Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unelected "Penyelaras DUN & Parlimen"

Right after the General Elections in 2008, Barisan Nasional has appointed unelected politicians to be penyelaras DUN and penyelaras Parlimen in Subang Jaya. I have been informed that these 2 MCA politicians, who have received NO mandate from the people of Subang Jaya are in control of funds given by the Federal Government. My questions to the penyelaras DUN have not been answered. Funds from Federal Government are taxpayers money. How can huge sum of money like this be given to any unelected ordinary man/woman to use? I challenge them for the spending of these funds to be released for public scrutiny immediately.

Below is the article from Harakah Daily :

SUBANG JAYA, July 28: The presence of a so-called "facilitator" in the Subang Jaya state constituency has raised the ire of its popular assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh (right).

Hannah has questioned whether the self-claimed representative received the BN Federal government's allocation of RM500,000 which is normally set aside for elected representatives.

Clearly not impressed, Hannah yesterday took to task MCA Youth's Lee You Hin, who was said to be performing his 'routine service' at his office in Subang Jaya.

“Who appointed you to be penyelaras (facilitator) in my DUN?” she asked in a Twitter post.

“Is it true MCA appointees like yourself receive RM500,000 a year from Federal Government? How you used the money? Can you please declare?"

Among many of Hannah's unanswered questions is whether the "facilitator" was under the payroll of the Federal government.

The revelation is set to raise questions over the way public money is being spent by the Federal government through unelected politicians in an effort to deny funds for Pakatan Rakyat-held constituencies.

Hannah also lamented the constant harrassment she faced in her capacity as an elected representative, including being sidelined for school visits in preference for unelected BN politicians.

She cited a recent incident in which two schools in Subang Jaya withdrew their invitations to her.


Allen Tan 陈亚伦 said...

So angry that Federal funds were channeled through loser party. The money should be for the winner.

BN must go or else the country will be bankrupt.

Alan said...

I believe that many people (in all states) just cannot wait to vote for Pakatan Rakyat in the coming next general election!

USJ 8 Resident.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprised!!! sore losers always self appoint themselves. What accountability do they have over public money??? Can Selangor residents choose to pay their income tax to the state government??? At least then our money are spent back in the state. Recently decline an invitation to a school function cos one of the self appointed facilitor was invited as the VIP.

Anonymous said...

I think ALL the residents of Subang jaya (irrespective of whom they vote for) should demand an accounting from the "facilitator" on how the funds are being used . After all it the taxes of all the residents . Maybe we should organize a march to his office and make the demands !!!

Anonymous said...

Hannah I would suggest that a petition for public funds to be disclosed be made to the relevent authorities, with signatories from Subang Jaya supporting that petition. This would be the most democratic way, and put public pressure on the federal government and their unelected cronies to be more transparent.

Perhaps you could even start a petition signing drive around Subang Jaya to educate your constituents on how to pressure governments into becoming transparent. I cannot imagine any tax-paying citizen not wanting to know how his funds are allocated!

Chan Yan Hoong said...

Very shameful indeed! To quote from Bread, Dream, Love (Korean Drama), "good guys will always win in the end."

Anonymous said...

of course. the Penyelaras should declare how he make use of the fund. RM500k.

However, how about others YB that was elected by us. We also wanna know how u guys spend our money as well? I never see any of the Pakatan Rakyat YB tell us how they managed the fund as well.

Btw, reviewing the spread sheet on how to use those fund is that against the law? IF not all the rakyat is suffering... as well

Anonymous said...

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If I am the briton queen, I give hannah yeoh and team SIR knighthood

Anonymous said...

i am amazed. to see u declare the annual allocation funding being used. fantastic. thank you very much for being honest. till today zero; i believe MP including DAP did this in blog.

Anonymous said...

Yb, now people can see the diferrence between bn and pkr and also mca csl and otk. By the way, csl is working towards the advantage of pkr.


Anonymous said...

Hmm ..they are desperate or +vely spekaing already preparing themselves for the next win back the SJ community who are majority Chinese/ do that they need money (at least that is what they think, money is that which the Chinese/Indians are after) to win back the SJ community . There is no better than to work on college/school related aspects/ events...all these reconcile..No wonder YB your invititation fm 2 the schools were withdrawn....the less influence you have on the educated crowds (eg schools) the better they uproot yr influence...
No wonder the Porn King got the cheek to comment abt LGE of late...They are focusing on the Chinese community leh...Obviously their ways are not effective in winning back SJ community..Dirty tactics ..Expose them...

Anonymous said...

It's just another form of 'wang ehsan' as the BN spent in Terengganu when the State was under PAS control. Can it last long before the voters reject the idea in the general election?

Chan Kwang Yew said...

Aiyah You Subang Residents, you must learn from the Kelantanese. Whatever fund from the Federal Government, you must take, don't care whether it is from MCA or MIC or UMNO, but when you vote, you must vote for PAS, DAP or Keadilan lah.

Anonymous said...

NOT to worry. If UMNO/BN comes with money to spend in PR states let them do it. I will welcome them.




Anonymous said...

I agreed with Chan KY, We should accept fund from federal for SJ community. The more the better..

Trevor T said...

Dear Guys
It's a good strategy to accept the funds from BN and vote PR.

However, the danger is that over time, people might forget that stretegy, and vote BN.

One must remember, whilst giving out the funds, they will also run down PR (Hannah for that matter) and the continoues negative preceptions churn out on and on might influence ones mind and thoughts...... that's their plan.

I fully agree, PR should bring this up (if got proof)and get a mandate in Parliament to make it a law that ALL reps (BN and PR) must produce detailed info on Federal funds used.

To get things moving, seek the asistance of all the columnist in the Alternative media (MK, MI, MT etc) to do a write-up demand, this will naturally be followed by a lot of posting on the same subjects, and believe me, the govt do read and monitor the articles posted. This will help them to see how serious the educated public is and our demands.

Anonymous said...

1. Govt money is OUR hard-earned
tax payer money.

So, it is perfectly within our rights to demand an accounting of how tax-payer money is spent by the BN govt.

2. More harassment of elected PR political office-holders, more anger from the voters and more support for the PR!

Phua Kai Lit