Friday, August 6, 2010

Another ridiculous circular by Education Ministry

The articles below are from Malaysiakini in relation to the circular issued by Education Ministry allowing politicians and unelected representatives from UMNO, MCA and MIC only to attend school events:

Elected reps kept out of S'gor schools:

A circular that allows specified BN leaders to attend events organised by Selangor schools but keeps out those from Pakatan Rakyat, has been criticised as an example of double standards. NONE

The circular dated Feb 16, 2009 states that the education minister has appointed 57 leaders from Selangor Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan to represent him at these events in the state.

Signed by the principal secretary to the minister, the circular was sent to the director of the Selangor Education Department.

It also states that the BN representatives have each been issued a certificate of appointment, copies of which were attached to the circular with a full list of names and posts held in the respective political parties.

When contacted, Hannah Yeoh, the DAP state assemblyperson for Subang Jaya said that - by implication - school authorities have to get the minister's permission to invite Pakatan representatives.

“(When the schools ask for permission), it is never given,” she claimed. hannah yeoh interview 110608 02
Yeoh had recently mentioned this in a tweet, in which she questioned the contents of the circular and said she had managed to obtain the list of 'approved' BN leaders.

“I am not allowed to attend any function in the schools in my area. This is not right as it sends the message to the children that you have to receive whoever you are given. They cannot choose their own leaders,” she said.

She, however, said she was allowed to enter her alma mater - SMK Subang Utama - after the Parents-Teachers Association (PIBG) stepped in.

“In my case, because the PIBG insisted, I was able to attend. So it shows that PIBG plays an important role,” she added.

'Clearly unfair' policy

DAP's Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee confirmed the situation. jenice lee
“Some schools had requested donations from me, but I was not allowed to go in and give a speech," she said.

There was one occasion where I had to hand over the cheque outside the school compound.”

“I know this has happened to many other Pakatan leaders, not just me and Hannah. And this is clearly unfair.”

Click on this to see the list of reps from UMNO, MCA and MIC : Education Ministry's list of 'approved visitors'

Read the reply from the Deputy Education Minister:

Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong has refused to comment on charges by elected representatives from Pakatan Rakyat that they are barred from functions held in schools in Selangor. NONE

"This is and old story... they dug out an old issue," Wee (left) said.

"I have already answered and clarified in Parliament about this. I don't want to repeat it. If it is a new thing, I will answer it." The MCA leader was referring to an earlier incident last year in which, he said, the opposition had already brought up the issue and questioned him in Parliament.

The deputy minister's answer then was that 57 leaders from Selangor Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan had been appointed by the Education Minister to represent him at official Education Ministry events at schools in the state. This, Wee had said in his answer then, did not mean that these were the only people who could visit schools.

The issue was raised again yesterday in a tweet by Subang Jaya assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh, who questioned a February 2009 circular informing schools of the matter. Yeoh also released to the media the list of "approved politicians" that she had obtained. Signed by the principal secretary to the Education Minister, the circular was sent to the director of the Selangor Education Department.

Requests to visit schools 'constantly turned down'

It also states that all the BN representatives on the list have been issued with certificates of appointment, copies of which were attached to the circular with a full list of names and the posts they held in their political parties.

Yeoh complained that this effectively meant that Pakatan elected representatives could not attend functions at schools in Selangor, and related her frustration at being constantly turned down when she made requests to visit schools in her constituency.

DAP's Teratai state assemblyperson Jenice Lee agreed with her. "I know this has happened to many other Pakatan leaders, not just to me and Hannah. And this is clearly unfair," Lee had said yesterday.

Read the reply from the Education Ministry:

The Education Ministry has clarified that its current minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, was not responsible for a circular listing 57 BN politicians who are allowed to visit schools in Selangor.

"At the time, the education minister was Hishammuddin Hussein, not Muhyiddin," said Muhyiddin's education ministry press secretary Hafiz Abdul Halim in a faxed statement today.

Hafiz was referring to an Aug 4 report in Malaysiakini's Bahasa Malaysia edition that referred to Muhyiddin as the education minister responsible for the circular. The circular is dated Feb 16, 2009. Muhyiddin took over from Hishammuddin on April 10 that year.

According to the circular, only the 57 politicians from Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan are allowed into school compounds in Selangor to represent the education minister at functions. This effectively bars Pakatan elected representatives from the schools and they have slammed this as smacking of the Barisan Nasional government's double standards.

Some even complained that their work as elected representatives, such as handing over donation cheques to the schools, had to be done outside the compounds.

Subang Jaya state assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh had lamented even though Pakatan ruled Selangor, she could not have access to her alma mater SMK Subang Utama, except through the Parents-Teachers Association, because she was from the DAP.

I have handed donations to 2 PIBGs of schools in USJ at the Town Hall meeting held for USJ 3 and 4 residents. Though the grant given came from the Selangor State Government, we were not allowed to present the cheques in these schools and had to do it outside of the schools. Compare this with the unelected MCA reps who can walk in and out of schools freely and launch events. Are we sending the right message to our children in schools?


clearwater said...

Are we surprised by such puerile tactics by BN politicians? It's standard operating procedure. Do they care what message they send to kids so long as they prolong their hold on power? And as for the kids, they learn that winning by hook or crook is what counts.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB
Be strong. If you can't reach into the schools, then bring the schools out to you. I am sure you an device programmes to reach out to the schools.

Anonymous said...

BN will not be having my vote for this. However, I really hope that once Pakatan does get it power, it has to remove such regulations and display a level playing field for all whether BN / Pakatan. Anyone with good intentions such have a chance to contribute to the school. That's my hope.

Turtle said...

This is only a symptom of a bigger problem in our education institution. We need a complete revamp of their work culture.

I will vote for you if you decided to go for parliament. Take education into your portfolio, it is going to be the most important work in this country for the next 10 years except police reform.

PTMan said...

When the feds resort to this type of desparate action to alienate the opposition, the result will more be telling in the next election.

Anonymous said...

What is chua sl and wee ka siong going to do or just let umno run all over them, mca. Cannot stand up against the pendatang umno master, how to vote for you the next election. We want change for the better and for our future generation. Alternative media is very strong, popular and fast. Please do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Hi YB sometime I wonder if we allow such things to happen to us. Why are we - those in PIGB / school heads afraid to face the truth and teach the TRUTH to our children - who will be the coming generation ? we should instead make a stand and tell our kids the actual situation ( we have a new government of the day chosen by people!!!) and that they in the future will have the choice to chose the government of the day too !! Instead we " bairkan la " , not important issue la etc - tidak apa attitude towards this and in the long run we ROB our kids of the power which they can have to make choices which determines some aspect of their live . Come on members of PIGB / School heads . Stand up for the Truth and show the next generation to RIGHT way Take courage and be make a difference !!

CYC said...

The first thing to do is kick out all those corrupt politicians machai in your PIBG. There are simply too many of them who are there just to facilitate their politician boss. Be smart and vote them out!

hurricanemax said...

how about this? Temporary close off the road/s outside the school, get the children, HM, teachers, PIBG outside for the ceremony/handover/(?) activity? Then explain to all and sundry why PKR reps cannot attend or host the function inside the 'BN controlled' school.

I wouldn't mind the slight inconvenience at all.

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah. It's good you highlighted the issue in your website. It's usual the current minister passed the ball to his predecessor. If he thinks the ruling is unfair, he can easily change it. This type of impasse is likely to continue if BN/UMNO insists because they are the ruling party. The voters can make a decision sooner or later.