Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gotong-royong at Police Station USJ 8

Committee members of Rukun Tetangga USJ 2 & 6 got together with police officers, MPSJ and SJ Echo to assist the police in beautifying their compound.

SJ Echo and MPSJ sponsored plants for the beautification works.

It was a good bonding time getting to know the policemen/women who serve in this neighbourhood.

I was able to participate in some of the cleaning and planting works that morning.

The new Chief Inspector of USJ 8, Insp Chia Bee Chuan took a keen interest in designing the concept of the beautification works at the compound.

Again, I believe in partnering with all stakeholders to make a community functional. Sometimes, the most simple gesture like cleaning up and planting a tree together can go a long way in building strong friendships, all for the benefit of the community.


Anonymous said...

Good Job Hannah.

Next please organise a Gotong Royong @ Taipan. Drain are clog & often can see BIG RAT (Rabbit!!)running around.

Mullah TTDI said...

Dear YB Hannah Yeoh

Keep up the good work for all Subang Jaya Residents without fear or favour. God bless you all the way...

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah,

We are so lucky to have young and energetic YB who is committed to the Subang Jaya folks. May be YB would like to assist to organize a clean up at the SS13 area, where we park our cars before shopping at pasar malam near by. The roads there also need urgent repair and there are many illegal extension by the mostly shop owners at the back lanes. A good clean up there we think is URGENTLY require.