Jaya state assemblyman Hannah Yeoh said three access points were completed last year and this year.

"One in Jalan TS 6/10A allows residents to get from USJ 1 to USJ 8. A slip road joins Kesas Highway to Persiaran Subang Mewah, while the other connects the highway to Jalan SS13/1K.

"The two slip roads only provide access from the highway into USJ 1," she said.

At present, said Yeoh, the residents can only exit through Persiaran Subang Permai.

As such, she added, they needed to have an exit from USJ 1 to the Kesas highway.

MPSJ councillor Roslan Shahir Mohd Shahir was also present at the meeting.

Yeoh said the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) had asked for the Persiaran Subang Mewah slip road to be turned into a two-way access road to the highway, but the request was rejected.

"I urge the authorities to allow the additional exit point, or to suggest an alternative on how to alleviate the residents' daily traffic problem," she said.

With regards to the Subang-Kelana link, Yeoh said there had been no new developments.

Residents had complained that instead of easing traffic congestion at the Kewajipan Interchange it had made it worse.

"MPSJ will be providing lighting in 10 more parks this year, including one in USJ 1/2A," said Yeoh.

She said she was happy that funds allocated for infrastructure development were managed well.

"I recently went on a site visit with Health Ministry officers to identify potential sites for the first government clinic in Subang Jaya.

"To save cost, I suggested that the clinic be located at the shoplots opposite Giant Hypermarket in USJ 1.

"Some minor renovations can be done and the rest of the funds can be used to buy equipment."

Yeoh also urged the residents to keep their homes and neighbourhood free of potential mosquito breeding sites as many dengue cases had been reported in the area.

A group of parents brought up the issue of the need for a pedestrian bridge at SJK (C) Chee Wen. Yeoh said she was waiting for feedback from MPSJ's Engineering Department.

On the question of changing USJ 1's leasehold status to freehold, Yeoh said the state government was studying the landmark case of PJ Old Town.

Other issues raised at the meeting include illegal rubbish dumping, stray animals and the need for lighting in selected streets and a barrier along Jalan USJ 1/2 to stop outsiders from loitering at the playground nearby.


Anonymous said...

Dear YB,
At USJ 1, many empty warehouses/factories already converted to badminton courts, can we proposed to convert one( also with ample parkings ) to government clinic and save the traffic jam at Giant Hypermarket ?


Trevor T said...

This is very typical of our authorities, ie I mean Kesas and the Highway Authoity (MHA)
When building the access route, why did not factor in the exit route. Not necessary the exit should be over to the other side (KL bound), but just a exit parallel to the Shah Alam bound direction will help at lot. And with due respect, was your office in the know on the layout plans, and should have highlighted earlier.
As it is now, with the access completed, it would take time and more costly to add a exit now. This is vrey typical of no "forward" thinking and planning before a project is approved / completed.

Anonymous said...

Why another road when the gated community closed most of the entrance and exit causing so much inconvenient and waste of time and petrol going round to other exit far away from home???
Got the road, close.
No road, open new one, sound very strange.
Nothing to do ah?
And the USJ10 parking meter limit to 1 hour. I was there for facial and it is at least 2 hours, I have to rush down with my face covered with masque to just feed the meter, really strange people doing strange things here.

u9 said...

...if got money and time to do facial, park lah at the covered car park. Really strange people do strange things here...running around in masque. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

yup strange ppl know need to spend 2 hours do facial and go park at 1 hour limit place ...

clinic at opposite giant shop lot not good place and congested, and u sure the rental there will be cheap? better divert the crowd to shop lot near the new subang mewah slip road

Anonymous said...

Any update regarding the link from USJ 1 to KESAS? We are still waiting for the construction of exit from USJ 1 to KESAS (at least the direction to Shah Alam). It will definitely help to ease the heavy traffic conjestion towards the Persiaran Kewajipan. Hope YB could solve this problem as soon as possible to improve our living.